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This mod is fun!

• This modification adds 6 new ores to your Minecraft and a lot of new items for you to make your survival or even your creative!

Wanda Ore
This ore is purple and can be found deep in the caves. Not so rare to find.

Ultimate Wanda Ore
This ore is the normal Wanda mix but can be found in caves as well, but it can be a bit more rare. Can be created with iron blocks, quartz and wanda ingots.

Chromatic Ore
This ore is super rare. If you have found or will find one, be happy. For this ore creates the most powerful items of the mod.

Obsidian Ore

It's a bit obvious but okay. This ore, when melted, makes the Obsidian bar so you can make Obsidian items.

Prantix Ore

This ore is amazing! Better than diamond. Super rare to find. Uncraftable

Hottix Ore

Another amazing ore! This ore have the power of Hot things like lava, fire, etc. Super rare to find. 

Additional Information:

• The modification can be in English (US) or in Portuguese (BR-Brazil)

I can't continue the mod. I lost all my mods



Modification files
Amazin'Ores-1.12.2-1.2.7.zipUploaded on: 03/10/2018 - 17:22   File size: 981.93 KB


Version 1.2.3:

Added new Time Changer Item

Changed the recipe of Wanda Dusts

Version 1.2.4:

Added new Hottix Ore and fixed translation errors

Added new Chromatic Steve and Chromatic Cutie Monster

Version 1.2.5:

Removed bugged mobs, have no mobs anymore (Chromatic Steve, Chromatic Cutie Monster)

Version 1.2.6:

Fixed the textures

Version 1.2.7:

Added New Emerald Tools and items

Mod is finished.