Incraftable Mod (Beta) (Update)

Published by LuaZone on Thu, 02/08/2018 - 17:58
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This is a full description about this mod:

Incraftable, the mod where nothing is impossible to create :D

Incraftable focus on adding some recipes to items that are impossible to craft (Like Fire Block) but the real objective of this mod is adding a lot of new items and tools to Minecraft! I Hope you enjoy my mod i really hope :)

Q: Why the mod is still in beta?

A: The mod is still on beta phases because i was going to add a lot more of things to the mod (Like redstone tools, emerald tools and even diamond food) but i am still thinking in that.

Q: Why some textures are screwed up?

A: Well i am trying to discover that but i still got no progress (But i don't know if some textures of Minecraft will change for you because for me some textures changed).

Sorry if my english is bad i am not even american lol

Modification files
Incraftable-Mod.jar - Version 1.2 (Beta)Uploaded on: 02/08/2018 - 18:11   File size: 94.39 KB
Incraftable-1.3.jar - Version 1.3 (Beta)Uploaded on: 04/27/2018 - 11:16   File size: 177.68 KB

Version 1.2:

Created mod

Just that for now


Version 1.3:

Note: I already writed a full changelog for this version but i forgot to save so i will need to write everything again. This version of the mod will work more how an "Preview" of the things that i want to add in the mod. Anyways i hope you enjoy :P

All Crafts for the Mod:
Obsidian Recipe:
Ender Portal Recipe:
Bedrock Recipe:
Fire Block Recipe:
Double Stick Recipe:
Bedrock Sword Recipe:
Double Diamond Recipe:

Note: To craft any double diamond tool or err tool just craft like the normal vanilla tools.
But if its the double diamond tools use double stick to craft!