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Published by soviet_boy on Thu, 12/31/2020 - 15:34
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this is a mod where i added more ores and blocks witch come with that ore like copper and silver. i have added a new planet mars it has 2 new ores ruby and blue-steel with you can craft ruby tools and other things; i also added a new furnace: a nuclear reactor with witch you can smelt a stack of iron in 2 seconds but uranium is rare so you need to find hard to get it. i also have added a new ore to the end; blackstone dust with witch you can craft a rocket block and you can make a portal with that block to go to mars. i have also added somethings that really don't have any uses, so if you have any ideas on what uses it could have i would be happy to hear it!

here are the following new features:


silver ore, copper ore, tin ore, zinc ore, aluminium ore, uranium ore, black dust ore, ferroglasies ore, mars copper ore, mars gold ore, mars iron ore, mars ruby ore, mars blue-steel ore, platinum ore, copper block, silver block, tin block, zinc block, uranium block, aluminium block, ruby block,  brass block, brons block plutonium block, enriched plutonium block, mars soil, mars stone, ancient debris, netherite block



copper ingot, silver ingot, tin ingot, zinc, aluminium, uranium scrap, uranium ingot, black dust, black steel ingot, ruby, blue-steel, blue steel rod, plutonium, enriched plutonium tin rod, circuit, battery, brass ingot, brons ingot, ferroglasies ingot, ferroglasies scrap, (old dutch coins) rijksdaalder, 1 gulden, 50 cent, kwartje, dubbeltje, 5 cent , 1 cent coca leave, coca extract coca plant, new music disc


copper/ruby/silver(only armor)/netherite: shovel, pickaxe, sword, hoe, shovel, axe, armor

, musket with musket bullet, ruby long bow with arrow, infinity glove, 


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i don't have anything new added 

Looks cool, but did you make all the textures yourself? I think I've already seen the improved netherite ones somewhere