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 2 Biomes:

- Red Sand Dessert

- Gaiant Bamboo Jungle


3 Mob


1 croop:

- Chilly Bush


5 food:

- Chilly peper

- Chilly meat

- Raw Larva

- Cooked Larva

- Chilly hot Larva


1 Structure:

- Sant Castle



- Tiki Tribe Village

- Sun Stone



- Air holes in Dessert Rose grass




Anyway, it's my first Mod. I triec many times but it is the first time that I publish mod. I have a lot of mods but they are incomplete and I don't know if they are quite good.

Modification files
0.0.2_1.jarUploaded on: 08/20/2020 - 16:05   File size: 291.46 KB

Nice mod, but please improve the structure for the grass patches in the red sand desert, since they have little holes in them.
What you can do for those is to save the structure with the red sand included in the structure itself.

Sorry but I don't know how i lose my mod file and this mod is not going to be updated (sorry for my english, I'm from Poland)

I also lost gmail and will create a new account where today I will put a mod with green TNT (TNT x 5) and update it later this weekend :-)