The Extras Mod

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Feel that there is not enough things to do in Minecraft? Getting bored? Well fear no more!


HoastyTheNoob presents... The Extras Mod!

This mod adds a whole new ore called the Cursed Ore.

Make overpowered weapons and even a Multitool to make sure you don't have to switch tools left and right.

Need more resources? Don't forget the Angel Heart! It "uncurses" the Cursed Gem and makes any material to your favor.

Thanks for using!


(10/10 presentation points)

Modification files
The Extras Mod - 0.0.1 (MC 1.12.2).jar - The Extras Mod - 0.0.1 (MC 1.12.2)253.64 KB
The Extras Mod - 0.0.2 (MC 1.12.2).jar - The Extras Mod - 0.0.2 (MC 1.12.2)333.42 KB
The Extras Mod - 0.0.3 (MC 1.12.2).jar - The Extras Mod - 0.0.3 (MC 1.12.2)367.42 KB
The Extras Mod - 0.0.4 (MC 1.12.2).jar - The Extras Mod - 0.0.4 (MC 1.12.2)394.18 KB