Cavecraft: Cave Update! (Nether Update support)

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Cavecraft: Cave Update is a Minecraft 1.16.4 mod that exists to update caves and other parts of Minecraft. Cavecraft: Cave Update.

New Mobs and Bosses:

Korokains: jungle mobs that attack whatever attacks them. And they have a leader Karako the Jungle chief.  They are now called Korokains as of Cavecraft 1.1 pre-release 2. Also there is a new Korokain the Korokain Royal Guard. Not in 1.4 as 1.16 doesnt have blockbench.

Cavemen: the villagers of the caves. As of 1.4 they have professions and have cave villages.


- NorthWestTrees Gaming for the trading system tutorial without the tutorial the trading update wouldn't be here since I don't understand gui procedures.

- Al114 suggested some ideas and they made it in the mod such as the mushrooms. Some of the ideas are still being added.

-Ocey suggested heated iron which arrived in 1.4.

- All of you that downloaded and/or upvoted Cavecraft: cave update!!!!

Confirmed Updates:

- Cavecraft 1.5 will add way more cave types.

-Cavecraft 1.6.4 the world update. Will add a lot of content to the world of Cavecraft: Cave Update.

- Cavecraft 1.7 also will be decided my the most popular update ideas in the forum, my custom Minecraft mod cavecraft although I am thinking about overhauling the dragons

- Cavecraft 1.8 by cavecraft 1.4 I will know what to add for cavecraft 1.8 also I will keep it a secret until I know for sure in case I have more ideas from checking the forum.

- Cavecraft 1.9 by cavecraft 1.5 I will know what to add for and 1.9  also I will keep it a secret until I know for sure in case I get more ideas from the forum.

- Cavecraft 1.9.2 will add more stuff to add on to cavecraft 1.9

- Cavecraft 1.9.7 this will add on to cavecraft 1.9.2

- Cavecraft 1.10 an update I will decide later with possibly ideas from the forum.

- Cavecraft 1.11 will make Cavecraft better than ever before!

Modpacks and More:

showcasing my mod is allowed along with making videos with my mod. also currently there are no translations since English is the only language I know.

Also feel free to use cavecraft: cave update in a modpack if you want, have fun! Also I develop my mods by myself so updates won't be done in a day :)


Modification files
Cavecraft1.4.jar - 1.16 version. its also update 1.4767.92 KB

Cavecraft 1.4:

cavecraft 1.4 pre release:

- Cyclops boss spawns in a custom island in jungles for now. 

- Cyclops eye and block: Don't function properly yet. 

- Karakains are now slightly more common to spawn in raiding parties. 

- Caves will change soon.

- Bugfixes:

Caveroot plants spawn on flat worlds for some reason. (Fixed and is no longer an issue.

- 1.16/ 1.4: added caveman variants and more.

nice idea adding the diorite, andesite, end stone, and obsidian gear| I don't think anyone has done that before

Thanks and soon I’ll and more to the mod. And to me it made since to get powerful gear in the end since it’s endgame. Also I’m going to add animations soon

If you have any cavecraft update ideas you could post any and I might add any that I can figure out how to add. Like a trident or ores/ new stone types

Soon I’ll add a new mod to update the nether. I work on three mods at once which isn’t that easy for me. The nether upgrade mod will the nether life expansion

Cavecraft: Cave Update is here!!!!!! It was not easy adding new structures in a 32x32 area so in the structure overhaul I will use the infinite structure blocks mod so I can make structure 256x256 blocks.