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Published by GilloDaby on Tue, 02/18/2020 - 13:49
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This is the first version of the Daby Mods (V1.3) ! If you ave any idea or you want I add something just tell me what you want! I'm open to everything just let me know.
If you find some bug just tell me, I will fix it in the next release!

-Paradis Dimensions will coming soon!

Project members
Project status
In development
Modification type
Minecraft Forge mod
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files
DabyMods 1.0 (1.14.2).jar - Version 1.0 of the Daby Mods. This is the BETA!2.62 MB
DabyMods 1.1 (1.14.2).jar - Version 1.1 of the Daby Mods. This is the BETA!2.62 MB
DabyMods 1.2 (1.14.2).jar - Version 1.2 of the Daby Mods. This is the BETA!2.33 MB
DabyMods 1.4.0 (1.14.4).jar - Version 1.4.0 of the Daby Mods. This is the second RELEASE!!2.37 MB



Add Dabytium!

Add Stelerium!

Add Xenotium!

Add Pyrium!

Add XP Ore!



Fix some crafts!

Fix the Undead Mobs!



Add Pyrium Block!
Add Pyrium Block Craft!

Add Xenotium Block!

Add Xenotium Block Craft!

Add Stelerium Pickaxe!

Add Stelerium Shovel!

Add Stelerium Axe!

Add Stelerium Hoe!

Add Stelerium Bread!

Add Random Ore! (NEED FIX)


Add Weed Plant!

Add Weed Leaf!

Add Weed Seed!

Add Weed Leaf (When you smoke weed you have a effect of Strengh, speed, resistance level 2 for 360 seconds but you have a effect of nausea for 25 seconds!)


Add TerrorSnare Monster!

Add Grimeling Monster!


New Dabytium Armor texture!


Rename Undead to Vortex Scream!



Fix Weed Plant Drop!

Fix Wee Plant Grow!

Fix name of category Autres now is Others!

Fix Random Ore Drop! (Now give key and you have to right click to get loot)

Add key loot!

Add Bagpack!



Fix XenotiumBow Add Paradis Dimension /!Alpha!\ Little Paradis liquid fix! (Need work)




Add Scepter Of Heal! (5 use / heal and feed you to the max!)

Add Scepter Of Capacity! (5 use / give you for 5 minuts Resistance, Speed and regeneration level 1!

Add Scepter Of Blast! (5 use / Make a blast level 3 and your feet! You will receive 0 damage but your friend yes!)


Add Stelerium Shovel recipe! (I forget)

Add Xenorium Multi-Tools recipe! (I forget)

Add Xenotium Hoe (I forget)

Add Feather Milk

Add Feather Milk Craft

Fix Pyrium Block Craft and Pyrium Ingot!

New Scepter Of Capacity texture!

New CraftWiki: "http://dabymods.xyz/?p=DabyMods%20Wiki"