DarkandLight Mod

Published by Jaipermas on Mon, 02/10/2020 - 04:52
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The LightandDark mod contains some armor, tools and food that will give your minecraft more variety. It must be said that the mobs and dimensions are not yet implemented because it is version 1.0. But the crafters are set by anyone to play it in survival mode. I accept suggestions.

Mod Minerals

Mod cults clothing leather

Mod armo

Craft with the light ingot.

Crafteos with the ingot of darkness.

Crafteos of the different costumes of the cults of the mod.

Flower of light that can be used for various crafteos.

Obtainable objects from the flower of light.


This is the dark occult mob, enemy of the light servers, but if you do not belong to their cult they will not trust you.

This is the light server mob, enemy of the dark occultists, but they don't trust you either.

Structure of the dark occultists.

Project members
Release type
In development
Modification type
Minecraft Forge mod
Latest supported Minecraft version


* two minerals.
* two ingots.
* two apples without effects.
* two armors.
Two sets of weapons and tools without the bow.
* a test mob.



* "dark occultist" mob.
* new occult leather.
* new dagger.

*new structure occutist
* dark occult armor.



* mob "light server".
* bow and arrow of light.
* new flower.
* structure improvement.
* Armor of light servers.
* new light stick.
* juice extracted from the flower of light.
* New leather suits light servers.