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The Smithing Mod arrives to improve the mining experience in your survival worlds, for this the mod adds new ores and many new blocks, which will be found in the Overwold, Nether and even in the End, which will facilitate your adventures in these dimensions , with these new minerals you will have many new things to do, the main one is metal alloys, try to combine different metals in the alloys table.

With these new metals you will be able to manufacture tools, armor and new mechanisms, each of them taking advantage of the properties of the metals you use, there are light, resistant, soft, sharp, etc. If you further explore the possibilities of all minerals you can create very useful things, such as batteries with which you can power armor, tools and even entities.

The mod has new entities, 3 of them are golems. The golems will be good allies in the protection of your camp, especially one of them which can be mounted and controlled, as I mentioned before you must charge certain objects with energy, this last golem needs to be charged for its activation.

Remember to read the diary of the lonely blacksmith, it will help you understand the advantages of the Smithing Mod, craft it with a book and a carbon ore.

This mod uses Geckolib to work, so be sure to include the Geckolib mod in your mod pack.

Finally I must mention two things, you can find a new music disc, this music was created by Red_Draco for this mod, I hope you like it.

This mod is actually an improvement of my first mod, which was buggy, I made sure to fix some mechanics and remove unnecessary items, so you can consider it a completely new mod due to its differences.

Modification files
ElOdiseo_Smithing_Mod.jar - ElOdiseo_Smithing_Mod (use Geckolib)Uploaded on: 08/11/2023 - 01:50   File size: 12.5 MB
ElOdiseo_Smithing_Mod_1.1.jar - ElOdiseo_Smithing_Mod_1.1 (use Geckolib)Uploaded on: 08/20/2023 - 03:58   File size: 12.01 MB

hello, I just want to remind you that the mod works with Geckolib, don't forget to include the Geckolib mod in your mod pack

I really like the textures, armour models and idea! Upvoted

Hello author,I am from CHINA. May I ported this perfect MOD to Bedrock Edition of Minecraft?

Of course, go ahead, as long as you mention the original mod and author or leave a link to this mod.

I also recommend that you wait a bit, I plan to upload an update on Sunday August 20 as I have seen a couple of details that I want to solve.

I'm sensing a soon-to-be motw!

all hands down this is a really well-done mod; the texture work looks fantastic for the blocks and the overall idea of the mod is terrific.

(Also, one small thing i noticed, you misspelled smithing in your description 😭 )

Congratulations for winning Mod of the Week :)

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