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ConstanCraft: as the name may suggest, this is a mod that is constantly in development. Created by Crafting Rises on YouTube ( or Skybryne@Good on this website, a new video (and thus an update) should come out every weekend. Even if either doesn't happen, I still try.

Thus far, new pickaxes, baskets, resources, blocks, and mechanics have been introduced into the game. Some of which will  remain hidden to those who don't look.

Expansion 1; Stone Pickaxes

  • Granite, Diorite, and Andesite Pickaxes
  • Respective Crafting Recipes and advancements

Expansion 2; Baskets

  • Unfortunately not documented
  • Adds baskets for all edible and farmable resources
  • Adds a couple advancements and utilizes sound effects
  • Adds a stick mesh

Expansion 3; Mignent

  • Adds Mignent, blocks, pillars, polisher, and more!
  • Polisher comes with secret features
  • Multiple ores
  • Used in some crafting recipes

Expansion 4; Nether Topaz

  • Adds Nether Topaz Ore and respective resource
  • Adds the Floof Flower and respective resource
  • A couple new tools
  • Of course there's a new Mechanic utilizing floof
  • Biome Added

Expansion 5; Shopping Expansion

  • Added shop
  • Added Amethyst
  • Added Redstone Components


Modification files
ConstanCraft.jar - Version 4-4-0Uploaded on: 01/27/2019 - 01:23   File size: 267.48 KB
ConstanCraft 1.12.2.jar - Version 4-4-1Uploaded on: 01/27/2019 - 02:34   File size: 232.05 KB
ConstanCraft 5-0-0 [1.12.2].jar - Version 5-0-0Uploaded on: 03/10/2019 - 06:12   File size: 319.96 KB
ConstanCraft 5-1-0 [1.12.2] Final.jar - Version 5-1-0 [final]Uploaded on: 03/17/2019 - 23:39   File size: 355.69 KB


Fixed overabundance of ores

fixed some textures


  • Added tools with recipes
  • Made topaz and Mignent more useful