Natural Expansion

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Natural Expansion is a mod that adds a ton of new stuff to the game ranging from ores and ingots to bushes and armor!

NOTE: This mod is in very early development. There will be a ton more stuff added, this is merely a proof of concept at this stage.


List of added things:

Images and more information can be found in the album:

  • Oxite Ore
  • Crushed Oxite
  • Liquid Oxite
  • Oxitine
  • Bovite Ore
  • Bovite Ingot
  • Ceramite Ore
  • Ceramite Shard
  • Copper Ore
  • Copper Ingot
  • Copper Wire
  • Funil Plant
  • Funil Seed
  • Cooked Funil Seed
  • Unknown Artifact...
  • Jade Bush
  • Jade Berry
  • Harvester
  • Klokite
  • Reactor
  • Battery Powder
  • Battery
  • Batter Charger
  • Mech Suit
  • Computer Core
  • Computer Chip
  • Intelligence Unit
  • Trader
  • Anicite
  • Anicite Ore
  • Anicite Bar
  • Akit Crystal
  • Akit Ore
  • Darkitine
  • Darkitine Ore
  • Ocupite
  • Ocupite Ore
  • Ocupiron Ingot
  • Ubekite
  • Ubekite Ore
  • Unstable Warp Drive

Use NEI or TMI for recipes!



0.2.1b Changelog:

  • Added Ocupite Pickaxe
  • Changed Certain Crafting Recipes
  • Major Bug Fixes From 0.2b
Modification files
natexp-0.2.1b.jar - (Latest) 0.2.1b [1.10.2]1.16 MB

@#2 The intelligence unit isn't fully implemented but will be very useful in the next update. The battery charger is to, well, charge batteries. It only works when placed next to a powered Reactor. Block information can be found here along with pictures: