Dye Ore

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This mod adds a few new ores to the game and a new plant. The ores drop dye when broken, this mod is useful as dye can be used in many things and can also be useful for the Decocraft mod which requires dye to be able to print things. I am planing on creating other similar mods to this and to expand this one. If you right click the flower you will get one of each dye and if you place a flower in the Dye Bench you will get 3 of each dye.

If you wish to use this mod for commercial use please add my name and you may use it in a modpack.


If you have any ideas feel free to message me on discord, add a comment on one of my mods or email me at epicgameruk1801@gmail.com.


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Modification files
DyeOre 1.12.2.jar - DyeOre 1.12.2 V1.080.97 KB
DyeOre 1.12.2_1.jar - DyeOre 1.12.2 V1.5131.81 KB
DyeOre 1.12.2 V1.6.jar - DyeOre 1.12.2 V1.6131.81 KB

V1.5 New bench which can turn the flower into a bunch of dyes.

V1.6 Changed amount of dye given on right click and when turned into dye in the bench, it makes it more reasonable.