Aisuri's Uranium Mod

Published by D1X1 on Tue, 04/21/2020 - 11:54
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Minecraft Forge mod
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Hi, this is my first big mod so it gonna have some mistakes or something. If you want me to add something, write in the comments. 

This mod is all about Uranium. There are tools and armor, ores, potions and advancements!... EVERYTHING.

The Uranium Ore is about height 0-15 and the avarage amount of ore groups per chunk is 1. (diamond have 2) And there can be 6 Uranium in group.

The Uranium Stone is about height 0-38 and the avarage amount of ore groups per chunk is 8. And there can be 6 Uranium Stone in group.

And don't forget, you can destroy Uranium Ore and Stone only with Diamond or Uranium Pickaxe. And you can destroy Uranium Block only with the Uranium Pickaxe.

And you get the Uranium Stone Ingot when you smelt the Uranium Stone!!

Updates for Version 2:

-There was bug in version 1 that blocks like Uranium Ore and Uranium Stone won't generating. I fixed it.

-I added the function when you break Uranium Ore you will get poison but if you have Uranium Armor you will delete every potion effect.

-And the last thing... The Uranium Furnace, Yes. You can't smelt Uranium Stone in normal furnace now. You have to craft Uranium Furnace (you can smelt in uranium furnace only with coal). You can craft it by puting uranium stone on the sides of crafting in Crafting Table. And then you will put Uranium in the middle. That's it!

I will definitely add mod elements here. If you have any idea to add, write me in the comment.

And I wanna give a huge thanks to the Rikudo_Sage who helped me a lot with ideas and procedures. THANKS!

Btw i changed my nickname so the files name is still D1X1. Can't do nothing about it.

                                        Thanks! Made by Aisuri_.

Modification files
D1X1'sUraniumModV1.jar - Old Version108.55 KB
D1X1'sUraniumModV2.jar - The Latest Version167.99 KB

Hi, im also a mod maker and ur mod seem like it have a big potential (idk what u can make with uranium but u can make alot of thing, like a reactor that produise energy and other useful thing like that) but one of the idea is u make an armor, if u mine uranium ore, u get the uranium potion effect, but if u wear the armor, it protect u, this is how the procedure is: put it in "When Destroyed by Player"

If it dont work, than is cuz the "armor" and the "get armor slot (0)" or not at the good place, it might be like that: . and can u add me on discord plz Rikudo_Sage#3533

If u wear this armor, it wont only protect u from uranium effect, but for all potion effect, even the good one

i forget that but, i really like ur uranium block texture, its like a green redstone block

wearing uranium and using uranium as sword.

an high explosive and radiational ore and i wear it

nice mod :DD

Im glad about the number of download in ur mod. the max i reached is 50.