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Welcome to the Max's Ores mod. This mod adds a whole new set of ores, a variety of tools, a new TNT, and a potion to the world of minecraft.

  • neos is a completely new ore stronger than netherite. it can be used to make tools, armor, blocks and a large storage with as many as 75 cells.
  • latinium is a radioactive ore from which powerful tools can be made to poison entities. It can also be used to make a durable but radioactive block. radiation from the unit can be removed with the help of special dust
  • shradium is a very radioactive material that is created from neoses, latinium and netherite. Shradium can be used to make powerful TNT and a powerful poison potion.

Blocks from shradium cause very harmful effects to the player. To remove radiation from the block, it will take as many as three anti-radiation dust!

  • liritium is a metal found in asteroids that fell on the world of Minecraft about 100 million years ago. It has good gravitational properties. Liritium can be used to make an axe, a gravity amulet and blocks.

also in this mod there are as many as ten achievements.

Have a good adventure in my mod:)

Modification files
maxs_ores-1.2.0.jar - liritium updateUploaded on: 03/14/2024 - 09:01   File size: 221.71 KB

1.0.0: the first version of my mod

1.1.0: the shradium and armor update little revision

1.2.0:liritium update