Gold Panning

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Just like a normal forge mod.


Go panning in shallow rivers for gold. There are two pans, wood and iron. Iron is better than wood. Right-clicking on a piece of dirt with water above it will usually result in you finding sludge; however, you can rarely find gold.


Wood Pan-basic pan

Iron Pan-better luck that wood pan

Sludge-leftover waste from panning, can be smelted into bricks

Gold and Iron* dust-each worth 1/9 of a nugget

Gold and Iron* cluster-each worth 3 nuggets

*Iron versions can only be obtained by crafting and have no uses

Pans Stats.


Using it will result in gold dust 1/7 of the time, and sludge 6/7 of the time

Can be used in furnace for 800 seconds (same as 3 planks)

It has a durability of 150 (Planned)



Using it will result in a gold cluster 1/12 of the time, a gold nugget 2/12 of the time, gold dust 3/12 of the time, lapiz 1/12 of the time, and sludge 7/12 of the time

It has a durability of 300 (Planned)

Official Site

Coming Soon!

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Coming Soon!


Use JEI, or something like that for now.


None as far as I know

Modification files
GoldPanning1-0-0.jar - Gold Panning 1.0.0Uploaded on: 07/04/2018 - 17:13   File size: 54.24 KB

1.0.0-Mod released

1.0.1-(WIP) Texture changes, durability for pans, register gold and iron items to the OreDictionary