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Agriculture!  Geology and Chemistry!  Biomes with rich resources! 


This mod adds new textures and plants, and a system similar to HarvestCraft for subsisting off of the land.  We wanted to make the world very interesting to walk through with different biomes and resources to track down, as well as new ways to create useful things from Vanilla in Peaceful mode,  like gunpowder, string, leads and bone meal. 


Discussion here:

Tutorial : read to the end of this post or use 'find' to discover what you want.


There are a lot of new floor and wall materials, as well as custom cabinets for most of the new wood types.

There are honeycombs and bees and ways to multiply them.  

You can live in survival mode and have all the classic agriculture - corn, rice, nuts, grapes, honey, fruits and jams, milk, cream and cheese. 

Using the shredder, you can recycle many tree and plant fibers to make useful items, textures, clothing and rope.


This mod was created with the collaboration of my eleven-year old daughter.  She helped make many of the 'fun' elements, some of the art and playtest balancing so things were not too hard, but also not too easy.  She made sure there was recycling (shredder and fibers) and replanting for forests in the game!  She has hidden some magic in the game, too - scepters that can be made with new resources that work like potions giving you powers. 


Magic Items :

The Shell Scepter helps you underwater.

The Hunter Knife helps you make Luck Charms.

The Umbrella helps you levitate (briefly).



You'll need a big, open area, and bring your own door.  Face South.  Tents break down to same amount of wool as ingredients.

With compressed wool - (nine wool blocks) you can make pop up magic tents on the go.

---basic tent recipe is : two sticks in bottom corners, compressed wool above each stick, one regular wool block on top.

--deluxe tent recipe is : same as above but compressed wool in top two corners, as well.


Tools and how to make them :

Thresher : One ladder over stick over stick.  Consumable item.  This is required for getting Rice Grain and also for Honeybee management

Grinder : Three Polished Granite in bowl shape, Flint in middle, stick on top middle.  Reusable item.  Required for lots of recipes.

Shredder :Silver or Iron ingots in four middles, sticks in top corners, flint in middle.  Reuseable item.  Required for fiber processing.

Cotton Gin : Three Threshers in bowl shape, iron ingot in middle.  Fixture.  Required for making Refined Cotton and getting cotton seeds.

Cheesecloth: Make with string in bowl shape.  Consumable item.  Needed for cheese and cream.

Bakestone : X-B-X,B-B-B,X,B-S, where X is nothing, B is brick and S is stick.  Reuseable item.  Used for making bread, cakes etc.

Soup Pot : Bricks in boat shape, one more brick in top middle.  Reusable item.  Used for making soups and dyes and gunpowder.

Pan : Iron Ingots in axe-head formation, stick in middle, stick in bottom right.  Reusable item.  Used for making grilled and fried items.


New Biomes seen in AlphaAgriculture:


Wasteland  (mossy cobblestone spires)

Highland Pines

Magic Forest Highland  (no monsters ever, even underground)


Maple Forest

Copperwoods  (get copper nuggets from smelting leaves)

Rubywoods  (get ruby shards from smelting leaves, ruby ore in ground)

Nutwood Forest

Hazelnut Forest


Greywood Swamp

Lemonwood Forest

Merania (Oceanic glass biome, versions 1 and 2)  (turquoise underground)

Van der Waals Highland

Salt Flats


New Minerals and Chemistry seen in AlphaAgriculture


Salt --- Make bacon!  Also makes butter and cheese.



---Find underground.  Grind to make silver powder, or smelt for Iron Fourths,

---Dyes glass, bricks and reed mats blue when used three items over cobaltite over grinder.


Sulfur  --- Grind it up for gunpowder ingredient

Apatite Ore --- Combine with water and sulfur powder to make phosphorus (used with shells for making fertilizer (bone  meal))

Copper Ore -- Smelt to make ingots, make lots of new textures

Silver Ore -- Smelt to make ingots, make lots of new textures.

Shell Sand -- Breaks to make sand and shells.  Use shells over soup pot for magenta dye, fertilizer ingredient or new textures

Potash -- Grind to make potassium.  Place potassium over water and soup pot to make Saltpeter (for gunpowder)


Volkovskite -- Two Volkovskite make quartz crystals.

Merania Turquoise -- Pretty, found in Merania biomes, can be used to make some new textures

Ruby Ore  -- Pretty, rare, found in Rubywood biomes, can be smelted to make rubies and make new textures.

Sapphire Ore -- Pretty, rare, found underground, can be smelted to make sapphires and make new textures.


New Plants seen in AlphaAgriculture


---Make wool and string using unrefined cotton, three across or six together.

---Use with cotton gin to make refined cotton to make clothes.  Cottonseeds can be planted or made into cottonseed oil.



---Peanuts can be roasted or combined with raisins to make trail mix.  Make peanut butter with grinder, roasted peanut, oil and sugar.



---Rice is found in watery areas. Rice heads can be placed over a Thresher on Crafting Table to make Unhulled rice (seed).

---Unhulled Rice is planted or placed over gravel to make Rice grain to use in cooking.



---Make rope with jute plants (three diagonal) or fibers surrounding string.  Use rope to make leads or with leather and wool to make saddles.


Mallow flower

---Mallow flowers can be used to make marshmallows with grinder, egg and sugar.



---Found in water or as seeds from breaking grass, grows on sand.  Makes cranberry sauce, and hazelnut trifle.



---Green plant.  Use two leaves over grinder to get more seed.  Makes great salads and soups.  Two leaves and carrots or add mushrooms.



---Only grows wild.  You'll need this for your sushi and bento box needs, and bison farming.



---Can make oil, popcorn or be used to make cornbread.



---Onions grow next to water.



---Miso, edamame, tofu, soy sauce.



---Wine, raisins, jam and vinegar



---Make stuffed peppers or throw in a pan with carrots and mushrooms.



---Grows on sand.  Roast coffee beans, use over paper and soup pot to make coffee.  Coffee gives you speed boost.



---Clover can make luck charms, green dye or be used as fibers.



---Can make a great snack, or weave into reed mats.  Grows taller in your garden than it does in the wild.



---Make cakes, pies and jams.  Grows in wild.



---Make cakes, pies and jams.  Seed found breaking grass.



---Get lemon seeds from breaking grass or find in lemonwood biome.  Make lemonade, cakes, pastries and soda.



---Get apple from breaking oak leaves, make into seeds, start your own orchard.  Make pies and pastries.



---Get maplewing seed from breaking grass or find in maple biome.  Make maple syrup by grinding the wood.


Nut and  Hazelnut trees

---You get both biomes!  Nuts can be made into granola or Hazelnut spread or used as fibers.  Sprout seeds in bucket of water to make more trees.


Wizardry trees (Greywood)

---Feel the Zen.  You know you want to.  Make your own greywood tree seeds with three greywood leaves over greywood over a bucket of water.


Honeybees, Pollen and Honeycombs :

Find honeycombs in the wild.  Break to make bees.  Use flower combinations to make pollen, or find it in grass.

Put a bee and six pollen on a crafting table to make honey.  However, bees die.

Reserve some of your bees and honey!  Any planks in four corners, thresher in middle top, bee in middle, honey in all the other spots.  You get more honeycombs.  Honeycombs can be placed in the world for storage and break to make more bees.  Honey can be used as sugar.

Honeycombs can also be placed over thresher to make honey (but you get no more bees)


New Cabinets

Use two planks over two sticks over two planks to make a wall cabinet.

Use three planks over three sticks over three planks to make a floor cabinet.

Use any stone as top layer to make 'Zen' cabinets from greywood.

Different woods (except nutwood and hazelnut planks) make cabinets for your biome.


Other Recipes

Six of any one type of wood will make a door of some type.

Woods make wooden tools, chests, signs, sticks and burn for charcoal.

Reed Mats : Fibers on either side of strings.  Or make using seaweed diagonally.

Mud brick : You can use dirt and clay balls to make brown bricks.  You can burn bricks to make blackened brick.

Rope : Three jute used diagonally, makes beds (three mats over three rope), chests and armor.

Saddle : Three leather over one wool with rope in bottom two corners.

Lead :  Rope in center, rope in bottom right, iron nugget in bottom left.

Lantern : Glass panes in middle sides, glowstone in middle, iron ingot above and below (light fixture)

I like herringbone floors.  Three of many things used in an upside-down V on bottom will make interesting textures.


Note for the Wise:

Not all bison can be milked.  Look for the ones with a pink udder.  They are elusive and like to eat gold nugget encrusted wasabi.


We hope you enjoy our take on Vanilla Minecraft gone a bit more interesting, agricultural and geological.

(This mod was made by rhelynn and monalisa64)

Modification files
Alphaagriculture0620.jarUploaded on: 06/22/2019 - 13:02   File size: 4.16 MB

We will add a few more plants in the future and try to fix some bugs.  There are some bugs in how the plant seeds will grow on almost anything but then 'pop' if it is the wrong place.  But.. this is an MCreator thing I have not yet been able to figure out.


Changelog : 06/22/2019 : Uploaded alphaagriculture0620 - the newest version.  This has the changes Monsalisa64 recommended, fixed an old glitch and made the bees work the way the tutorial says.  Added Umbrella, ruby glass, door recipes for biome-specific woods and a recipe for the soda item.

this mod looks great! can't wait to see where it will go! P.S. please check out my mod, the myst.

This is a very nice mod, but please make sure it does not contain hot bars and other Minecraft GUI elements as our terms do not allow this. Thanks!

I looked up hot bar and this mod doesn't have any of that. The only GUI it has is straight out of MCreator and only for the cabinets to place items inside. So, it should meet the terms then, right?

could you update this to work with the latest version of forge? i wanted to use this mod along with a few others but it doesnt work with the latest version of forge while the other mods require it. it seems like a really cool mod!

why the realistic textures
those belong in a resource pack
can you please make them more minecrafty

Nice, but it has 256x256 or 512x512 textures :/ maybe make them like 16x16 or 32x32, but still great mod :)