The Amethyst World

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So hello! As you can see, this mod will be mostly about mineral Amethyst. I know that this mineral was already used in many mods out there, however this will have some bonuses from others because this mod is only about Amethyst. For now it don't add any extra things, but you can look forward for new thing in future. I'm trying for my texture to be original, so it don't look like any other. Texture in this mod will be mostly transparent because this is a crystal.


Some non important talk...

This is my first mod that will not be about some fictional ores, so it will be a little harder for me. Also, this is my 5th project (on MCreator) so I'm excited about it.

You can also find this mod on CurseForge with that same name The Amethyst World.

24. 4. 2020 (2/24/2020)

Today, The Amethyst Mod got MOTW. This is my absolutely first MOTW ever. I want to thank to everyone who clicked on the download button and tried this mod so far, and even more to these people who even upvoted this mod. Thank you for your support and feedback. Thank you very much everyone, it means a lot for me. I'm planning to continue making this mod even better!


What adds this mod so far?

  • Advancements
    • Basic advancement after you do some thing in mod. Like you will say Bye, bye to Diamonds.
    • Boring day, huh? Advancement
    • Bye, bye Diamonds! Advancement
    • I will crush you! Advancement
  • Amethyst
    • The core of the whole mod, it's a rare mineral that can be only found in Amethyst Biome.
    • Amethyst Recipe
  • Amethyst Armor
    • Armor that is crafted from Amethyst, it's better then Diamond one.
    • Amethyst Helmet Recipe
    • Amethyst Chestplate Recipe
    • Amethyst Leggins Recipe
    • Amethyst Boots Recipe
  • Amethyst Biome
    • An Icy biome where are all trees from Amethyst and there are snowman, also it's really rare to find this biome! Brrr...
  • Amethyst Berries
    • A berries that grow on Snowy Bush. Yummy food. It can be only found in Amethyst Biome that is in Amethyst Dimension.
  • Amethyst Berries Seeds
    • A seeds from Amethyst Berries so you can make more of them.
    • Amethyst Berries Seeds Recipe
  • Amethyst Dimension
    • A dimension. You can found there Amethyst Biome and The Frozen Forest Biome. It's cold and foggy.
  • Amethyst Dust
    • Also Amethyst Dusts.
    • A thing that is used to craft Amethyst, without this you would have nothing.
    • Amethyst and Stone Dust Recipe
    • Amethyst and Glass Dust Recipe
    • Amethyst Dust Recipe
    • Amethyst Dust Recipe
    • Amethyst Dust Recipe
    • Amethyst Dusts Recipe
  • Amethyst Leaves
    • Leaves that are on all trees in Amethyst Biome.
  • Amethyst Log
    • Logs that are purple and are also in Amethyst Biome.
  • Amethyst Ore
    • The most important thing in this mod. In can be found only in Amethyst Biome. So it's way too rare.
  • Amethyst Planks
    • An Amethyst Planks that are purple (as everything) and it's just a crushed Log.
    • Amethyst Planks Recipe
    • Amethyst Planks Recipe
    • Amethyst Planks Recipe
  • Amethyst Sapling
    • Thanks to this little thing our trees can grow. It has no way of how to get it.
  • Amethyst Stick
    • A stick that is used in crafting tools. Planning to add more thing what to do with it.
    • Amethyst Sticks Recipe
  • Amethyst Tools
    • Amethyst Sword, Pickaxe, Axe, Shovel and Hoe.
    • These tools are more powerful that some stupid Diamond ones. Use these ones instead!
    • Amethyst Sword Recipe
    • Amethyst Pickaxe Recipe
    • Amethyst Axe Recipe
    • Amethyst Shovel Recipe
    • Amethyst Hoe Recipe
  • Amethyst Wood
    • Wood that is like Log but all 6 sides looks same. It's better for some builds.
    • Amethyst Wood Recipe
  • Block of Amethyst
    • Just some decorative block, however it looks pretty good.
    • Block of Amethyst Recipe
  • Broken Portal
    • A structure that have small probability of spawning in air on a frozen island.
  • Cobblestone Casing
    • An good looking block that is used in crafting Merger and Crusher. Also, you can use it as decoration.
    • Cobblestone Casing Recipe
  • Crusher
    • That thing that crush everything. With this, you can make Amethyst Dust.
    • Crusher Recipe

  • Diamond Hammer
    • Only with This Hammer you can break Amethyst Ore. Place it in Crusher and crush that thing!
    • Diamond Hammer Recipe
  • Frozen Leaves
    • A beautiful frozen leaves, They just look so good.
  • Frozen Log
    • See? Even Logs are frozen, this could look pretty good when you are building something.
  • Frozen Planks
    • A planks that are made of Frozen Logs. It's made same way as Amethyst Planks.
    • Frozen Planks Recipe
    • Frozen Planks Recipe
    • Frozen Planks Recipe
  • Frozen Sapling
    • Thanks to this you can again re-grow Frozen Tree and have more Frozen Logs.
  • Frozen Wood
    • Wood that is like Log but all 6 sides looks same. It's better for some builds.
    • Frozen Wood Recipe
  • Glass Dust
    • Also Glass Dusts.
    • Just a Glass Dust. It was added because I needed it for a recipe.
    • Amethyst and Glass Dust Recipe
    • Glass Dust Recipe
    • Glass Dusts Recipe
  • Glass
    • This is here to show you just some recipe.
    • Glass Recipe
  • Icy Grass
    • Even grass is frozen, because there is really cold in The Frozen Forest.
  • Iron Hammer
    • Hammer with what will you crush all other thing besides Amethyst Ore.
    • Iron Hammer Recipe
  • Merger
    • This thing with help of slime will help you to make your first Amethyst. Yea, I know. It's really complicated.
    • Merger Recipe
  • Polished Amethyst
    • A version of Amethyst, now it don't have such a strange design.
    • Polished Amethyst Recipe
  • Sandpaper
    • Thing you need to make Polished Amethyst. You need to polish it somehow, right?
    • Sandpaper Recipe
  • Snowy Bush
    • A bush that generate at Amethyst Biome in Amethyst Dimension. It's all while like snow.
  • Snowy Grass
    • There are a lot of snow in Amethyst Biome, so even grass is under snow.
  • Stone
    • This is also here to show you just some recipe.
    • Stone Recipe
  • Stone Dust
    • Also Stone Dusts.
    • This dust drop when you use crusher with Amethyst Ore. You can make a Stone with it if you want to.
    • Amethyst and Stone Dust Recipe
    • Stone Dust Recipe
    • Stone Dusts Recipe
  • Stripped Amethyst Log
    • Like in Minecraft, when you right click on Amethyst Log with Amethyst (only) Axe you will get it.
  • Stripped Frozen Log
    • Like in Minecraft, when you right click on Frozen Log with Amethyst (only) Axe you will get it.
  • The Frozen Forest
    • Another Icy biome that is really cold, even trees and grass are freezing. At least you have friends Snowmans there.

Screenshots and Information about this mod:

Logo designed by Freepik...

Project status
In development
Modification type
Minecraft Forge mod
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files
theamethystworld_0.9.jar - The Amethyst World v0.9 (1.15.2)640.45 KB
theamethystworld_0.8.5.jar - The Amethyst World v0.8.5 (1.15.2)877.92 KB
theamethystworld_0.8.jar - The Amethyst World v0.8 (1.15.2)874.92 KB
theamethystworld_0.7.5.jar - The Amethyst World v0.7.5 (1.14.4)401.36 KB

Version 0.9

  • fixed luminance on Frozen Sapling
  • fixed Block of Amethyst, now it's translucent
  • improved Amethyst Recipe
  • added Snowy Bush
  • changed texture in inventory on Amethyst and Frozen Sapling
  • changed texture in inventory on Icy and Snowy Grass
  • added Amethyst Berries
  • added Amethyst Berries Seeds
  • added Amethyst Berries Recipe
  • added Stripped Amethyst Log
  • added Stripped Frozen Log
  • fixed Amethyst and Frozen Sapling, now can be only placed on Dirt blocks and Snow
  • fixed Icy and Snowy Grass, now can be only placed on Dirt blocks and Snow

Version 0.8.5
  • fixed Frozen Sapling not growing up

Version 0.8
  • updated to Minecraft 1.15.2
  • changed Amethyst Trees
  • changed Frozen Trees
  • changed Hammer name to Iron Hammer
  • changed IDs of (almost) all blocks and items
  • changed Crusher particles
  • changed Merger particles
  • changed Crusher Recipe
  • changed Merger Recipe
  • added Frozen Wood
  • added Frozen Wood Recipe
  • added Amethyst Wood
  • added Amethyst Wood Recipe
  • added Decaying leaves
  • changed way of how Amethyst and Frozen Saplings grow
  • added Amethyst Dimension
  • changed Amethyst and Frozen Sapling Hitbox
  • changed Icy and Snowy Grass Hitbox
  • changed texture of Polished Amethyst
  • Amethyst and Frozen Saplings now drop from leaves
  • changed sound of Frozen Sapling
  • removed Broken Portal Structure (for now)

Version 0.7.5
  • changed Merger Model, now it's in 3D

Version 0.7
  • changed Crusher Model, now it's in 3D
  • added Cobblestone Casing
  • changed Crusher Recipe
  • changed Merger Recipe

Version 0.6
  • changed lenght of time of Amethyst Sapling to grow
  • changed particles when you Bone Meal Amethyst Sapling
  • added The Frozen Forest (it don't generate yet)
  • added Frozen Leaves
  • added Frozen Log
  • added Frozen Sapling
  • added Snowy Grass
  • added Icy Grass
  • added Sandpaper
  • added Polished Amethyst
  • added Polished Amethyst Recipe
  • added Broken Portal Structure

Version 0.5
  • changed Crusher Recipe
  • added Merger Recipe
  • added Diamond Hammer Recipe
  • added Amethyst Log
  • added Amethyst Leaves
  • added Amethyst Planks
  • added Amethyst Planks Recipe
  • added Amethyst Biome
  • added Amethyst Sapling

Version 0.4
  • changed Crusher Recipe
  • added Diamond Hammer
  • there is no crafting for these yet but they work
  • added Merger
  • added Glass Dust and Dusts
  • added Glass Dust and Dusts recipes
  • added Stone Dusts
  • added Stone Dusts recipe

 Version 0.3
  • added Crusher
  • added Hammer
  • added Crusher Recipe
  • added Hammer Recipe
  • added Crusher Advancement
  • added Hammer Advancement

Version 0.2
  • added Amethyst Block recipe
  • added Amethyst Tab
  • added Amethyst Armor (Helmet, Chestplate, Leggins and Boots)
  • added Amethyst Armor recipes
  • added Amethyst Stick (have no recipe yet)
  • added Amethyst Tools (Sword, Pickaxe, Axe, Shovel and Hoe)
  • added Amethyst Tools recipes
  • added Amethyst Advancement after finding Amethyst Dust

Version 0.1
  • mod first time posted
  • added Amethyst
  • added Amethyst Ore
  • added Block of Amethyst
  • added Stone Dust
  • Amethyst Ore drops 1 Stone Dust and 1-2 Amethyst Dusts
  • you can't make Amethyst right now

I don't know, it just feels a little bit weird to me compared to the other textures in the mod... It doesn't really look like a gem, just a blurry item...
Try redefining the borders and reducing the shades (make it less blurry) and it will look a lot better :)

Wow! This looks cool! Does your mod add any new mobs?

Thank you very much :) About mobs, for now it don't add any. It's mostly because I have no experience in modeling, however I'm planning on learning that. So you can expect that once (after I add things I mostly want) I will add some Icy mobs. But if I can ask you, do you have any idea of what mod should I add?

This is an amazing mod! my one question is how you made the Crusher GUI and Merger GUI, i don't need full procedures on the GUI but i would like to know the basic concept of what you did to make them.

Thank you very much :) I tried to put at much efford as I could, so it makes me happy when someone says that. And thanks for logo too, however that logo was just from some site that allowed it's usage and edit. Because I can't very do beautiful logos in any way.