Medieval Environment

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In development
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Minecraft Forge mod
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Medieval Environment is a mod aiming to make the game better and more medieval.

A new ore called platinum, which comes with its block, raw ore, armor, atc.

New daggers for every ore that has a sword, small flowerless and flowering cacti, quicksand, new tip ore, the enderita, as if it were a netherite only from the tip, the mystical debris is found in the stone veins at the ends, all otherwise, we already know, except for the fact that to get the endrite bar instead of gold it is amethyst.

Everything else is basic, new blocks, new doors, crafts, etc.

Things I still want to add:
- Bluestone ore (only its deepslate version);
- Complement for platinum ore;
- New tools for each ore like paxel, hammers, etc;
- Flowers and leaf mats;
- Other things.

Mod also available at curseforge

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