Published by TomdraX on Sat, 03/24/2018 - 00:04
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This mod adds a bunch of different ores in the Overworld and the Nether, it adds 8 new ores into the game, I'm updating this mod constantly so make sure to keep in-touch with new versions to the mod.


RUBY: Ruby ore is as rare as Emerald ore, they're basically brothers.

SAPPHIRE: Sapphire is also just as rare as Ruby ore and Emerald ore.

AMYTHEST: Amythest, Amythest Block, Amythest Ore. DESCRIPTION: A little bit more rare then diamond ore is Amythest ore.

ONYX: The strongest material in the game, and is found in the Nether dimension.

CHROME: Chrome ore is a little bit more rare then Iron ore.

AMBER: Amber isnt too rare, but close to the rarity of lapis.

ELECTRUM: The least famous is Electrum, it slightly less rare then lapis

BRONZE: Bronze is the cousin of Iron, being less valuable it comes in at the most commonly found ore in this mod.


We are open to suggestions for this mod and please comment below if you find a bug or glitch in this mod.

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In development
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Modification files
OresPlusX [1.12.2] [V1].jar - Version 1.0122.46 KB
OresPlusX [1.12.2] [V2].jar - Version 2.0195.49 KB


-Added Ruby Ore, Sapphire Ore, Amythest Ore, Bronze Ore, Chrome Ore, Electrum Ore, Onyx Ore, Amber Ore.

-Added Ruby Block, Sapphire Block, Amythest Block, Bronze Block, Chrome Block, Electrum Block, Onyx Block, Amber Block.

-Added Ruby, Sapphire, Amythest, Bronze Ingot, Chrome Ingot, Electrum, Onyx, Amber.


-Added Bronze Sword, Chrome Sword, Onyx Sword, Amythest Sword.

-Added Bronze Pickaxe, Chrome Pickaxe, Onyx Pickaxe, Amythest Pickaxe.

-Added Bronze Axe, Chrome Axe, Onyx Axe, Amythest Axe.

-Added Bronze Shovel, Chrome Shovel, Onyx Shovel, Amythest Shovel,

-Added Bronze Hoe, Chrome Hoe, Onyx Hoe, Amythest Hoe.

-Onyx Block now powers redstone stuff.


Nice textures, you should make the ores that you made more useful, maybe by adding some special weapons or redstone utilities.
(PS: In real life you can't find bronze in nature, you need to mix copper and tin. However it isn't very important, it's minecraft, in vanilla minecraft you can craft a flint and steel with flint and iron)

Submitted by TomdraX on Fri, 03/30/2018 - 17:57

Version 2.0 is up for download! it adds tools, Onyx block now powers redstone, and other minor changes!