Precious Stones And Minerals

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DIED OF: Awright, my harddrive decided to commit suicide so I lost the files, so no more updates. Once again, like the unfortunate fate of OreMobs, If MCreator made an update where its mods had its own extension (maybe .mc or somethin idk) they could program the ability to import mods into your workspace and work on them from there, but that'll never happen.




















And now I must work on something new. . . . . .

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In development
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Submitted by Arthasio29 on Wed, 02/22/2017 - 09:20

Good work !
Hard to make a lot of minerals, I know since I am working on a mod with a lot of minerals.


thanks for the comment! <3 oh and btw good luck on your mod, It can get confusing at times so Ima give you a tip :P

When making any ore related items that have a gem-based block as well; Make the ore first, then the item, then the block, and then make a shapeless recipe that states putting a block into a crafting table gives you 9 of the item it is made of similar to iron blocks etc.

Tbh you already probably knew that based on your grammar, which would suggest you have a high IQ,

Thanks for the comment and good luck <3

What? Thia mod is awesome!! The spoiler is huge!

Submitted by Richard31 on Sat, 03/18/2017 - 14:57

just reading what all is in here makes your eyes go O_O yesssssss finaly it looks complicated when u look at it and that u dont see often there is somuch good stuff in this mod you just have to try

KUDOS to this creator and keep up the epic work