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This mod is based on the concept of having higher than Diamond materials in Minecraft. The main reason behind this mod is to further develop the vanilla material tree by further increasing the amount of end-game content to the base game.

Currently, this mod adds Corruption and Enderium. Corruption is the raw or status variant of Enderium.


Corruption can be found throughout the End dimension on small nodes in the small islands biome. Each node is made of Purpur or Obsidian and has a 1/100 chance of having sufficient corruption to harvest.


When harvested, be cautious. Corrupted blocks release Corruption when initially touched. The effect, Corruption, is similar to Wither but releases more damage per second.


When refined, Corrupted blocks can be transformed into Enderium, a stable form of the End Corruption, which can then be used to improve the stats of Netherite gear.


In general, all Enderium tools have a +1 melee damage increase and +500 durability increase, and all Enderium armor has a +1 Toughness and Knockback Resistance increase and a 4 point durability increase (relative to Netherite). However, there is one caveat to the upgrade.


Because the material is from the End, water harms the material directly. Because of this, two enchants have been added to the game: Water Resistance and Water Corrosion. Water Resistance aids in protecting the material from water. Water Corrosion, however, speeds it up and CANNOT be removed from the material.


Overall, this mod is more for a proof-of-concept and is free to download and use with credit associated correctly.


For more information, visit this sites:

Main Site:

Cursed Forge:


*Author's notes*

I plan on adding more information to this description soon about the mod's structures, stats, and recipes along with a few hints as to where to find the ore.

Otherwise, feel free to give this mod a test drive, and I hope you enjoy the adventures.

Thank you for reading this, - Legout

Modification files
lgad_enderium_v_indev_1_2.jar - v. Indev 1.2Uploaded on: 07/01/2021 - 01:46   File size: 111.14 KB

v Indev 1.2

 - Fixed: Mod Descriptions and Logo

v Indev 1.1

 - Fixed: Enderium Ingot Recipe to be shapeless

v Indev 1.0 - Initial Release

 - Added:

   Raw Enderium, Enderium Plates, and Enderium Ingots

   Enderium Toolset and Armorset

   Corrupted Nodes and Effects

   Enchants: Water Resistance and Water Corrosion