SuperThingsMod (indev-abandoned)

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Minecraft Forge mod
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WARNING: Mod has minor problems! 





-Super Dimension (has Super Plains, Super Apple Woods, Super Orange Woods, Super Ice Plains, Super Desert and Corrupt Super Biome)

-Super Apple Trees and Super Orange Trees (with super apple and super orange saplings, super orange and super apple leaves of course)

-Super Apple (has nutritional value of 16, gives the player speed for 30 seconds, can also be crafted by surrounding an apple with 8 super gems)

-Super Orange (has nutritional value of 12, gives the player jump boost for 1 minute)

-Dark Super Apple (can only be crafted by surrounding an apple with 8 compressed super gem blocks, fills all of your hunger bar AND GIVES YOU 10 MINUTES OF SPEED 5, STRENGTH 5 AND REGENERATION 7!!)

-Super Berry plant (can be found in the Super Dimension) and super berry seeds

-Super Berry (drops from the super plant, has nutritional value of 9 and gives the player water breathing 2 for 1 minute)

-Super Wood, super wooden planks and super sticks

-Super Gems (can be obtained from super gem ore, found in the Super Dimension)

-Super Axe, Super Pickaxe, Super Shovel,  Super Hoe, Super Sword, Super Hammer and Super Spear (can be made with super sticks and super gems, have 1689 durability)

-Super Spear (and the dark and obsidian variants) can be crafted with 2 super sticks and a super gem/compressed super gem block/super obsidian block diagonally

-Super Hammer can be crafted using 5 super gems (like a helmet) and 2 super sticks (similar recipe with the dark variant)

-Super Gem Blocks (can be made by 9 super gems in a crafting table, recipe similar to the diamond block)

-Compressed Super Gem Blocks (can be made by 9 super gem blocks in a craftings table)

-Super Gem Bricks and Dark Super Gem Bricks (made by 4 super gem blocks and 4 compressed super gem blocks, can be uncrafted too)

-Dark Super Tools and Weapons (have 64000 durability, can be made with compressed super gem blocks)

-Super Gold ingot (can be smelted from super gold ore, which is found in the Super Dimension)

-Super Gold Nuggets (will have a use in a future update)

-Super Wand and Dark Super Wand (2689 and 64000 durability, deal 18 and 200 damage, both use super gem as ammo). The Super Wand can be crafted with 2 super sticks , 2 super gold ingots and a super gem and it's dark variant requires a compressed super gem block (instead of a super gem)

-Super Armor and it's Dark variant can be crafted using super gems and compressed super gem blocks (just like regular armor)

-Super Flint (can be made using a super gem and one piece flint)

-Super Igniter (can be made using a super flint and a super gem, used to ignite the Super Portal)

-Super Grass and Corrupt Super Grass (and Super Dirt)

-Super Stone, super cobblestone, smooth super stone, super stone bricks and chiseled super stone bricks (smooth super stone can be obtained by cooking a super stone in a furnace and the chiseled super stone bricks by putting 4 smooth super stone in a crafting table)

-Super Oil (can be found in the super dimension in lakes, can also be obtained by smelting a compressed super gem block in a furnace)

-Super Obsidian (can be made using super oil and 1 piece of ice in a crafting table)

-Super Obsidian Shard (when a super obsidian block is broken, it drops 9 of these)

-Super Obsidian Spear (made using a super obsidian block and 2 sticks, has the 64000 durability and deals 104 damage)

-Super Water (can be found in lakes in the super dimension)

-BlackVoidBlock (unbreakable in survival)

-BlackVoid Cave (Made out of blackvoidblocks, has 5 super ghosts in it)

-Ice bricks, smooth ice (made by 8 ice bricks like a ring in the crafting table) and chiseled ice bricks (ice bricks compose the super portal that spawns in the overworld)

-Super Ghost (has 120 health, deals 12 damage and is immune to fire and fall damage)

-Super soul dust (drop from super ghosts)

-Laznica (new fruit of the Super Dimension)

-Laznica Flowers (very rare, drops laznica fruit)

-Evil Scavenger

-A secret feature...

-Super Sand and super sandstone

-Super snow

-Super snowballs (deal 10 DAMAGE)





1:Super plants can grow EVERYWHERE (LITERALLY, but will pop off, if not on grass or dirt)

2:"Rare" Super Biomes are not so rare (we must wait for a future update, says Klemen)

3:Super Gem Ore will drop xp, even when broken by hand

4:Some trees spawn underwater



Indev0.6.0 Trailer:

Modification files
SuperThingsMod_(Version indev0.6.0).jar - Latest Version596.45 KB
SuperThingsMod_(Version indev0.0.1).jar - Oldest Version of the Mod (Has the fewest features obviously)41.15 KB

Version indev0.6.0

-Added Laznica and Laznica fruit (gives the player haste)

-Added Super Ice Plains

-Added Super Desert

-Added Super sand

-Added Super sandstone

-Added Super Ice (along with super ice bricks, smooth super ice and chiseled super ice, crafting recipes similar to their normal counterparts)

-Added Evil Scavenger

-Added Super Ghost Dust

-Changed Blackvoid Cave Structure

-Added secret Feature...(s)

-Removed Super Ghosts from the Corrupt Superia Biome

-Changed some of the tools' damage

-Added Super Snowballs (deal 10 damage)

-Changed portal texture and particles


Version indev0.5.1

-Fixed some of the drops

-Fixed super apple and super orange leaves issue


Version indev0.5.0

-Added Super Stone

-Added Super Stone bricks, smooth stone and Chiseled Super Bricks

-Added Super Water

-Added Super Orange and Super Apple Trees and their saplings

-Added Super Orange and Super Apple Leaves

-Added Super Wood and Super Wooden Planks

-Added Super Sticks

-Added Corrupt Super Grass

-Added Super Gold ore, super gold ingot and super gold nugget

-Added Super Orange

-Added Super Hammer and Dark Super Hammer

-Added Ice Bricks, smooth ice and Chiseled Ice Bricks

-Added Super Plains, Super Apple Woods, Super Orange Woods and Corrupt Super biomes

-Reduced durability of the super tools from 1856 to 1689

-Removed Super Plant from the Overworld

-Removed Super Gem Ore from the Overworld

-Changed the Super Dimension's "shape"

-Reduced nutritional value of the super apple from 20 to 16

-Reduced nutritional value of the super berry to 14 to 9

-Changed the effects given by the super apple, the dark super apple and the super berry

-Removed overworld plants and creatures from the Super Dimension (monster still spawn when it is night)

-Super Oil, super wood, super wooden planks and super sticks can be used as fuel (will burn 100, 1.5, 1.5 and 0.5 items)

-Fixed problem with super gem ore xp (now drops 10 xp)

-Added 20 xp when smelting compressed super gem blocks

-Added 20 xp when smelting super gold ore

-Added 1 xp when smelting super cobblestone

-Improved almost all of the textures (exept from the super obsidian shard, the super obsidian block, the super flint, the super igniter, the dark super apple, the super dirt and the super gem ore)

-Fixed super plant lighting issue

-Randomized the drops of the super plant

-Increased Super Plant's growth time

-Changed the recipe of the super tools and their dark variants (now require super sticks)

-Added BlackVoid Caves (very rare)

-Added Super Portal structure (will randomly generate in the overworld, can only be found in "cold" or "icy" biomes), will include chest with super igniter in it


Version indev0.4.1

-Added 5 experience when breaking Super Ore (which suprisingly won't increase your xp bar)


Version indev0.4.0

-Added Super Plant (can drop super gems, super berries and super seeds, can be grown like wheat or carrots)

-Added Super Dimension

-Added Super Armor (with dark variant, the dark variant's boots need an extra super gem to be crafted)

-Added Super Grass

-Added Super Dirt

-Added Super Biome

-Added Super Berries

-Added Super Seeds

-Added Super Obsidian

-Added Super Obsidian Shard

-Added Super Spear (along with dark and obsidian variant)

-Changed Super Sling name to Super Mace

-Added Dark Super Mace

-Super Ore is now more frequent

-Super oil has darker texture with animation now

-Improved item and tool textures


Version indev0.3.0

-Added Super Bricks (can be crafted with 4 super gems or 4 super blocks, giving 1 and 9 super bricks respectively)

-Added Dark Super Bricks (can be crafted with 4 compressed super blocks, which give 4 super bricks)

-Both of Super Bricks and Dark Super Bricks can be uncrafted, which means that you can take your gems back if you so desire

-Added Super Shovel and it's dark variant (the first is made with 1 super gem and 2 sticks and the second with 1 compressed super block and 2 sticks)

-Added Super Axe and it's dark variant (the first is made with 3 super gems and 2 sticks and the second with 3 compressed super blocks and 2 sticks)

-Added Super Hoe and it's dark variant (the first is made with 2 super gems and 2 sticks and the second with 2 compressed super blocks and 2 sticks)

-Some of the textures were improved


Version indev0.2.0

-Added Super Pickaxe (1856 uses, crafted with 3 super gems and 2 sticks)

-Added Dark Super Pickaxe (4000 uses, crafted with 3 compressed super blocks and 2 sticks)

-Added Compressed Super Block (crafted with 9 super blocks)

-Added Dark Super Apple (crafted with 8 compressed super blocks and an apple, has regeneration effect)

-Super Oil is obtainable only through smelting a compressed super block on a furnace now.

-Added Dark Super Sword (4000 uses, has 104 damage, crafted with 2 compressed super blocks and a stick)

-Added Super Sling (over 400 uses, super gems are used for bullets, bullets deal 11 damage on hit)


Version indev0.1.0

-Added Super Block (can be crafted out of 9 super gems) and a vice-versa recipe (to get the gems back)

-Super Oil is now obtainable in Survival (by smelting a Super Block on a furnace)


Version indev0.0.1

-Added Super Ore (can be broken only with an iron or a diamond pickaxe)

-Added Super Sword (can be crafted out of 2 super gems and a stick)

-Added Super Apple (can be crafted out of 8 super gems and an apple)

-Added Super Oil (works like lava, obtainable only in creative mode)

-Added Super Gem (used for crafting the super apple and the super sword)

This mod is not abandonded, will be updated in June. Feel free to share your suggestions for this mod and to indicate the problems that it has, so that they can be fixed