StarLight's Golden Foods

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I made it so that you can make the golden version of every food in Minecraft (like a golden apple)...

They are crafted how you think you would, but for some, instead of (gold) ingots you would be using (gold) nuggets. (I listed all the added foods and the item you will be using to craft them)

- Baked Potato (Ingots)

- Beef (Nuggets)

- Beetroot (Nuggets)

- Beetroot Soup (Make it how you would usually, but replace the normal beetroots with their golden version)

- Bread (Ingots)

- Chicken (Nuggets)

- Cod (Nuggets)

- Steak (Ingots)

- Cooked Chicken (Ingots)

- Cooked Cod (Ingots)

- Cooked Mutton (Ingots)

- Cooked Porkchop (Ingots)

- Cooked Rabbit (Ingots)

- Cooked Salmon (Ingots)

- Cookie (Nuggets)

- Dried Kelp (Nuggets)

- Mutton (Nuggets)

- Porkchop (Nuggets)

- Potato (Nuggets)

- Pumpkin Pie (Ingots)

- Rabbit (Nuggets)

- Salmon (Nuggets)

- Spider Eye (Nuggets)

- Sweet Berries (Nuggets)

- Tropical Fish (Nuggets)


I haven't done any of the mushrooms yet, but that may be coming soon.


If you have anything you want me to fix, tweak, or add, then just comment telling me that.


Thanks for installing, and have fun.

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