Pizza Ore Mod!

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This mod adds pizza ore, nether pizza ore, frozen pizza, cooked pizza, and a extra item silicon (You may be able to put the tag for Silicon in the config the same as another mods) Basicly, you go and mine pizza. Pizza ore is common so that's great for miners when they are starving. You can simply mine this pizza ore to get a frozen pizza, and when you cook the frozen pizza all of the ice and particles (on texture)  go away and you have a pizza- but be careful its HOT! Just kidding, it never cools down. Steam just comes out of it all the time when its warmed up, and i've been planning on making a warm or wet pizza. Now, in the nether things are different. Since it is covered in lava, it will get mined as a hot pizza and ready to eat. I mean, what else did you expect? Its been cooking on lava the whole time! Note: Pizza's restore 8 hunger points (4 bars). Try not to get your coal and silicon ores mixed up! If you suggest anything else or any use for the silicon in this mod, please tell me. Post idea's for other mods on my profile.

Modification files
PizzaOre1.0.0-1.11.2.jar - PizzaOre1.0.0-1.11.2.jar - First release!Uploaded on: 12/31/2017 - 04:05   File size: 74.29 KB

Version 1.0.0 (first release)

  • Added pizza ore
  • Added nether pizza ore
  • Added frozen pizza
  • Added cooked pizza
  • Added silicon Ore
  • Added silicon
  • Added smelting recipe

    - Couldn't fix broken names

    - Couldn't make auto-compatible with galacticraft (Whole point in silicon in this mod)