Eighty-Five Percent RPG Mod

Published by IuStrenght on Sun, 09/24/2017 - 14:47
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This is my sequel for my old and discontinued (due to tehnical issues) Ninety Five Percent RPG Mod. My goal is to get Mod of the Week. 

This is a mod all about adventuring (not really but, just pretend is it ok?). This mod adds new Ores and tools to your world, and even magic.

And we got mod of the week, so a big update is coming!

Known bugs 

1) Armor names are not shown correctly - Priority : Low.
2)Staffs don't show correctly from third person - Priority : Low

Changelog . I will let the images speak. 
Beta 1.0. The first version, adds two ores to the overworld, 2 dimensions, 3 magic staffs and magic items.

Beta 1.1 (Update 1) - This update adds one new ingot, new tools and armor and new magic staffs.

I forgot to mention, you can craft Armor with nitherite!


Beta 1.2 - 1 New Dimension, 2 New Staffs, New tools and armor.

Beta 1.3 - Adds Magic Flux, One New dimension, one new armor set, new tools and weapons.

That's it 

Modification files
efprpg_1.3.jar - Eighty-Five Percent RPG Mod - Beta 1.3 - Latest890.16 KB
efprpg_1.2.jar - Eighty-Five Percent RPG Mod - Beta 1.2 - Old700.14 KB
eighty_five_percent_rpg_mod_beta_1.1.jar - Eighty-Five Percent RPG Mod - Beta 1.1 - Old564.21 KB
efprm_beta_1.0.jar - Eighty-Five Percent RPG Mod - Beta 1.0 - Old440.56 KB

Cool mod remake . But why 85% rpg? And what's the pickaxe required for mining rilmite?

Tip: make textures with different colors, like vanilla (for example, in the ruby there is red, dark red, very dark red, white, light red, very light red, etc)

It's a shame that i have 3 commens one over another but .. My mod got updated, see if you like it!

I'm working on a very big update, but i have to learn for school, so i don't think this update will be released so soon.

If you know some coding would you like to join my team for an rpg mod. I have permission for eb to use his library and also I have an amazing modeler so far. I know some java here and there and I can tweak procedures in mcreator’s code. If you want to help out send me an email in kostas23365@gmail.com or reply to this comment and I’ll send you my discord. I am also good at ideas making procedures making balanced systems and solving issues, I have most of the stuff written in pen and paper format and the coding isn’t that intense so don’t worry if you’re not the best.