Minecraft Ninjago Masters Of Spinjitzu Mod V1.0 (Offical)

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And yep this is my first mod that i have created for fun in case i want things to make it a bit cooler then it was back then! and yep there are a ton of weapons and items and blocks and mobs and more you can see from this mod! and yep there are a ton of bug issues i'm having witch is bugging me! so yeah that's my mod! and the custom models i'm going to be working soon until the new update comes so GET READY for the new update


  • Note. hey guy's i got some good news and bad news! the good news is i'm going to push back my updated version of this mod on the May 25th is becuase there working on a new update for another 1.7.10 but you can still review this mod while it get's updated! and the bad news is i'm actullay going to find another model maker is because tecnhe is offline on their sites! but hey i can still find out if pylo still going to be finding another model maker still


  • Cole. Health 60

  • Sensei Wu. Health 30

  • Jay. Health 50

  • Kai. Health 40

  • Nya. Health 90

  • Lloyed. Health 40

  • Zane. Health 90

  • Skylor. COMING SOON 

  • Cyren. Health 40

  • Bucko. Health 40 

  • Doubloon. Boss Health 200

  • Red Sword. Damage 20

  • Green Sword. Damage 18

  • Blue Sword. Damage 17

  • The Anacondrai Sword. Damage 29

  • The Sword Of Fire. Damage 15

  • The Scythe Of QuakKes. Damage 19

  • Morphgamers70 Sword. Damage 17


  • Red Ore.

  • Blue Ore.

  • Green Ore.

  • Green Block.

  • Blue Block.

  • Red Block.

  • Anacondrai Ore.

  • Anacondrai Block.


  • Red Armor. Damage 20

  • Blue Armor. Damage 19

  • Green Armor. Damage 20

  • Ninja Armor. Speed 10% And Jump Boost

Dogshank And Monkey Wretch

Sure! no problem! i'll do my best updating this mod! but you can always tell Gaansey to review this mod!