Ancient Explorers

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Current versions of the mod.
I was making this mod with the intent of players exploring the world of caves. I always thought strip mining was a bit barren. Someday I'll add bigger caves, who knows? I just think caves are a bit too rare, and players should find more ores touching air. I also thought mining in the Nether had no purpose, so I just added gold. The 1.16 Nether Update changed that, so I guess the mod is mostly about what's to come.

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Project status
Modification type
Minecraft Forge mod
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files - File here, Beta 2. If it doesn't work, DM me DumbWays15#6014 on Discord, or u/DumbWays15 on Reddit.159.2 KB - File here, beta 3.182.45 KB - File here, beta 4.203.92 KB - File here, Beta 5.208.85 KB

Beta 5
-added new advancements
-the Cake recipe is changed and now requires Sweet Berries
-Copper Ore now only generates in mountains above Y=64

Don't publish mod updates seperately. Put the files into one project.

Stepped to one trap again (¬_¬)
P. S. Why thumbnail is too dark? I can't see any things on it.