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Minecraft Forge mod
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Hello and Welcome to More Stuff! This is my first mod and there is a high chance i wont update anything until 1.18.x support is here and there is a chance i also make this mod for 1.16.5!

Im planning to add a bunch of stuff when 1.18.x support is here!

Because description cant be shorter than 300 characters im gonna tell you some stuff from my mod!

The Ultimate Set (Contains: Ultimate Armor, Ultimate Sword, Ultimate Pickaxe, Ultimate Axe, Ultimate Shovel, Ultimate Hoe, Ultimate Ore, Ultimate Ingot and The Ultimate Block)

I might add a new bow but for now there is no new bows and also no new mobs but i might add those when 1.18.x support is here!

I might also rename Ultimate to Infinity but for now Ultimate is Ultimate!

I recommend allocating atleast 4GB (4096MB) of RAM! (If you have 8GB of total RAM or more its good to use half your total RAM for Minecraft! 8 / 2 = 4, 16 / 2 = 8)

Modification files

Release 5: Added Adamite, Alexandrite, Amber and Angelite!

Release 6: Added Tin, Potassium and Sodium!

Release 6.1: Added Osmium!

Release 6.2: Added Lithium!


Alpha 1 (1.16.5): Added 4 Biomes, 3 Ores (The ores also include the armour, blocks, tools, weapons and recipes), 3 Enchantments and a Dimension!

Alpha 2 (1.16.5): Added the Moobloom and the Omega Apple!

Beta 1 (1.16.5): Added The Ultimate Bow!

Beta 2 (1.16.5): Added The Omega Potion!

If you have any suggestions or want 1.16.5 either reply to my comment or comment your own suggestion!

Alert! Im currently developing 1.16.5 version of this mod! While it might not have as much stuff as the 1.17.1 version i might keep updating it!