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This mod adds more foods that you wish were in the game. If anybody has suggestions please do comment them. This is my first mod (excuse my bad pixel art drawings) so I hope you enjoy.

This mod adds in: Fries, Fried Eggs, Milk, Apple Juice, Hamburgers (cheese maybe coming in the future), bacon, a feast, noodles, waffles, soda, ice cream, carrot cake, and more (see update log). If you think an item is too overpowered, underpowered, or some stats could be changed, please comment them down below. Every item is craftable.

The stats of the caramel pickaxe are: Slower mining speed, higher chance of better enchants, %5 chance to drop carmel when mining, more durability.

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Added salt, caramel, caramel apple, caramel ice cream, Caramel Iron Pick (see description for details), strawberry plant, strawberries, crêpes, filled crêpes, cheese (cheeseburger coming in the next update), and breakfast sandwich. I have also added in 2 achievements: Foods Plus! and Om Nom Nom. I have sorted the tabs into Foods+ (non-edible materials/tools), Drinks, Breakfast, lunch/dinner, desert, and snacks. I hope you enjoy the new update!