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Mores contains a lot of new things, the main items/blocks it includes are 3 ores, 




The most common of the three is ruby as it can spawn anywhere and be mined with stone.

Second is amethyst as it can be found in the same places as ruby, but requires iron to be mined.

The rarest is sapphire as it is found only from level 52 and down and can only be mined by diamond.


There are also three new Biomes:

The Reverse Biome

Image of the reverse biome

The Gem Biome (spawns in Gem Dimension only)

Image Of the Gem Biome

The Obsidian Lake (couldn't find in my showcase world, Sorry!)


A new dimension:

The Gem Dimension (Look at the image of The Gem Biome) - requires gem igniter to ignite, which can be crafted with 1 of each new ore


3 New Mobs:

Charlie Soldier (made with the ideas of my little brother) - drops bullets or a pistol when killed - commonly spawns in any dimension/biome

Lurkers (comes in 3 variants: Amethyst, Ruby and Sapphire) - drops the associated gem - commonly spawns in the gem dimension only

Lurker King - Drops tons of xp - spawns rarely, only in the gem dimension.


2 Structures:

Brick tower - spawns anywhere

Picture of the Brick tower structure

Gem Beacon - spawns in gem dimension


1 New ranged weapon :

Pistol - takes bullets as ammo, expensive as requires 5 iron, 1 gunpowder and 1 iron nugget to craft the pistol, then 1 gold nugget and 1 gunpowder to craft 9 bullet


2 More types of tree:

Reverse tree - regular tree but with leaves as the log and logs as the leaves

Gem tree - Spawns in gem dimension, pretty much useless at this point, but will probably be changed in future updates


2 New blocks

Ultra Gem Block - Crafted from 1 of each new Ore Block

Gem Bricks - Not crafted, but is the secondary material of gem beacons, so can be harvested in that way.

Project status
In development
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files
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