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My mod is a combination of mythical, fictional and existing ores / alloys / precious stones, etc. 
And also suggests making armor and tools from these materials. 

The mod adds:

1) 12 types of ore in overworld and nether

2) 12 types of ingots and 4 types of alloys

3) 10 types of tools including: shovels, picks, swords and axes.

4) 13 types of armor (with complicated craft)

5) There is also 1 gem - amber and from it you can also make armor but not tools

6) Differences in tools (For example, the adamantium has extremely high strength but efficiency is 
less And the tools of darkness that are extremely effective but not durable, etc.)

7) There is also a block for each material

8) there is a multi-block structure - a melting furnace (to switch from the diamond 
level to the next (you can call it bloody in this mode because it’s rather difficult to switch))

9) And yes, as such a mod without a book there is a brief description of where the ore is mined and
 what level and at what height, etc. (there is a multiblock instruction and a photo of how the design looks)

In the future I want to increase the range of ores / alloys, etc.
At first I wanted to make a couple of items for assembly, 
but it turned out that I was drawn into it and made a full-fledged working mod. 
If that is my first mod.
And something else if there are spelling errors, then I'm sorry, I just do not speak English very well.
Modification files
More+ingot_0.jar - That's the mod itself4.58 MB

Really good mod! (Better than mine.) AND THIS IS YOUR FIRST MOD OMG
If you improve the description, you can definitely get mod of the week!

Thanks, I tried to make mistakes without errors.
I will improve the description of the mod with each update + and so I will change the time.
Yes, this is my first mod that did roughly in one week and delved into YouTube how and what to do.