Gunpowder Recipe

Published by takumitu on Sat, 08/05/2017 - 03:49
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In development
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Update ver1.1

  • adjusted the damage of the sword.

  • Deleted the function as fuel.  ←It might resurrect.

  • Other details improvements were made.


This mod adds gun powder recipe and other items. Please use it for remedial measures such as gun mod.

Things to add

  • sulfur ore

  • sulfur powder

  • sulfur block

  • sulfur sword

  • niter

  • niter dust 

  • niter block

  • recipe for gunpowder

The sulfur sword has fire aspect Ⅱ from the begining.

Simple type is only recipe,niter,sulfur,niterdust and sulfurpowder.

※ Secondary distribution is forbidden.

I used Google translation and my knowledge . I hope you fun use this mod.




Modification files
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