RaolCraft 4: 1.7.10 Edition

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Welcome to RaolCraft 4! This mod is a mix of RaolCraft 2 and 3 for 1.7.10!

This mod adds: decorative blocks, metal blocks, ores, recipes, mobs, guns, dimensions, biomes, magic staffs, items, gears, foods, plants, utilities and more!


Do you want to play this mod on 1.10.2? https://mcreator.pylo.co/modification/31740/raolcraft-3-reborn-fusion I know that I'm a bit repetitive, but I love this mod and I want to see it even better.



0.0: The Basics - 12/26/2016

+Lead Ore, Lead Ingot, Lead Nugget, Lead Dust and Lead Block;

+Copper Ore, Copper Ingot, Copper Nugget and Copper Dust;

+Tin Ore, Tin Ingot, Tin Nugget and Tin Dust;

+Bronze Ingot, Bronze Nugget and Bronze Dust;

+Pulverizer and Compresser;

Cherry Biome, Cherry Wood, Cherry Leaves and Cherry Planks;

+Old Stone, Wooden Stone and Wood; +Mana, Wizard Staff and Fire Magic Staff; +Silver Ore and Silver Ingot; +Cooked Rotten Flesh, Bush and Creative Sword.

0.1: Iron Update - 12/27/2016

+Iron Dust, Iron Nugget, Iron Crystal Ore and Iron Crystal;

+Steel Dust, Steel Nugget and Steel Ingot;

+Gun and Lead Bullet;

+Essence Infuser;

+Time Magic Wand;

+Full Grass Block;

+Coal Piece.

0.2: Base Essence Update - 12/28/2016

+Cloud Essence, Water Essence, Leaf Essence and Hot Essence;




+Weather Block;

Fixed bugs;

And more!

0.2.1: Little Update - 12/29/2016

+Redstone Ingot and Redstone Nugget;

+Strawberry and Strawberry Bush;

+Day Block and Night Block;

+Lead Armor;

And more!

Info: Blocks: Plant Block Lead Block Cherry Wood Cherry Leaves Cherry Planks Lead Ore Harvest: 2 Silver Ore Harvest: 2 Tin Ore Harvest: 1 Copper Ore Harvest: 1 Old Stone Drop: Stone Iron Crystal Ore Harvest: 1 Drop: Iron Crystal Wooden Stone Drop: Wood Ores and Ingots: Copper Rarity: Common Uses: Pulverizer Fusions: Copper + Tin = Bronze Tin Rarity: Common Uses: Compresser Fusions: Copper + Tin = Bronze Lead Rarity: Rare Uses: Lead Bullet, Pulverizer, Compresser, Essence Infuser Silver Rarity: Uncommon Uses: Mana, Wizard Wand, Time Magic Wand Bronze Uses: Essence Infuser Fused from: Copper + Tin Steel Uses: Gun Fused From: Iron + Coal Weapons: Creative Sword 100 Damage Only for Creative mode Fire Magic Wand Ranged Fire Effect Uses Mana Time Magic Wand Ranged Continue Shooting Uses Mana Gun Ranged Uses Lead Bullet Other Items: Mana Used for Magic Staffs. Crafting Material Nuggets for each ingot Dusts for each ingot Made from nuggets. Cab be fused together. Can be reconverted into nuggets. Wizard Staff Coal Piece Burns 1 Iron Crystal Can be turned into 10 nuggets Wood Can be turned into an Oak Log Foods: Eatable Rotten Flesh Made from cooking Rotten Flesh Foods 8 Biomes: Cherry Biome Color: Pink Found in the OverWorld Trees: Cherry Trees Plants: Bush Common Drop: Leaves Infusers: Infusers are items that convert other items. They have unlimited uses. Pulverizer Nugget to Dust Compresser Dust to Nugget Essence Infuser Item to Essence

Modification files
raolcraft_4_0.2.1.jar.jar - 0.2.1 - Little UpdateUploaded on: 12/29/2016 - 13:28   File size: 1.22 MB
raolcraft_4_0.2.jar - 0.2 - Base Essence UpdateUploaded on: 12/28/2016 - 20:49   File size: 1.11 MB
raolcraft_4_0.1.jar - 0.1 - Iron UpdateUploaded on: 12/27/2016 - 17:18   File size: 1.07 MB
raolcraft_4_0.0.jar - 0.0 - The BasicsUploaded on: 12/26/2016 - 17:38   File size: 1.02 MB

Ok. Anyways for downloading thr map, tap the link, click download, extract the. zip file and copy the folder, then type %appdata%, go to .minecraft and paste the folder in saves

I got everything downloaded except for the map, but I wont need the map because I can't figure out how to download it. I wont need it though. I will build my own map. Therefor it may take a while to get a video out of it.

I've made a map for RaolCraft showcases. Chrck it in the description of RaolCraft 3!

Mods for 1.10.2 for the showcase :
RaolCraft 3
ToroHealt Damage Indicator
And if you want:
Xaero's Minimap + Xaero's Worldmap

@#4 I would prefer to do this, sense I don't have 1.10.2 supplies like damage indicators(i don't know anything other than that for seeing how much health mobs have) or even forge, but I guess I could do RaolCraft 3.

Can I make a mod review of this? I haven't downloaded it yet, but I want to make a mod review of it.

I recommend RaolCraft 3 instead of this mod: the infuses don't work correctly and there are lots of other bugs. Sorry for this, I will fix it in the next update

Lead Copper Tin, Bronze, the things that you always see in a mod,.
BTW Great mod :)