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My first mod! Adds new mobs, ores, tools, armor, and a new dimension!

Comment if you find a bug (btw the missing textures in Elyanna are intentional) or if you have a suggestion!

      1 - New Blocks:

1.1. Dystopian Wood and variants (logs, planks, slabs, etc.)

1.2. Withered Nether Bricks and variants (cracked, chiseled, slab, etc.)

1.3. Withered Cobblestone.

1.4. Cinder Soil, Cinder Stone and Golden Grass.

1.5. Indestructible Quartz Block (not craftable and not obtainable in survival mode)

1.6. Mystic Crying Obsidian.

1.7. Steel Block, Ruby Block, Andezenite Block, Ketzin Block, Polyanite Block.

      2 - New Ores:

2.1. Poisonous diamond.

2.2. Steel Ore, ingot, tools, and armor.

2.3. Ruby Ore, ruby, heavy ruby, ruby tools, ruby armor.

2.4. Lifestone Ore, life shards.

2.5. Andezenite Ore, andezenite.

2.6. Ketzin Ore, ketzin, ketzin tools, ketzin armor.

2.7. Chemical Remains, Polyanite Dust, Polyanite ingot.

        3 - New Items:

3.1. Life Shards, Poisonous Shards.

3.2. Half Bread, Cheese, Slice of Cheese, Cheeseburger (that's a meme lol).

3.3. Ash Stick.

        4 - Special Tools

4.1. Crying Sword and Crying Armor.

4.2. Reinforced Crying Sword and Reinforced Crying Armor.

4.3. Poisonous Sword, Withered Sword, Stagnant Sword.

4.4. Silver Knight Sword, Black Knight Sword, Elyanna's Sword.

        5 - New Mobs

5.1. Silver Knight

5.2. Black Knight

5.3. Decaying Knight

5.4. Apprentice

5.5. Kneschverer

5.6. Elyanna (boss)

5.7. Elyanna's Knight



Enjoy :D

Modification files
dystopia_1.2.0_0.jar - file for the mod :DUploaded on: 02/02/2021 - 03:13   File size: 3.17 MB

Looks nice! I recommend doing your own texture for armor instead of using mcreator armor maker.

The mod looks amazing! I will use it on my series, if you allow it :)
Btw another question, how did you make your mod for 1.16.4 in MCreator?