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This Mod adds Bismuth, Bismuth Ore, Bismuth Deepslate Ore, Bismuth Block, Bismuth Bronze, Bismuth Bronze Block, Bismuth Igniter, Bismuth Bronze Armor and tools, an Alloy Furnace, and A new Dimension, The Diamond Dimension. The Diamond dimension is a non-hostile mod dimension which is covered in diamond ore, but it is the only place where you can find the new Bismuth ore that once found and mined. The raw bismuth can be placed in the Alloy Furnace with raw copper and a coal block for fuel to create the new bismuth bronze ingot. This ingot can be used to make armor, weapons, and tools. The armors base values are higher than diamond along with the tools and weapons as well. The have the same enchantability as gold tools and weapons and speed of gold tools , but with a durability surpassing diamond.

Modification files
Bismuth_Mod_1.19.2.jar - Bismuth Mod for Minecraft 1.19.2Uploaded on: 03/29/2023 - 11:33   File size: 193.56 KB
Bismuth_Mod_1.19.2_v1.0.1.jarUploaded on: 03/30/2023 - 03:32   File size: 194.36 KB

New Bismuth Mod Version 1.0

  • Added new Recipe for Bismuth Igniter. (Charcoal, diamond, Emerald, Flint and Steel)
  • Alloy Furnace only works with Coal Blocks(For Now).

Whomever is downloading my mod please let me know some feed back. I'll try to make any changes that I am capable of doing.