Random Items Mod

Published by Dragma2005 on Sun, 11/05/2017 - 20:46
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This is a mod I have been making for a while, it started out just being stuff I randomly though of while playing un-modded minecraft (hence the name), but it kinda changed into an rpg-like mod, though only having one mob. I hope you enjoy!


Disclaimer: Almost everything in this mod is very expensive.

Other Disclaimer: Use JEI or a similar mod for recipes.

Modification files
Random Items.jar - This is the modUploaded on: 11/05/2017 - 20:51   File size: 857.9 KB

Version 1.0.0


  • Added Diamond Willow
  • Added Supreme Obsidian Plate
  • Added Ultimate Obsidian Plate
  • Added Godly Aura
  • Added Obsidian God Armor
  • Added Withered Bone
  • Added Withered Rod
  • Added Burning Rod
  • Added Fire Demon Rod
  • Added Flaming String
  • Added Black Arrow
  • Added Fire Demon Bow
  • Added Neutron Block
  • Added Magical Generator
  • Added Wither Summoner
  • Added Withering Essence
  • Added Withering Soul
  • Added Diamond Willow Staff (Accidentally didn't put it in images)
  • Added Diamond Willow Sword
  • Added Anti-Reality Hole
  • Added Anti-Reality Gem Block
  • Added Anti-Reality Block (Portal block)
  • Added Anti-Reality Dirt
  • Added Anti-Chicken (BOSS)
  • Added Anti-Reality Core
  • Added Crux of Creation
  • Added Chaotic Block
  • Added Anti-Reality Biome and Dimension
  • Added Pure Anti-Reality (Portal ignitor)
  • Added Unbreakable Rod
  • Added Chaotic Blade (Not the same as Blade of Chaos)
  • Added Blade of Chaos
  • Added Invincible Armor
  • Added Super-String, Unnatural String, Warp String and Infinite Twine
  • Added Apocalypse Arrow
  • Added Endless Bow
  • Added TNT+
  • Added TNT++
  • Added Super TNT
  • Added Meteorite TNT
  • Added Star-Shatter (Pickaxe)