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Published by Meemaster on Wed, 04/22/2020 - 22:55
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So you wanted a Cave Update?

Kinda. It DOES update Caves, but in the future I intend to have this be a "updates all of Minecraft" kind of mod.

I originally made this mod for my little brother, who's name starts with E, so now you know the story behind the name.

Currently adds 13 new ores to the Overworld:

  • Ediblite Ore, a common ore that drops 2 pieces of Ediblite when mined, which can be eaten.
  • Plankite Ore, another common ore that drops 2 pieces of Plankite Scrap when mined, which can be combined to make Plankite Planks, a type of wooden plank.
  • Bloodstone Ore, an uncommon ore that drops a piece of Bloodstone when mined, which can be crafted into a pretty cool looking decorative block.
  • Mechanite Ore, another uncommon ore that, when smelted, gives you a Mechanite Ingot. Crafts into some neat Redstone interacting items, like the Mechanite Reactor, which is expensive, but provides a source of infinite Redstone Dust.
  • Crystal, a rarer ore that drops 2 pieces of Crystal Shards that can be Refined at a Mechanite Refiner to be able to craft tools.
  • Verdite Ore, a rarer ore that is used to make a special Pill that grants Jump Boost.
  • Amarillite Ore, a rarer ore that is used to make a special Pill that grants Speed.
  • Darkite Ore, a rare ore that is used to make a special Pill that grants Night Vision. Only found in Underground Swamps.
  • Rastite Ore, a rare ore that is used to make a post-Diamond toolset. Only found in Underground Deserts.
  • Aquite Ore, a rare ore that is used to make a post-Diamond toolset. Only found in Underground Oceans.
  • Rusted Steel, a rare ore that needs to be un-rusted to make tools and technological tools.
  • Halite Ore, an uncommon ore that drops a piece of Halite Dust when mined, which can be refined into Rock Salt.
  • Divine Ore, the ultimate ore that can only be mined by a Vyserite Pickaxe.

Currently adds 2 new ores to the Nether:

  • Caustite Crystal, a common ore that drops a piece of Caustite when mined that can craft poison-themed armor and tools.
  • Magmite Crystal, a common ore that drops a piece of Magmite when mined that can craft fire-themed armor and tools.

Also adds some special Post-Dragon content, such as the Artennon Plaguebane, which allows you to break the extremely rare Artennon Plague block to access the Artennon Dimension and the Ultimate Toolsets: Plague and Vyserite!

This mod also adds a difficult to obtain item known as the Master PDA that allows you to... well, you'll have to craft it to find out. Good luck getting the Nether Star! :)

Modification files
EMod1.2.jar - 1.12.2 Version628.3 KB
AnotherUpdate(ScrewNumbers).jar - 1.14.4 Version6.75 MB

  • Channelling Ore generates now. Whoops!

1.6.1, the Wayward Update

  • Added Channelling Dust and Dust Block
  • Added Waywards, special blocks that "pulse" every 3 seconds, doing something to all entities within 6 blocks.
  • Added the Adaptive Sword and two related enchantments, Leaper Adaptation and Prowler Adaptation.
  • Probably did some other things, but I can't remember.

1.6 (I really need to finish this), the Industrial Update

  • Stuff was done.
  • I don't remember anymore.

1.6 (Part Two-And-A-Half), the Industrial Update

  • Mostly fixed one big bug.
  • Also added some other stuff.

1.6 (Part Two), the Industrial Update

  • Fixed bugs! ...Again...!
  • Added new Artennon Structures.
  • Blightbearers and Blightleeches should no longer be accidentally extinct!
  • Added new Artennon Plants.
  • Added new Artennon Blocks.
  • Added new End content.
  • Etc. You know the drill.

1.6 (Part One), the Industrial Update

  • Fixed bugs! Again!
  • Added Halite Ore.
  • Added Rusted Steel.
  • Added, Changed, and Removed recipes.
  • Reworked Vyserite.
  • Added the Artennon Reactifier.
  • Added Reactivated Artennon Soil.
  • Added the Untaint.
  • Added Unblight Berries.
  • Added a special Enchantment exclusive to Divine Swords.
  • Removed Vyserite Test Chambers and added Ruined Skyscrapers.

1.5, the Tainted Tombs update

  • Fixed bugs!
  • Removed the 4 Gateway Bosses (I hated them because they were lazy. We might see them in the future.)
  • Added Emerald and Quartz toolsets.
  • Added various armors, including Scrap Armor.
  • Added 4 Gateway Dungeons (For now, these will replace the Gateway Bosses.)
  • Added a better way to get Artennon Plague before the Artennon Dimension.
  • Added a Mechanite Drill to help get rid of large amounts of stone.
  • Added a Taint biome to the Artennon Dimension to help liven up the place.
  • Added Taint related items.

1.4, the Scorching Syphilis update

  • Fixed bugs!
  • Added a Final Boss.
  • Added 4 Gateway Bosses.
  • Added Various new things. 

1.3, the Last Cave update - 1.14.4 Exclusive (Content from here on out will no longer focus on caves.):

  • Fixed bugs!
  • Added Divine Ore.
  • Added the Invulnerability status effect.
  • Added new underground structures to make the caves feel more alive!
  • Added 2 new Stone variations to make caves more interesting!

1.2, the Plague update:

  • Fixed bugs!
  • Added Darkite, Rastite, Aquite, and Vyserite ores.
  • Added Darkite Pill item.
  • Added the Artennon Plaguebane, crafted with a Dragon Egg.
  • Added the Artennon Dimension and related items.

1.1, the Drug update:

  • Fixed bugs!
  • Added Verdite and Amarillite ores.
  • Added Ediblite, Plankite, Mechanite, Bloodstone, Verdite, and Amarillite Pill items.
  • Added the Mechanite Combiner.


  • Released.