Raolcraft 3: Reborn of the Fusion

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This mod is bugged and discontinued! Try RaolCraft Omega instead: https://mcreator.net/modification/41487/raolcraft-o

Mod for Minecraft 1.10.2 and 1.11.2 (only 2.4.1+)

Welcome to RaolCraft 3: Reborn of the Fusion!

Do you know my other mod, RaolCraft 2? Well, this mod is the remake of that mod.

This mod adds: blocks, ingots, gems, dusts, powerful wands, ores, tools, swords, armors, dimensions, mobs, biomes, plants, food, quests, skills, bosses, machines, fluids and more!

The main objective of this mod is to expand vanilla minecraft into new vanilla inspired things and other-mods-inspired things. 

3 TIMES MOD OF THE WEEK 11/4/16 3/10/17 7/21/17! THANKS!

900+ mod elements! 

This mod is on LuckyPotion's biggest mcreator mods list!

This mod was on Mcreator 2016 mod recap!

Downloads Here: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/k51nrffx51y4l/RaolCraft_3_Mod_Downloads


2.8 Update

2.8 Update

2.9 Update

2.9 Update

3.0 Update

3.1 Update

3.2 Update

3.3 Update

3.4 Update


Important Info:

You can't use this mod's minerals for other mods's crafting, because I can't set the ore dictionary. 

For use the pulverizer or the depulverizer simply place it in the crafting grid and place an ingot or a dust.

You can use pulverizer and depulverizer unlimited times in your crafting table.

For getting the Dark Shards you need to right-click with a Spectral Pearl (dropped by the King Spirit) in the hand; 

I can't port here all the recipes because they're too many. Use Just Enough Items or similar for seeing the recipes.

For using a machine, please follow these instructions:

1-Place the machine block;

2-Right-click it with a Machine Fuel in the hand;

3-Right-click it with an item (Crystal for Crystal Powerer or Coal for Coal Converter);

4-Please wait a few seconds;

5-When the machine is ready, right-click it. This mod doesn't work with other Mcreator mods and I don't know why. For using Essence Infuser, put it in the crafting table with the item for making texture. The usage is like depulverizers and pulverizers. Soon I'm going to remake this mod for 1.7.10. 

Known Bugs:

(Snapshot's bugs aren't in the bug list because they are experimental versions and pre-releases)

N-fixed in a version not released yet F-fixed R- reappaered

RC1 -  Monsters don't attack (caused from importing 1.7.0 workspace in 1.7.1, that changed the AI) N F R N F

RC2 - Coal Converter is stopped in Stage 5 N F

RC3 - Lead dust can't be made N F

RC4 - When you destroy a 'Forgery with Cobalt Pickaxe' it doesn't drop the Cobalt Pickaxe N F

RC5 - All armor textures are gone (for Minecraft 1.11.2) N F

RC6 - The Life Crystal is in the Tools Tab N F

RC7 - Events for items don't work (for Minecraft 1.11.2) N F

RC8 - The mod isn't compatible with the most part of the mcreator mods

RC9- Diamond Lucky Block has a bugged levitation N F

RC10- The most part of the blocks have the harvest level set to 4 N F

RC11 - Strenght Skill doesn't work N F R

RC12- Ruby Block has gravity N F

RC13- Corn is bugged

RC14- Endgame pickaxes haven't the right harvest level N F

RC15- Normal world generation is slow


Custom Maps

Official guide of the mod and map for showcases:

Downloads in the .zip file!


Compatibility List:


These are the officially tested compatibilities.

This mod is compatible with:


Showcases: Official Mod Playlist: https://m.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7m-MKJAtCdUo6llMu3TKw2QNKLZK7pAt Gaansey - RaolCraft 1.8.1 https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=4Aqzgv6bIE8

ClockWorks Gamer- RaolCraft 1.8.1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Aqzgv6bIE8&list=PLF3ULR6iDo-SiSHlXOBLR…



Minecraft (and so Mojang/Microsoft) for making the game that changed the story of games

MCreator (and so Pylo) for making this awesome mod builder

MCreator Community because they helped me lots of times


Techne & Blockbench

The authors of these mod because they inspired me (they are in random order):

Thermal Expansion

Biomes 'O Plenty

Oh the Biomes You Go 5

Maxi Mod

The 4(?) Elements Mod

MrCrayFish Furniture Mod

Extra Blocks Mod (Decorative and Powered Blocks)

Double Vanilla

Traps 'O Plenty

On Further Tales: Explore Further


Hodge-Podge 2

Vegetarian Food Mod

Fate of the World (RPG Styled)

The Hallow Mod


Uncharted Lands



A Little Bit of Everything


Paradox Multiverse



Silent's Gems



And other mods that now I don't remember...

These games inspired me too:



Other things:

You can put this mod in your modpack but please give me some credit. 

If you like the mod you can put in the comments some ideas for the next updates. I will add they in the planned features. I need a showcase. If you do it, I will post it here!

Website of the mod (outdated)



Downloads from the website are outdated. Download from the links in the zip file.

Sorry for errors but I'm Italian. 

Modification files
updated_mod_links.zip - Links for download that are automatically updatedUploaded on: 02/27/2017 - 18:43   File size: 576 bytes
raolcraft_3_3.0_mc_1.11.2.jar - (Direct Download) (Old) 3.0 for MC 1.11.2Uploaded on: 07/13/2017 - 12:07   File size: 5.55 MB



1.0 - Materials and Ores - 10/22/2016

I lost RaolCraft 2's workspace so I need to make a new mod... Why don't make a mod more based on survival, with a new cool idea (dusts)? 

Added 3 creative tabs (blocks, tools and items);

Added Blue Sand and Blue Sandstone;

Added OP Sword: only for creative!;

Added Evil Flower and Evil Petal;

Added Quatrefoil and Lucky Leaf;

Added Lead Ore, Lead Ingot, Lead Dust, Lead Armor and Lead Block;

Added Iron Gem: it drops an iron ingot when destroyed so you don't need to cook it;

Added Old Stone: it drops a stone;

Added MegaDiamond, MegaDiamond Sword and MegaDiamond Armor;

Added Defense-Block: you need to break it 3 times (in creative too!);

Added Pulverizer and Depulverizer: these are the core of the mod and are used for turning ingots into dusts and dusts into ingots;

Added Drill: it breaks better than a diamond pickaxe;

Added Copper Ore, Copper Ingot and Copper dust;

Added Tin Ore, Tin Ingot and Tin Dust;

Added Redstone Ingot: used for make redstone tools and weapons;

Added Spirit: a purple zombie that lives in the Nether and uses a Spectral Weapon;

Added Spectral Weapon;

Added Bronze Ingot and Bronze Dust: it's made from Copper and Tin;

Added Ruby, Saphire, Amethist, Topach, Onyx and their respective ores;

Added Lavic Ore, Lavic Ingot and Lavic Dust: it can be found in the Nether or made from lead and fire essence;

Added Hot Netherrack;

Added Water Wand, Lava Wand, Thunder Wand and Redstone Wrench;

And more!


1.1 - Dimensional Update - 10/23/2016

This mod is based on dimensions too. 

Added Copper Block, Tin Block, Water Block, Silver Block, Lavic Block and Plant Block;

Added Hot Nether: the portal is made from Lavic Blocks and the igniter is the Fire Trident;

Added Water Dimension: the portal is made from Sponges and the igniter is the Water Trident;

Added OtherWorld: the portal is made from Plant Blocks and the igniter is the OtherWorld Opener (it's like the normal world but it only has plains biome);

Added Explosive Ingot;

Added Villager Wand and Explosive Wand;

Added Water Ingot, Compressed Water Ingot, Compressed Lavic Ingot, Water Ore, Lavic Ore and Hot Lavic Ore;

Added Water Armor: an armor with special effects!;

Added Lavic Sword: right-click for some fire!;

Added Silver Ingot and Silver Ore;

Added Steel Ingot, Steel Dust and Iron Dust;

Added Coral and WaterStone: found in the Water Dimension;

Added FireShard: like Prismarine Shard;

Added Coin and Trophy: for creative use only;

Added some new recipes;

And more!


1.2 - Gear Update - 10/26/2016

This mod has got lots of materials,  but they're useless. Let's add something useful to craft! 

Added Bronze Armor: not very powerful...;

Added Lavic Tools: each one has a special effect!;

Added Redstone Armor (made from redstone ingots);

Added Gun and Lead Bullet: better than bow!;

Added Ruby Block, Saphire Block, Amethist Block, Topach Block and Onyx Block;

Added Silver Sword: it can be upgraded with gems!;

Added Clear Glass: a recycable edition of the glass;

Fixed bugs and changed some textures;

And more!


1.3 - Scary Update - 10/27/2016

I like seeing a meteorite falling in minecraft so... new update! 

Added a new boss: the King Spirit!;

Added Obsidian Dust, Obsidian Ingot, Compressed Obsidian Ingot and Dark Obsidian Ingot;

Added Dark Shard and Spectral Pearl (dropped from King Spirit);

Added Water Dust;

Added Meteorite, Meteorite Ingot and Meteorite Wand: something is falling from the sky...;

Added Bloody Gravestone: for summoning the King Spirit;

Added Spirit Dust;

Added Water Bricks and Clear Glass;

Added Obsidian Armor;

Added Cooked Rotten Flesh;

Fixed bugs;

And more!


1.3.1 - Essence Update - 10/28/2016

Today is my birthday so I made something that can change the mod. 

Added Essence Infuser (like pulverizer or depulvelizer);

Added Fire Essence and Water Essence;

Added Obsidian Pickaxe;

Added Meteorite Sword;

Added Elite Spectral Weapon (King Spirit's weapon);

Added Common Flower and Common Petal;

Added Sponge Piece;

Fixed bugs;

And more!


1.4- Dark Update - 11/06/2016

After a long assence, I need to add something cool but also fix all the bug that I've found during the assence... 

Added Death mob: it spawns in the Death Dimension and has lots of awesome drops; 

Added Death Dimension: the portal is made from Meteorite Bricks and the igniter is the Death Staff;

Added Death Stone, Dead Trees and Ghost Wood: generated in the Death Dimension; 

Added Death Essence; 

Added Day Block: it sets time to 0;

Added Night Block: it sets time to 16000;

Added Meteorite Bricks; 

Added Dark Ingot: for now useless; 

Added Obsidian Drill (replaces the Obsidian Pickaxe that now can't mine meteorites);

Added the 2nd tier of MegaDiamond; 

Added Iron Crystal (now Iron Crystal Ore drops this instead of Iron Ingots); 

Added Iron Nugget and Glowstone Ingot; 

Fixed lots of bugs; 

And more!


1.4.1: Bug Fixing Update #1 - 11/07/2016

Bugs are more important than new content. I can't add new things if I don't fix the old ones.

Fixed all recipes bugs generated in 1.4 (except of Water Bricks, Obsidian Dust and some Meteorite Bricks recipe bugs that I forgot and that will be fixed in 1.5). Also fixed Meteorite Sword and Lavic Sword bug (before this update fire made with they will destroy the block on the selected block).





1.5: Blocky Update - 11/08/16 

1.5... Now it's time to release the beta! Now the basics of the mod are made and I only need to expand it in new blocks and RaolCraft 2 features, but this doesn't means that I will never make an update that adds something that can change what the mod is based on. 

Added 12 Petal Blocks (6 quatrefoils and 6 evil);

Added Death WarAxe and Meteorite WarAxe;

Added Death Ingot and Death Dust (made from Dark Dust + Meteorite Dust);

Added Meteorite Dust and Dark Dust;

Added Cloud Essence, Hot Essence and Cold Essence;

Added Wheater Block: it toggles raining;

Added Meteor Block;

Added Path Maker: for making grasspath;

Added lots of new recipes;

Fixed bugs; 

And more!


1.6 - Spectral Update - 11/09/2016

Now you can say that this mod is also based on spirits... XD

Added Spectral Dimension: the portal is made of Spectral Blocks and it's ignited by the Spectral Trident;

Added Spectral Ingot: made from Spectral Dust;

Added Pink Stone, Dark Stone and Dark Dust;

Added Crystal Ore and Crystal;

Added Spectral Block;

Added Death Armor;

Added BedRock Path Dimension: the portal is made from Death Stone and it's ignited by the BedRock Path Scepter; 

Added Ghost Planks;

And more!


1.6.1 - Machine Update - 11/10/2016

This update is cool but useless...

Added Crystal Powerer: it's a block that uses Machine Fuel and turns Crystals into Powered Crystal and it has got lots of cool different textures for each stage;

Added Dark Cloud Essence and Thunder Essence;

Added Machine Fuel;

Added Powered Crystal;

And more!


1.7 - PowerFul Update - 11/11/2016

Let's add something useful to craft with the things of the previous update + something special!

Added Coal Converter: it's another machine that uses Machine Fuel and turns Coal into Diamond Nuggets;

Added Purple Ender Dust and Purple Ender Ingot;

Added Bow of Teleportation: it uses arrows but it's like if it uses ender pearls instead...;

Added Purple Ender Sword;

Added Diamond Nugget;

Added Bronze Block;

And more!


1.7.1 - Ender Update - 11/12/2016

Added New End: the portal is made from DarkStone and the igniter is the New Ender Rod;

Added Ender Ore and Ender Ingot;

Added Coral Bricks;

Fixed Bugs;

And more! - Bug Fixing Update #2 - 11/12/2016

Now this mod is 100% bug free. 

Fixed bugs.


1.8 - Creative Update - 12/11/2016

I don't know why, but now Mcreator works. It's time for a new update!

Added Wooden Stone and wood item;

Added Monster  Eye;

Added Drill (WIP);

Added EnderCreeper;

Added Dark Sandstone and Gold Sandstone;

Fixed bugs.


1.8.1 - Bug Fixing Update #3 - 12/13/2016

I added Corn, Pop Corn, Corn Seeds, Hungry Pill, Growing Corn and Bushes. When I see that Minecraft crashed, I removed all the Corn things. But it doesn't work, so I removed the Hungry Pill and it works. I haven't time for remaking all Corn things, so here is a bug fixing update.

Added Bush;

Changed textures;

Fixed bugs;

Balanced game.


1.9 - Plant Update - 02/17/2017

In this special day, where all the numbers of the year repeat two times (02/17/2017), Mcreator decided to work again! This is a little update but the update that means that this mod isn't dead.

Added Inferno Bricks;

Added Cherry Log, Leaves and Planks (without the tree: I will add it in the next update);

Added Meal;

Added Cherries. fruits obtained sometimes from Cherry Leaves;

Added StrawBerry Bush and StrawBerry;

Added 2 Credit Blocks (HobbitJack and Gaansey).





2.0: The Expansion Update (02/18/2017-02/25/2017)

It's time for revolution! This update is big so I divided it in parts!

Part 1 (02/18/2017)

Added Mana: what do you need for magics;

Added Destruction Dimension: the dimension relative to Onyx. The portal is made from DarkBricks and the igniter is the Destruction Trident;

Added Destruction Stone and Destruction Ore: found in the Destructed Dimension;

Added Destruction Ingot and Destruction Dust: used for crafting;

Added BlueBerry Bush and Blueberry: where's the red, there's the blue ;);

Added Cherry Biome;

Added Fire Totem: it gives you Fire Protection!;

Added DarkBricks;

Added Silver Dust;

Added Mud and Mud Ball: for now useless;

Added Dark End Stone: just for making the End a bit less repetitive;

And more!

Part 2 (2/25/2017)

Added TecnoDimension;

Added Spectral Water and Cyber Liquid;

Added Atomic Reconstructor: for changing the shape of the items;

Added TecnoBlock;

Added TecnoStone;

Added Cyber Ore and Ingot;

Added End Diamond;

Added Destruction Diamond;

Added Used Bedrock;

Added Bedrock Absorber: for absorbing the power of Bedrock;

Added Bedrock power, Ingot and armor;

Added Key: for opening locked things;

Added Little Planks;

Added Locked Chest;

Added Mega TNT;

Added Hot Coal and Hot Coal Block;

Added Destruction Bow;

Added Glowshroom and Glowshroom Block;

Added Mana Block;

And more!


2.1: Update with no name (2/27/2017)

Added Lucky Block;

Added Hunger Pill;

Added Demon;

Added Diamond Apple;

Added Water Sword and Pickaxe;

Added Glowshroom Bricks;

Added Red Tecnostone;

Added a new type of Blue Sand;

Added Cloud Block;

Added Cloud Boots: for making cloud blocks;

And more!


2.2: Coblock Update (02/28/2017)

Added Cobalt Ore, Ingot and Armor;

Added BedRock Pickaxe;

Added Crystal Block, Powered Crystal Block, Cyber Block, Destruction Block, BedRock Block and Cobalt Block;

Added the 3rd tier of Megadiamonds (for now useless);

And more!


2.3: Blue Forgery Update (03/02/2017)

Added Forgery: a block that upgrades your tools and your weapons!;
Added Fire and Water Upgrades: used for forgery;
Added Blue Flower, Blue Petal and Blue Petal Blocks;
Added Cobalt Sword (with Fire and Water Variants);
Added Thunder Bow: Bugged;
Fixed bugs;
And more!


2.4: Quest Update (03/03/2017)
Added Quests;
Added Jump Pearl: fooor juuuuumping hiiiigh!;
Added Cobalt Pickaxe (with Fire and Water Variants);
Fixed bugs;
And more!
TIP: For opening Quests tap G. For now there are only the Cobalt Quest and the Forgery Quest:
the first time that you make a Forgery or you find some Cobalt you will get a reward!


2.4.1: 1.11.2 Update (03/15/2017)

Updated the mod to Minecraft 1.11.2;

Added the Bronze Multitool;

Added the Life Amulet;

Changed some textures;

And more!


2.5: Hard Update (3/18/2017)

Added Zombie and Spider bosses;

Added Night Archer;

Added Zombie and Spider Summoners;

Added Hard Cobblestone;

Added Cobblestone Generator;

Fixed lots of important bugs;

Balanced game;

And more!


2.5.1: Little Useless Update (4/14/2017)

Added Dirty Stone, Understone and Big Stone;

Added Danger Forest and Nether Forest;

Added Jungle Spider.


2.5.2: Another Little Update (4/15/2017)

Added Corrupted Zombie and Corrupted Creeper;

Added Zombie Altar and Spider Altar.

2.6: Bricky Update (4/22/2017)

Added the Brick Infuser: it makes bricks from dusts;

Added Redstone, Copper, Tin, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Iron, Lead, Water, Destruction and Meteorite Bricks;

Added Diamond Lucky Block: for extremely lucky or extremely unlucky events;

Added Leaf Essence ;

And more!


2.6.1: Bug Fixing Update #4 (4/23/2017)

Fixed bugs;

And more!


2.7: RPG Update (4/27/2017)

Some days ago I discovered what means RPG. Yes, I discovered it only some days ago. Now I got attracted from all RPG things and so... Here is an RPG Update! :D

Added SkillsBook: Click M for opening it;

Added Knight, Archer and Strenght Skill;

Added Knight and Archer: they hunt monsters!

Added Skill, Knight and Archer Orb;

Added Knight Sword

Added SkillsBook Quest;

And more! Bug Fixing Update #5 (4/28/2017)

Fixed some bugs;

Addes some WIP Things;

And more!


2.8: Science Update (06/21/2017)

This update was planned to be another RPG Update. But I haven't used Mcreator for some weeks (or months XD?) and when I had the time for continuing this mod, I've changed the plannings.

Here is an RPG Planned-Science Update!

Added Empty Project: use it on a Project Table for writing it!

Added AntiMachine Project;

Added Project Table: for writing projects;

Added Project Builder: for crating things by projects;

Added Antimachine: for turning Abnormal Particles into Antimatter. It needs Machine Fuel and for taking the Antimatter you need a Neutral Bottle;

Added Abnormal Particle and Neutral Matter;

Added Neutral Bottle and Antimatter in a Neutral Bottle;

Added Antimatter Sword;

Added Tool Editor: right click it with an editable tool for chaging something;

Addded Edited Teleport Wand: it doesn't work because of the event bug in Mcreator 1.76... It teleports 1 block down the selected block;

Added Red Vindicator: a super boss summoned by the Skillsbook;

Added Red Vindicator Orb and Skill;

Added Speed Orb and Skill;

Added WIP Storybook;

And more!


2.9:  Misc Update (06/24/2017)

This update is little because the next update is a big one, the 3.0 Update. This update is important because it makes possible to play this mod in survival even with the event bug.

Added Bedrock Absorber Bow, Candy Bow and Torch Bow;

Added Candy Slimeball, Candy Dust and Candy Ingot;

Added Candy Slime: it spawns in the Cherry Biome and drops Candy Slimeball;

Added Meteor Attractor;

Added Lavic Waraxe (Sorry but I forgoit to add the crafting recipe XD);

Fixed bugs;

And more!


3.0: The Update that Changes the Mod (07/09/2017-07/11/2017)

I didn't know how to name this update... XD

Snapshot 1: The Science of the Multiverse (07/09/2017)

Added a new dimension: the Multiverse;

Added 5 biomes for the Multiverse;

Added Void Project;

Added Void;

Added Void Block;

Added 16 coloured planks (some of them haven't the crafting recipe yet);

Added Light Essence;

Added Mining Helmet: it makes the light;

Added Damage Trap: like a Magma Block;

Added Coal Piece;

Added Cosmic Pig, Cosmic Chicken, Cosmic Porkchop and Cosmic Raw Chicken;

And more!

Snapshot 2: Heal and Kill (07/09/2017)

Added Poison Trap;

Added Regeneration Block;

Added Obsidian Planks;

Added Void Bricks;

Added Charcoal Block;

Added Slimy Sand (buggy);

Added the recipes for the Coloured Planks;

And more!

Snapshot 3: Chiseler and Blocks (07/10/2017)

Added Chiseler: used for change the aspect of the blocks;

Added Fused Bricks;

Added 3 different Chiseled Bricks types, 1 Chiseled Fused Bricks and 1 Chiseled Darkstone;

Added lots of recipes for vanilla block chiseling;

And more!

WARNING: I forgot to put the shapeless thing on the conversion from Chiseled Diorite to Diorite. This will be fixed in the next snapshot. (Snapshot's bugs aren't in the bug list because they are experimental versions and pre-releases).

Snapshot 4: Stories of the Corn (07/11/2017)

Added Corn, Corn Seeds and PopCorn;

Added Fertilized Farmland: used for planting RaolCraft 3's plants, like Corn;

Added Fertilizer and a block made with the Candy Bow;

Added Candy Slime Block: for teleporting;

Added Trampoline: jump for BOOOOOING!;

Added Spirit, Demon, Spirit King and Skeleton of Death stories for the Storybook;


3.1: Blocky Update Remake: Materials Blocks Update (08/28/2017)

Now I'm making remakes of old updates that add things related to their theme and improve their features. This is the remake of 1.5, the Blocky Update. Lots of bugs are fixed in this update by using the new patch of MCreator 1.7.5.

Added Carrot, Potato, Poisonous Potato, Beetroot, Strawberry, Blueberry, Spider Eye, Rotten Flesh, Reeds and Cookie Block;

Added DarkStone Lamp: it is similar to the vanilla RedStone Lamp (for making this lamp work you need to place first the lamp and then the redstone signal);

Added AntiMatter Pickaxe;

Fixed lots of very important bugs;

And more!


3.2: Dimensional Update Remake: Sky Update (09/09/2017)

Added Celestite Ore, Gem and Block;

Added Cloudy Block;

Added Shuriken: the first trowable thing!;

Added Sky Dimension;

Added QuickStone and Light Crystal;

Added Copper, Tin, Bronze, Gold, Steel and Void Glass;

Added Ender Teleporter: it teleports to a chosen location;

Added Wheather Wand: now it rains, now it doesn't;

Changed lots of textures;

And more!


3.2.1: Texture Update (09/11/2017)

Changed some textures;;

And more!


3.3: Gear Update Remake: 3D Models Update (09/29/2017)

This is the first RaolCraft 3 Update to introduce Blocks with custom 3D Models!

This update also balances lots of combat things.


Added Oak, Spruce, Birch, Jungle, Acacia, Dark Oak, Cherry, Ghost and Obsidian Tables!!!;

Added Sky Armor;

Added Sky Block;

Added Soul Sandstone;

Added WoodPath;

Added Obsidian Stick;


Balanced game;

Fixed some bugs;

Added some new recipes;

And more!


3.4: Plant Update Remake: Juices Update (10/09/2017)

I'ts time to fix bugs and add some new cool things!

Added Lemon (+3D Model), Lemon Woods (it also spawn in the Multiverse Chaos), Lemon Wood, Lemon Leaves and Lemon Block;

Added Barrel: it has got a 3D model and it can be filled with water then rightclicked with cherries for makin juices;

Added Blackberry Bush and Blackberry: now there is black too on bushes!;

Added Empty Glass, Water Glass and Cherry Juice;

Added Trifoil: now everything has got a sense!;

Added Chocolate;

Added Chiseled Pumpkin;

Changed some textures;

Fixed lots of bugs;

And more!


3.5: Spectral Update Remake: GlowGhost Update (10/16/2017)

This is the opposite of the Spectral Update, lol.

Added Golden Beril and Golden Beril Ore;

Added Light Dimension;

Added Light Ore and Ingot;

Added Magical Charger: it charges blocks;

Added Totem of Water Breathing and Totem of Invisibility;

Added Time Wand and Edited Time Wand;

Added Sky Diamond;

Added Ghostly Essence;

Added Compressed Glowstone Ingot and Darkstone Ingot;

Added Luminous Bricks;

Added Sky Bricks: they can't be crafted now because I didn't add Sky Dust yet;

Now Regeneration Blocks needs to be charged after some time;

Fixed some very important bugs;

Changed some textures;

Balanced Game;

And more!


3.6: Misc Update Remake (10/17/17)

I want to start making 4.0 quickly, but I don't want to skip updates... So all the updates before 4.0 will be very little.

Added Light and Golden Beril Block;

Added Enderslime;

Added Sky Dust;

Fixed Bugs;

And more!


3.7: Update with no name Remake: How to make bad and uncreative updates only for releasing a big update quickly (longest update name ever!) (10/20/2017)

Ok, this one is very little XD.

Added Weather Changer 3000;

Added Window: it can be opened and closed but I forgot to make the vent for closing;

Fixed Bugs;

And more!


3.8: Happy Birthday, RaolCraft 3! (10/22/2017)

Happy birthday to my mod...

Added RaolCraft 3 Guidebook;

Added Silverfish Wand;

Added "handheld" to some items;

Fixed bugs;

And more!


3.9: Scary Update Remake: The Halloween Update (10/26/2017)

The Halloween Update...Is this the name of a vanilla update?

This is the last update before 4.0... Are you ready?

Added 13 masks;

Added Halloween Wand: try your halloween luck!;

Added Strawberry and Bluberry Candies;

Balanced game;

Fixed bugs;

And more!


4.0: The Missing Things Update (10/28/2017-...)

Snapshot 1: Happy birthday to me... (10/28/2017)

Added Amber Ore and Amber: it will be used for some magic things;

Added Hatchery: for hatching eggs (+3d model!);

Added 8 Muddy Planks;

Added Extractor: it does things like extracting flint from gravel or fruits from leaves;

Added Vegetable Soup;

Changed some textures;

Fixed some bugs;

And more!

Snapshot 2: SO MANY CHISELED PLANKS! (10/30/2017)

Added 45 Chiseled Planks (5 blocks per plank: Oak, Birch, Spruce, Jungle, Acacia, Dark Oak, Cherry, Ghost and Obsidian);

Added Amber Block;

Added another Chiseled Stone (it is like a big stone slab);

Added Baked Potato Block;

Added Dark Hot Bricks (like Dark Prismarine but red and animated);

Changed some textures;

Fixed some bugs;

And more!

Snapshot 3: ... (Coming not very soon)

I added these features some months ago, but there are LOTS of bug to fix so it won't be released quickly... I am too lazy for fixing all of them so I am going to makes some new litle mods.

Added ALL the missing tools and weapons;

And more!

This mod is in alpha, so if you want more content please try RaolCraft 2.


1.1: Dimensional Update is coming!
Hot Nether Dimension, Water Dimension, Void Dimension, Otherworld Dimension, water ingot, compressed water ingot, compressed lavic ingot, plant block, exploding wand, exploding ingot, villager wand, silver ore, silver ingot, water stone, water ore and more! All these new features in 1.1!

1.2: Gear Update is coming! Bronze Armor, Redstone Armor, Tools and Sword, Lavic Tools, Ruby Block, Saphire Block, Amethist Block, Topach Block, Onyx Block, Clear Glass and more! All these new features in 1.2!

1.3: Scary Update is coming! Spirit King, Obsidian Ingot, Obsidian Dust, Compressed Obsidian Ingot, Infused Obsidian Ingot, Water Dust, Spectral Dust and more! All these new features in 1.3!

1.4:Gear Update 2 is coming! Obsidian Tools, Elite Spectral Weapon, Meteorite Gear, Tin Tools, Copper Tools, Bronze Tools, Sponge Piece, Crafting Potion, and more! All these new features in 1.4!

This mod is sadly discontinued because mcreator doesn't work and now all the code is deleted... I think that I will never use mcreator another time because this is the 3rd mod tbat mcreator brokes...

This mod is soo awesome, all I have is just MC colored literally Blue... I should make. a better mod soon

1.4: Dark Update is coming! Dark Dimension, Death, lots of new biomes, Obsidian Drill, MegaDiamond (tier 2), and more! All these new features in 1.4! (I changed the name and the features of this update, from gear 2 to dark)