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Welcome to RaolCraft Omega, an elemental mod about exploring dimensions, fighting evil bosses and becoming powerful wizards!

While it still is called RaolCraft, it is completely different from its predecessors and has a completely different theme (actually, the older RaolCrafts had no theme at all).


Warning (1.12.2 only): some blocks added by the mod have connected textures. However, to use these textures you have to download the Connected Textures mod, that makes it able to have connected textures on mods. You can find it here: (https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/ctm).You don't necessarily have to use this mod to play RaolCraft, but if you do some blocks will have the cool connected textures! :)

(Actually, some structures use blocks with connected textures, so if you don't put Connected Textures Mod in the mods folder those will look weird...)

2200+ mod elements! :D

A long time ago, the world was all dark. But a day, something or someone made it colorful and the darkness was deleted.

But, after a few time, the Dark Emperor decided to make the world dark again. So started a war between the darkness and the other most powerful element, the light. Nobody won that war, and as result the world was split in 8 dimensions.

The legend says that the gems of the Overworld are connected to these dimensions by an unknown magical force, and that the one who explores the 8 dimensions and defeats the darkness will reach a new level of power and celebrated like a hero.

Will you be that hero?


Mine new ores! Fuse them to create new metals! Craft awesome machines! Plant new crops! Explore new dangerous biomes and structures! Travel into loads of new dimensions! Fight lots of bosses! Build amazing multiblock structures! Collect all the wands and the totems to be invincible!

This is RaolCraft Omega!

This mod started as a little modpack-like mod that added a lot of features to make minecraft funnier, but now it has a plot and a progression. It still has a random name, though.

Your quest in this mod is to defeat the Dark Emperor, however to do so you need to explore 8 dimensions (and the Vanilla ones) and defeat their bosses. The dimensions are:


Water dimension

The Magma Forest

magma forest new


Spectral dimension

The Soil Soul

Earth dimension

The Eternal Cold

Ice Dimension

The Flora Dimension

Flora dimension

The Celestial Ruins

Sky dimension

The Original World


This mod also add some extra stuff like a lot of ores, machines, alloys, wands, bushes, tin cans, pathmakers, totems, amulets, some decorative blocks, more potions, the poisonous forest, the glowshroom forest, presents, crystal golems and much more! Here are some images for example:

Poisonous Forest


Glowshroom Lands


Some blocks


Some Overworld mobs

overworld mobs


For more info about the mod, check the changelog or this guide: https://github.com/raoldev/RaolCraft-Omega/wiki


This mod has some special compatibility with Hodge-Podge III: if you also play it, some exclusive features will be unlocked!


If you find any bugs or you have an idea for an update, feel free to leave a comment!


More (old) Images:

How to make a Water Reactor

Water Dimension

Fire Dimension

Spectral Dimension

Ice Dimension (yes, the portal spawned in a structure. That was not meant to happen and I did not build a portal there just for the image, it was just something that happened randomly but is cool)

Flora Dimension



Minecraft (then Mojang/Microsoft) for making the game that changed the history of games 

MCreator (then Pylo) for making this awesome mod-builder

Paint.net, Blockbench and Techne

Connected Textures Mod

Everyone that helped and/or supported me



You are free to include this mod in your modpack. Credit is not required but appreciated. If you want, I can link your modpack here.


RaolCraft was released in beta, here's a summary of all of its history:

history december 2019



PS: If you want to know what will the next update add, just read the changelog, as it includes wip updates too! :D


RaolCraft reached 2000 downloads! Thank you to everyone who supported me, to the developers of this amazing software and I hope you all who downloaded this mod enjoyed it :D

Modification files
RaolCraft Omega for MC 1.12.2.jar - - Yet Another Patch - 1.12.2 (Recommended)Uploaded on: 07/09/2020 - 17:44   File size: 7.03 MB
RaolCraft Omega 3.0 snapshot 1 for MC 1.14.4.jar - 3.0 snapshot 1 - 1.14.4 (Latest, Unstable)Uploaded on: 12/21/2020 - 16:51   File size: 8.3 MB
RaolCraft Omega 2.3 (MC 1.12.2).jar - 2.3 - New Decade Update - 1.12.2Uploaded on: 05/01/2020 - 23:20   File size: 6.95 MB
RaolCraft Omega 2.2.2 (MC 1.12.2).jar - 2.2.2 - Holidays Update - 1.12.2Uploaded on: 12/25/2019 - 21:09   File size: 6.74 MB

+ = Added    - = Removed     ! = Fixed a bug    ~ = Changed   !! = Fixed a crash

Is this RaolCraft Alpha or Omega? XD


RaolCraft Omega will be more focused on quality rather than quantity... But this doesn't mean that it won't include 500+ mod elements! There are already 150+ elements!
+RaolCraft Omega Wiki
It is WIP
+Hot Nether Dimension
+Werewolf Fox
I made a fox mob with pig model and wolf sounds and this is the weird animal that came out...
+Summoner Witch
She summons Minions!
+Dark Wizard
He is invisible until you attack him (when he is invisible you can still see the eyes and he spawns fire particles)
+Fire Spirit
+Fire Spirit King
It is a boss and drops the Spectral Ruby. Currently useless.
+Ruby, Ruby Ore, Ruby Block
+Lead Ingot, Lead Ore, Lead Block, Lead Armor
+Amber, Amber Ore, Amber Block
+Silver Ingot, Silver Ore, Silver Block
+Copper Ingot, Copper Ore, Copper Dust, Copper Block
+Tin Ingot, Tin Ore, Tin Dust, Tin Block
+Bronze Ingot, Bronze Dust, Bronze Block
+Cast Iron Ingot, Cast Iron Dust, Cast Iron Block
+Steel Ingot, Steel Dust, Steel Block
You need to break it 3 times!
+Wood Ore, Wood
+Iron Crystal Ore, Iron Crystal
+Hot Bricks
+Basic Wand
+Lavic Wand
+Charging Wand
+Fire Essence
+Path Maker
+Totem of Fire Resistance
A rare item that protects you from fire damage
+Spectral Ruby
+Recyclied Flesh
Cooked from Rotten Flesh
+Redstone Ingot
+Lavic Ore, Lavic Ingot
+Water Essence (currently useless and uncraftable)
+Water Stone, Water Ore (currently useless and unobtainable)
+Water Path
+Pulverizer, Depulverizer and Essence Pot
+Hot Netherrack and Fire Shard
+Inferno Bricks
+Gravestone, Magic Gravestone
+Warrior Sword
+Gun, Bullet
+Spectral Ingot, Spectral Dust, Spectral Sword, Fire Spectral Sword
+OP Sword, Creative Toolkit, Creative Block Remover
All these 3 items are only available in creative mode

1.1 - Little Better Update
Only a little update, but it makes raolcraft survival a lot better because of some changes
+Ice Bricks
+Hot Coal, Hot Coal Block
+Fire Bricks
+Soul Sandstone
+Pure Fire Essence
+Carrot Pie
+Lavic Sword
+Some Advancements

1.2 - Lava Fishing Update
+Obsidian Fishing Rod
Used to fish in Lava Fishing Pools
+Lava Fishing Pool
It can be made by charging (with a Charging Wand) a Hot Netherrack with Hot Bricks around and under it
+Lavic Fish
+Rotten Fish
+Sapphire, Sapphire Ore, Sapphire Block
+Water Wand
+Beach Zombie
+Lavic Bow
+Silver Sword
+Sugar Canes Block
+Lots of recipes

1.3 - Water Update

+Water Dimension

+Water Spirit King

+Water Spectral Sword

+Spectral Sapphire

+Totem of Water Breathing

+Pure Lavic Bow

+Water Ingot

+Fire Spirit Archer

+Chicken Zombie

+Snow Zombie

+Water Totem

A rare item dropped sometimes by the Water Spirit King.

1.4 - Spectral Update - 04/18/2018

+Spectral Dimension

+Spectral Emperor

+Amethist, Amethist Ore, Spectral Amethist

+Poisonous Forest

Here spawn Poisonmites. Don't go into this creepy place.


It's a little cute mob. When it falls or is killed on poisonous grass, turns that poisonous grass into grass and makes another poisonmite. You don't want to mess with the poisonmite, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

+Poisonous Leaves

+Dark Wood


+Spectral Bricks


+Spider Eye Block

+Crystal Ore

1.5 - Very Useful Update  - 04/25/2018

+Strawberry, Blueberry and Blackberry

Strawberries are red, Blueberries are blue and there are Blackberries too!

+Strawberry, Blueberry and Blackberry Bushes

+Strawberry, Blueberry and Blackberry Candies

+Strawberry, Blueberry and Blackberry Blocks

+Lavic Bricks, Dark Lavic Bricks

+Spectral Wand

It makes you faster at mining and moving, invisible and hungry for a few seconds!

+Magic Crystal

+Poisonous Cow

+Poisonous Milk

+Poison Summoner

She summons Poisonmites and makes Poisonous Grass instead of Grass. Drops a Poison Pearl

+Pure Essence of Water

+Poison Shards

+Poison Pearl

+Fire, Water, Poison Pathmakers

Used to make Fire resistance paths, water breathing paths and regeneration paths

+Fire Resistance and Regeneration Paths

+Totem of Invisibility

Sometimes dropped by the Spirit Emperor

+Silver Armor

Enchantable with Amber

+Clear Glass

I know you were waiting this!

+Pure Spectral Sword

+Amethist Block

+Water Reactor Core (and Water Reactor)

It took me A LOT of time for making this. A lot of stack events.

It checks for a structure of 23 blocks (27 blocks-4 blocks of air) that is similar to the Nether Reactor. If the Water Reactor Core is rightclicked with a Charging Wand (and if you have 1+ mana; it doesn't removes the mana because I forgot to add that event, but they are too many events and so it will be fixed on MCreator 1.7.9), it is removed and you gain 32 sponges. Useful for making a lot of Clear Glass. More will be explained later.

+Soul Glass

Unlike glass, stained glass and clear glass, this drops itself instead of air when broken.

1.6 - Big WIP Update - 05/05/2018

This update adds a lot of things, however some of them are work in progress (the whole mod is work in progress)

+Soul Soil Dimension (Earth Dimension)

+Earth Wand: consumes Mana for making stone around you!

+Zinc Ore, Ingot, Dust

+Brass Ingot, Dust

+Earthstone: spawns in the Earth Dimension (not to be confused with Hearthstone XD)

+MegaDiamond Ore: spawn in the Earth Dimension. Currently drops a MegaDiamond, in 1.7 it will drop a Raw MegaDiamond

+Potato, Baked Potato, Poisonous Potato, Carrot, Golden Carrot, Beetroot, Cookie and Rotten Flesh Blocks


Used to chisel blocks (like in the Chisel mod). Can't be crafted currently.

+Working Machine

Used for a lot of things. Can't be crafted currently.

+4 Types of Chiseled Bricks (3 from RaolCraft 3 + a new one)

+WIP Bronze Gear

It will be used for a lot of recipes (including Chiseler and Working Machine) but it's currently uncraftable

+Crystal Block

+Dark Planks

+WIP Poisonous Wand

Its effect is currently bad and will be balanced in 1.7

+Topaz, Topaz Ore, Topaz Block

+WIP Ancient Iron Ore, Ingot

+WIP Superior Amber Ore, Superior Amber: it will be used in the future for advanced wands

+WIP Clothes (Blank Shirt and Cow Shirt)

+WIP Turquoise, Turquoise Ore

And more!

1.7 - Smart Update - (06/10/2018)

This update will require a lot of time because I need to remake all the events and most recipes

I think I forgot some events/recipes (yes, I know I didn't fix the wiki, that will be done soon, it's a lot of work), so if you find any bugs, please report them :(

From this update on I will start describing changes in the changelog (however, since this mod is in alpha, everything is subject to changes and only important changes are listed, recipe changes aren't); this update makes a lot of nice changes so be sure to read all of them

+Infernal Furnace

Used to smelt Lavic Ore and Lavic Fish, uses Hot Coal as fuel

+Advanced Brewing Stand

For making advanced potions: here is a little description on how to make advanced potions.

The first step is to (open the GUI by right-clicking the Advanced Brewing Stand) put an EMPTY BOTTLE (not a water bottle), some Spectral Cream as fuel and an ingredient: Magical Crystal, Mana or Amber. You get different potions with these 3 ingredients (Uncommon Potion, Unusual Potion and Unknown Potion), however only 1 of them is required for the next step and the other 2 potions are totally useless (and are meant to be useless). I won't tell you what's the right potion, you need to discover it by yourself.

The second step is to put one of the three potions of the first step (remember, only one is the right one), then a Spectral Cream and an ingredient:

Use a Frog Leg for making a Potion of Saturation (In real life frogs can resist a lot of time without eating; I don't want to make Potions of Saturation simply made from Pig/Cow meat, like some mods do)

Use a Resistance Dust for a Potion of Resistance

+Advanced boss AIs

Finally! Now bosses are like vanilla bosses, they don't just attack you with a sword or a bow! (Now the Water Spirit King clones himself, the Fire Spirit King summons an army of Fire Spirits and Fire Spirits Archers and the Spectral Emperor does lots of different things! All of them explode when summoned so you can't trap them)

+Clothes Machine

With this you can make clothes, however you need the Bronze Gear, a currently uncraftable item that will be craftable after that I'll add the 8 dimensions (yes, 8 dimensions are planned)

+Raw MegaDiamond

For some balancing


A new animal with custom model that spawns in the swamp and in the rivers

+Frog Leg

Used for Saturation Potions (in real life frogs survive a lot of time without eating; I didn't want to make a potion made with pig/cow/chicken meat, like some mods do); is edible

+Cooked Frog Leg


A creature summoned by the Summoner

+Potion of Saturation, Potion of Resistance

+Summoner's Amulet

Obtained when killing a summoner. Currently useless, will be used for making some potions in the future

+Royal Soul

Obtained when killing King Spirits. Used for crafting

+Ghostly Wand

It's a new type of wand that acts like a ranged item: consumes mana, does some damage and makes a Soul Trap, a block that slowns down entities that collide it and explodes after a few time

+Magical Milk

+Spectral Cream

Used as a fuel for Advanced Brewing

+Glowshroom, Glowshroom Block, Glowshroom Stem and Glowing Land

I don't know why but giant Glowshrooms don't spawn in Glowing Lands

+Ender Pearl Block, Ender Eye Block, Spectral Eye Block and Poison Pearl Block

You can right-click the Ender Pearl Block with a Basic wand for teleporting there. The Spectral Eye Block has another special power: it looks weird

+MegaDiamond Block, Turquoise Block and Brass Block

+Dark Bark

Like in 1.13

+Ancient Iron Dust

Used for the Resistance Dust

+Resistance Dust

Used for Resistance Potions

+Potion of Resistance, Potion of Saturation

+Unknown Potion, Uncommon Potion and Unusual Potion

Only one of them is used for advanced brewing while the others aren't and are meant to be totally useless (I won't tell you which one is the right potion)


For making shirts

+A new shirt (Pig)

~Now Pulverizer, Depulverizer and the Working Machine are blocks (removed the item form)

~Totems give effects for less time and only when held in hand

~Now smelting Lavic Ore and Lavic Fish requires an Infernal Furnace

~Now Summoners summon more creatures

~Now you need to kill the Water Spirit King before going to the Hot Nether

~Completely changed advancements, now they guide you through the whole adventure

~Now the Water Reactor also summons Guardians

~Now the Earth Wand and the Poison Wand (especially the Poison Wand) are more powerful

~Changed A LOT of recipes

~Now Chicken Zombies attack Werewolf Foxes only after attacked

~Changed some textures

-Gun and Bullet

I only added them for more uses to lead and steel, and now that steel and lead have more uses I removed guns (I don't like them and I don't think they fit in Minecraft).

! Werewolf Foxes didn't attack Zombie Chickens

! Blackberries gave speed

1.8 - Cold Update - (06/16/2018)

+Eternal Cold Dimension


Used to refine things:

At the moment you can only make Refined Diamonds and Refined Poison Pearls. Put a MegaDiamond in the upper slot and a Diamond Block in the lower one for a Refined MegaDiamond or a Poison Pearl in the upper slot and Poisonous Leaves in the lower one for a Refined Poison Wand

+Freezing Machine

Can freeze things like Water Essence and Ice Cobblestone. Requires Ice Essence as fuel

+Icestone, Icecobblestone

+Glacial Metal Ore

Needs to be smelt 2 times

+Glacial Metal Ingot, Block

+Blocks of Magic Crystals for all the gems (ruby, sapphire, amethyst, topach, turquoise and emerald)


For the Ice Dimension

+Frozen Grass

+Totem of Ice Immunity

It prevents some negative ice effects (such as slowness of the Freezing Water) (currently unobtainable in survival)

+Freezing Water

Makes you slower, if you don't have a Totem of Ice Immunity in your hand. If you have a Totem of Ice Immunity it makes you faster instead

+Ice Essence

+Ancient Iron Block

+Block of Flint

+Silver Pickaxe, Silver Axe, Silver Shovel and Silver Hoe

+Bronze Sword and Tools

+Lavic Hoe

The best way to spend Lavic Ingots

+Refined Poison Pearl

You need this now for poison crafting

+New Advancements

~Changed some blocks, items and mobs' textures and added better translucent transparency to some blocks such as soul trap and soul glass

~Now you can't simply craft Refined MegaDiamonds by surrounding a Raw MegaDiamond with 8 Diamonds, you need the Refinery

~Now the Regeneration Path isn't OP anymore, it's completely different: now it's called Path of Impairment, it gives weakness, mining fatigue, nausea, hunger and a totally useless regeneration. So now it has a negative effect but it's still useful because weak mobs can't kill you (but you can't kill them) and it's extremely useful on the poisonous forest because Poisonmites on it can't damage you, but remember that it stills makes you very hungry

~Changed some names to be more original


Might be added again in the future

!Earth Wand didn't work properly

1.9 - Agricolture Update - (07/04/2018)

+16 Stained Wood Planks

Their textures are based on 1.12 color palette (I used the colors of the colored wools)

+Growing Bushes

Now you can plant berry bushes and watch them grow with a 3d model


+Tomato Seeds

Randomly got when breaking tall grass; they can be planted on farmland

+Sprout Amber

Used for filling the Essence Pot and for crafting the Charging Wand


Put some wheat in the Pulverizer for obtaining it

+Pizza! :D

~Now normal Bushes drop themselves

~Now the Essence Pot is a block

~Changed a few names (Water Stone is Hydrostone and Wood Ore is Cave Roots for example)

~Made Tin a bit rarer and Cave Roots a bit more common


I removed the Chiseler, but I added more original recipes for crafting the chiseled blocks (that changed the name)

-Frozen Grass

It was very useful and bugged... I had different plans on the Ice Dimension when I added this, but since I can't get biomes not spawning in the overworld there won't be trees in RaolCraft dimensions :(

! Silver Tools couldn't be enchanted using Amber


2.0 - Beta Update - (07/09/2018 - 06/28/2019)

Part 1 - Chiseled Stuff - 07/09/2018

Still alpha, only the snapshot 7 is beta :/

I didn't want to release snapshots for 2.0, but there was a very important bug to fix so that's why I released this snapshot

+Peridot Ore, Peridot

+35 Chiseled Wood Planks (5 for every wood type: Oak, Spruce, Birch, Jungle, Acacia, Dark Oak and Umbrawood)

+5 Chiseled types of Hot Bricks (that aren't made with the Chiseler since it was removed) (Hot Monobrick, Hot Multibricks, Big Hot Bricks, Chiseled Hot Monobrick ans Chiseled Hot Bricks)

+A new type of bricks (Chiseled Bricks, like vanilla Chiseled Stone Bricks)

+Lime Crystal Block

+Path Maker of Invisibility, Path of Invisibility

+Now the Pulverizer can do a few more things, like turning stone into cobblestone, cobblestone into gravel and gravel into flint

+New Advancements

~Balanced Ore Generation

~Balanced some recipes

~Renamed Depulverizer to Dust Smelter because I think it's a more original name (also because it can't reverse all the changes of the Pulverizer, it just turns dusts into ingots, not flint into gravel...)

~Renamed Dark Wood to Umbrawood

~Like most updates, changed textures...


I removed it since it's hard to document all the mod with procedures and boring GUI making :/

! Sprout Amber was not working

! A recipe was wrong

! There were too many RaolCraft mobs on the biomes

Part 2 - Cold Darkness - 9/6/2018 - 1120 Mod Elements

Most content added by this update was planned to be different. For example, the Flora Dimension was first planned to be a jungle-like dimension, then a swamp-like dimension. When it was first made it was a giant-tree-like dimension, now it's a swamp-forest-like dimension.

This changelog is a bit messy XD

+Added Connected Textures to these blocks: Block of Flint, Cookie Block, Beetroot Block (more coming soon) (Now the mod requires Connected Textures Mod)

+Opal, Opal Ore, Opal Block

+Moonstone, Moonstone Ore, Moonstone Block

+Onyx, Onyx Ore, Onyx Block

+Block of Peridot

+Mana Generator

Slowly makes Mana from nothing. It can be obtained after going to the outer islands of the End (it requires Sprout Amber, that requires Chorus Fruits). It's very slow but its speed can be raised a lot by putting a Mana Crystal (that it's the main drop of the Ice Boss) in the Augment slot. The Mana Crystal won't be consumed and can be recovered by simply clicking it

+Block of Poisonous Shards

Mainly added for balancing: it's used for refining Poisonous Pearls

+Ender Wand

It consumes Mana for teleporting you on the  block you are looking at (only if there are 2 air blocks on that block and that block isn't bedrock - you can't use this wand for teleporting on Nether bedrock, sorry :/)

+Potion of Glowing

Can be made just like other advanced potions, but by using Glowshrooms as ingredient

+Glowshroom Cow

It sometimes lays Glowshrooms (at the same rate of a Modular Expansion's Dragon Chicken lays eggs)

Right-click it with a bucket in your hand to get a Magical Milk Bucket

+Now Giant Glowshrooms generate in the Glowshroom Forest

+Poison Hut structure in the Poisonous Forest

+New biome for the Water Dephts

+Primal Fire Coral, Primal Tube Coral

+Coral Spider

Spawns in the Water Dephts. Shoots Coral Spider's Silk. Drops Coral Spider's Silk, Spider Eye and (rarely) Rotten Fish. Also makes Coral Spider's Cobweb when dies.


An extremely common mob that spawns in large numbers in the Water Depths

+Water Spirit

Spawns in the Water Depths and uses a Spectral Sword. Drops Spectral Dust and (rarely) Sapphires. Like all spirits, it's immune to fall damage.

+Water Archer Spirit

Spawns in the Water Dephts and uses a Spectral Bow. Drops Spectral Dust, Arrows and (rarely) Sapphires. Like all the spirits, it's immune to fall damage.

+Coral Spider's Cobweb

Makes you slow (at moving and at mining) and blind when you collide it. It also resets fall damage when colliding it

+Coral Spider's Silk

Used to craft Coral Bow

+Coral Bow

+2 new biomes for the Magma Forest

A biome where Tress with Umbrawood logs and Fiery Leaves spawn and a biome without tress and grass

+Fiery Leaves

+New biome for the Soul Soil Dimension


A neutral mob that spawns in the Soul Soil Dimension. Drops bones.

+A biome for the Eternal Frost

+Chill Brick

Used to craft Chill Bricks

+Chill Bricks

+Snow Chicken

A snowy variant of the common Chicken that spawns in the Eternal Cold dimension. It lays eggs and snowballs at the same rate of a Modular Expansion's Dragon Chicken lays fire charges. It drops raw chicken and feathers when killed. It's a bit bugged too.

+Zombie Yeti

A neutral mob that spawns in the Eternal Cold Dimension. Drops leather and, rarely, Turquoise.

+Ice Ectoplasm

A monster that spawns in the Eternal Cold Dimension. Has a lot of life, is super fast and does a lot of damage. Drops Turquoise, Snowballs and (about 30% of the times) Frozen Star. (Ectoplasms and Ghosts are different than Spirits and won't drop Spectral Dust)

+Frozen Wand

Put a Basic Wand in a Freezing Machine and you will get a Frozen Wand

+Frozen Star

Used to craft the Ice Altar

+Ice Altar

Place 2 Ice Bricks under this then right-click it with an Ice Wand (and mana in the inventory) to summon the great and powerful Ice Ghost and a few Zombie Yetis.

+Ice Ghost

A powerful boss with 500 health. It is very fast and does a lot of damages. It also has custom 3d model. Like all the bosses, it's immune to fall damage.

It drops a Mana Crystal, a Fragment of Totem of Ice Affinity and a lot of snowballs.

+Mana Crystal

It's the main drop of the Ice Ghost

When stored in the Mana Generator's augment slot, it will speed-up it a lot (the Mana Crystal won't be consumed)

+Ice Fortress

A rare structure that spawns in the Eternal Frost Dimension

+Flora Bricks

+Flora dimension

The portal is made of Flora bricks and the igniter is the Flora Scepter (it will change the name soon)

+A jungle-like biome for the Flora Dimension

+Primal Jungle Log, Primal Jungle Plank

+5 Chiseled Primal Jungle Planks

+Primal Bark, Primal Leaves, Eternal Berries, Flora Ore

+Eternal Berry

Can be eaten, but it doesn't provide many food points; instead, it heals a lot

+Flora Wand

Consumes mana for making a Fire Flytrap

+Fire Flytrap

Damages players and mobs that collide it. Disappears after a while

+Mana Infused Root

+Sky Bricks

+Sky Wand

Consumes mana for making you levitate

+Totem of Feather Falling

Prevents fall damage when held in hand

+Original Bricks


+Light Ore

+Dark Dungeon Bricks, Chiseled Dark Dungeon Bricks, Dark Dungeon Glass, Dark Dungeon Altar

The Chiseled Dark Dungeon Bricks and the Dark Dungeon Glass have connected texture

+Altar of Light

The last snapshot of 2.0 will add a use to it... I think you can guess it

+Dark Diamond

+Seeds of Light

+Fire Spirit King Crown, Water Spirit King Crown, Spectral Emperor Crown

Dropped sometimes by the their ghostly owners; only have decorative uses

+Fragment of Totem of Water Breathing, Fragment of Totem of Fire Resistance, Fragment of Totem of Invisibility, Fragment of Totem of Ice Affinity, Fragment of Totem of Feather Falling

9 fragments make a totem

+Light Gray Block of Magical Crystal, White Block of Magical Crystal, Black Block of Magical Crystal

+Rain on and Rain off buttons for the Creative Toolkit

+New Advancements that will work when Mcreator bug about advancements will be fixed...

+Glowshroom Stew

~Now Fire Spirits and Fire Archer Spirits spawn in the Magma Forest instead of the Nether

~Changed a lot of textures (Silver Armor, Creative Sword, Silver Ore, Copper Ore, Tin Ore, Cave Root, Grown Bushes, Blueberry Block, Defense Block, Colored Blocks of Magical Crystals and many others!) and made a few textures animated (Mana, Water Ore)

~Now Tomato crops grow a lot slower

~Now ungrown Tomato crops drop 1 Tomato Seed when broken

~Now you can break istantly Tomato crops

~Now ungrown Tomato crops have little hitboxes and when they grow their hitboxes grow too

~Now Magical Milk Bucket provides Luck instead of Glowing (since you can obtain Glowing through Potions of Glowing)

~Balanced Lead and Silver Armor Durability (Silver is less durable than Gold and Lead is less durable than Iron ~ Lead Armor still provides more armor points than Iron)

~Now Fire Archer Spirit uses Spectral Bow instead of Lavic Bow and drops arrows too

~Now you need to freeze the Heatfish using the Freezing Machine instead of "cooking" it using the Infernal Furnace

~Now the bosses are immune to fall damage

~Now the bosses always drop a fragment of Totem instead of rarely dropping the full Totem (the Evokeer isn't affected by this change)

~Now all the Spirits are immune to fall damage

~Now the Soul Glass blocks light

-Pure Lavic Bow

It was a bad idea

-Iron Crystal, Iron Crystal Ore

It didn't just make sense

-Recycled Flesh

You can't make rotten flesh edible by just cooking it XD

! Spectral amethyst-enchanted Silver Sword provided Lure instead of Smite

! Some blocks such as crops and soul trap could be silk harvested (and that is weird)

! Some blocks like the ones mentioned above were in creative tabs

! Fixed a bug with block opacity

! Fixed a lot of other bugs

Part 3 - Sky Flowers & Utilities - 10/04/2018

+Mana Infuser

A block with custom model that can be used to "mana-infuse" or purify something.

Fill it with an Eternal Berry.

Right click it with:

Ancient Iron Ingot to turn it into Mana Infused Iron Ingot

Ancient Iron Dust to turn it into Mana Infused Iron Dust

Cave Root to turn it into Mana Infused Root

Poisonous Potato to turn it into Potato

Poisonous Leaves to turn them into Oak Leaves

+Mana Infused Iron Ingot, Block, Dust

+Mana Infused Iron Armor

It grants the same protection of a Lead Armor but is more durable and also has crazy enchantability.

It will have some special uses later.

+Sky Dimension

The portal is made of Sky Bricks and the Igniter is the Cerulean Scepter

At the moment is very WIP and can't be accessed in survival

Unlike the other dimensions, this is an end-like dimension.

There are some main islands and tons of clouds and flying structures.


+Cloudstone Bricks

+Compressed Cloud Block

Is right the opposite of Soul Glass: Soul Glass is transparent but makes no light pass through it and Compressed Cloud Block is not transparent but makes light pass through it


Makes you levitate when you collide it. If powered by redstone, it won't work (just like hoppers).

It can be used as a trap, an elevator or make a puzzle. It can be even be used as a redstone component.

+Tomato Block, Block of Water Ingots, Block of Lavic Ingots

+Now Royal Corals naturally generate in the Water Depths

+Royal Horn Coral

+Spectral Stone Bricks

+Longitude Indicator, Latitude Indicator and Depth Meter

Three tools that provide x, z and y coordinates (F3 is cheating XD ~ also, having just the coordinates displayed is a lot better than having the whole screen covered by the f3 info).

+Tin Can

It can store a stack of food. Just craft it with 7 food blocks and a food (7×9+1=64). Right-click it to get the food stack back. At the moment it can only store potatoes, carrots and tomatoes.

+Now Coral Spider' Silk can be used to make a powerful fishing rod

~Now bosses will break a larger area of blocks so they can't be trapped

~Now the Water Reactor also summons a lot of new monsters

~Now the Totem of Fire Resistance prevents the damage dealt by the Heatfish

~Now the Carrot Block has connected texture

~Changed a few textures

-Eternal Leaves (the block)

Part 4 - Poisonous Flowers - 11/30/2018

Yes, this was going to be a Halloween update, but it's late for Halloween now so I won't add all the Halloween planned features.


A walking tree-giant that spawns in the Flora dimension that has a lot of life. It drops an Eternal Berry when dies. It is immune to the Fire Flytrap and to the Royal FireTrap.

I think that this is the best mob with custom model I have ever made.

+Flora Golem

The boss of the Flora dimension.

To summon it, right-click with a Flora Wand a filled Mana-Infusing table.

When summoned, it will be in its primed form (like the Wither and the Spectral Emperor) and will explode.

It has a lot of life, it can summon Treants, plant Royal Flytraps and also occasionally stop walking to recover some life. Obviously, it is immune to Fire Flytraps and Royal Flytraps.

+Royal Flytrap

An improved version of the Fire Flytrap that can only be planted by the Flora Golem. The Flora Amulet won't prevent its bad effects.

+Amulet Forgery

Used to make Amulets

To make an Amulet, you need a Summoner's Amulet, a Block and a Totem.

For example, the materials used to make the Amulet of Fire Resistance are a Summoner's Amulet, a Block of Ruby and a Totem of Fire Resistance; the materials used for making the Amulet of Water Breathing are a Summoner's Amulet, a Block of Sapphire and a Totem of Water Breathing; etc.

+Amulet of Fire Resistance, Amulet of Water Breathing, Amulet of Invisibility, Amulet of Ice Affinity, Amulet of Cloud Impact

Amulets are like Totems but, unlike Totems, do not need to be in hand to work. However, you can only use an amulet at once (if you have more than an amulet in inventory they won't work).

+Flora Heart

+Totem of Flora

Prevents the effect of the Fire Flytrap

+The Dark Emperor (WIP)

Yes. He's coming...

+Poisonous Pumpkinzombie

A rare miniboss that spawns in the Poisonous Forest. It uses a Poisonous Pumpkinzombie's Scythe. It is very fast and strong and makes Poisonmites when hit. It drops a Poisonous Pumpkin when killed.

Now the Poisonous Forest is even more dangerous.

The Poisonous Pumpkinzombie can also be summoned by using a Poisonous Wand on a Charged Gravestone.

+Pumpkinzombie's Scythe

It allows you to do 8 additional damage but it has only 100 durability and 0 enchantability. You can right-click it on Poisonous Grass to make a Poisonmite (and turn the Poisonous Grass into Grass).

+Poisonous Pumpkin

+Totem of Nightmare

Do not have it in hand while sleeping.


Monsters that spawn when you sleep while holding Totem of Nightmare in hand.

There are 3 types of nightmares: zombies, creepers and spiders. They have special nightmare abilities.

They drop Nightmare Dust.

+Nightmare Dust

+Nightmare Wand

It summons an entity that should be kept away from Villagers...

+Nightmare of the Pumpkinzombie

A mini-boss that drops an Illusion Wand and a lot of Nightmare Dust

+Illusion Wand

It's a ranged Wand than consumes Nightmare Dust rather than Mana. The orb it shoots can slow down and damage mobs.

+Now Tin Cans can also store Baked Potatoes, Poisonous Potatoes and Golden Carrots


Just another boring melee mob. It spawns in the Magma Forest and drops Magma Cream.

+Now you can use the Ice Wand to place an Ice block

+Now you can use the Basic Wand to teleport under a Block of Ender Eyes

+Added descriptions to some blocks (now you can see the special recipes there)

+More Advancements

~Balanced Ore Generations (gems are rarer)

~Changed Furnace XP reward of some smelting recipes

~Balanced some recipes

~Changed some textures

~Now growing Bushes can only be planted on Grass and Dirt

~Now you can harvest a grown Bush's berries using hands. However, you will only get a berry (using Shears give more berries)

~Now, when harvesting Berries from a grown Bush, they will go in your inventory, rather than fall in the ground

~Now some RaolCraft mobs will burn in the daylight

~Improved Bosses AIs

~Now fighting the Water King while it's raining is bad idea (it will regenerate life)

~Done a few other tweaks on recipes, names and procedures

-Anvil recipe using Lead


He was never added...

! Fixed some opacity bugs

! Fixed an advancement bug

! Fixed other bugs

Part 5 - Winter Update - 12/21/2018

I will try to release this update before Christmas, so it will be littler than then others

+Unearthly Marble, Polished Unearthly Marble

The Unearthly Marble spawns in the Spectral Dimension (there will no longer be weird spider eyes hills XD)

+Spectral Beast

A little enemy that spawns in some dungeons of the Spectral Dimension

+Elite Spirit

A stronger Spirit

+Defender Spirit

A Spirit with a Shield

+Wizard Spirit

A Spirit that does ranged attacks

+Some structures for the Spectral Dimension, where mobs like the Spectral Beast, the Elite Spirit, the Defender Spirit and the Wizard Spirit spawn

+Slowing Stick

Found in a maze in the Spectral Dimension. Slows down enemies hit but doesn't deal additional damage.

+Winter Yeti Zombie

Drops a Mysterious Box

+Mysterious Box

Open it to get some gifts :)


Another boring zombie. This one spawns in the Flora Dimension.

+Explosive Treant

A Treant that will follow you to give you a hug. Do not give him hugs, even in creative mode

+Sky Watcher

+Dark Sword, Pickaxe, Axe, Shovel, Hoe

The strongest tools, made of Dark Diamonds (that will be obtainable in survival in the next updates)

+Light Wand

Consumes Mana to make some invisible light

+Dark Wand

+Earth Totem

+New Advancements

~Changed some textures (for example, the Wild Bushes now look like 1.14 Sweet Berries Bushes)

~Improved Bosses AI

~Now you need shears to harvest RaolCraft leaves (like vanilla leaves)

~Done some little tweaks and changes

! Fixed some bugs

Part 6 - Sky and Earth Update - 03/29/2019

+Terra Turtle

Spawns in the Soil Soul dimension

+Soul Soil Zombie

Spawns in the Soil Soul dimension

+Earth Altar

Used to summon the Terra Beast. Use an Earth Wand on it to activate it. It must be on a tower of 2 Earth Bricks to work.

+Terra Beast

The boss of the Earth Dimension. Drops the Heart of Earth when killed and a fragment of Earth Totem.

+Heart of Earth

Used to go to the Sky Dimension

+Fragment of Earth Totem

+Zombie of the Skies

Spawns in the sky dimension. Sometimes spawns with a parachute.

+Evil Cloud

Spawns in the sky dimension. Sometimes levitates up like a Blaze.

+Sky Crystal

Found in some structures in the Sky Dimension; used to make the Sky Wand

+Block of Sky Crystals

It has connected textures

+Sky Altar

Used to summon the Sky Magician. It can't be destroyed on survival (unless you have a Dark Diamond Pickaxe, but you will only be able to craft it after beating the Dark Emperor - that is not yet added -, that can be only fighted after killing the Sky boss), but can be found in structures. Use a Sky Wand on it to activate it.

+Sky Magician

The boss of the Sky Dimension. Drops the Primal Cloud and a Fragment of Totem of Cloud Falling when killed.

+Primal Cloud

Currently useless, but will be used in the next update to go to the Original World (and to summon the Dark Emperor, like all the dimensional trophies, but you'll have to wait to know more)

+Haunted Bricks

Can't be crafted but can be found in some structures

+Crystal Golem

A mob that fights against all types of Spirits (Fire, Water and Elite) except the Fire Spirit King, the Water Spirit King and the Spectral Emperor. Follows the player if he is holding a Spectral Amethyst

+Trapped Crystal Golem

The item used to summon the Crystal Golem. Can be found in structures

+Now mobs can be frozen

+Freezing Snowball

Freezes the enemies it hits

+Birch, Spruce, Jungle, Dark Oak and Acacia Cave Roots

Now cave roots vary based on biomes

+Creeper and Enderman T-Shirts

+Many new advancements

~Now you can go to the sky dimension in survival after defeating the Flora Golem

~Now you can only go to the Ice dimension if you've already beaten the Terra Beast

~Now the Earth Totem prevents suffocation from sand, gravel, concrete powder, etc.

~Now you can craft Clothes and the Clothes Machine in survival early-game

~Now the Flora Totem also prevents Explosive Treant's explosions

~Now an Explosive Treant won't explode if the player is in creative mode

~Changed bosses AIs a bit

~Now some blocks rotate

~Changed a few textures

~Done many more tweaks

-Bronze Gear

RaolCraft Omega will no longer be a tech mod too, so I removed it


-Recipes that enchanted items

! Fixed some bugs

Part 6b - Bugfixing Update - 03/31/2019 - 1420+ mod elements

+Earth Amulet

I forgot to add it yesterday XD

+Many new advancements

~Changed a few things

! Fixed Terra Beast Textures

! Fixed a few other bugs


Part 6c - Bugfixing Update #2 - 04/12/2019 - 1420+ mod elements

~ Increased tick rates (this means crops and bushes will grow more slowly)

~ Increased Terra Beast's speed

~ Done a few other tweaks

! Fixed connected textures not working

! Fixed Nightmare Totem not working

! Fixed a few other bugs

Part 6d - Bugfixing Update #3 - 04/13/2019 - 1420+ mod elements

I'm sorry that there have been many bugs recently but I hope this will be the last patch

~ Tweaked a few things

!! Fixed a crash that happened while going to the Sky Dimension (caused by the Freezing Water)

Part 7 - The Dark Emperor's Update - 06/28/2019 - 1720+ mod elements


+Altar of the Origin

Fill it with the 9 gems, then charge it with a Charging Wand and a portal to the Original World will appear. Inspired by Oh the biomes you'll go's Stellaris portal. When destroyed, the portal will get destroyed too.

+Key of Light

Used to lit the portal to the Original World

+The Original World

The place where the Emperor lives. It got corrupted and now is a land of darkness. It has a similar shape to the Overworld and is made of many biomes. In the surface Corrupted Dirt and Grass can be found while Darkstone and Ore of Light can be found underground.

+Corrupted Dirt, Corrupted Grass

Can be found in the Original World

+Spirit of Darkness

Spawns in the Original World. Has a lot of life, is fast, drops Spectral Dust and casts no shadow.

+Dark Lupus

One of the wolves of the Dark Emperor. Spawns in the Original World. It's aggressive, has a lot of life, is very fast and does a lot of damage. Probably the most dangerous normal mob of the Original World.


A little lantern monster that hovers on the ground in the Original World. It normally levitates around, but when it has little life it sometimes becomes invisible instead.


A monster very similar to the Darker that prefers to attack from the distance.

+Armor of the Light

The ultimate armor, made with Ingots of the Light.


Can be found in the Original World

+Corrupted Leaves

They are the leaves of some umbrawood trees in the Original World (most biomes there have trees with no leaves)

+Dusk Crystal

Can be found in various forms in the Original World. Has multiple uses, including the Key of the Darkness. It is more frequent in the Corrupted Forest (the biome with the purple leaves in the Original World)

+Key of the Darkness

Used to open some barriers of darkness in structures.

+Dark Emperor's Castle

A structure found in the Original World, where the Dark Emperor can be summoned. Most of its blocks can't be broken with a diamond/lavic pickaxe (you need a Dark Diamond one). To access it, you have to use the Key of Darkness to open the barriers that block your path.

+Dark Guard

Can be found in the Dark Emperor's Castle. Stays still until he finds a player to attack. Has a lot of life and wields a Dark Spear. Doesn't despawn.

+Dark Spear

Nothing special, actually XD

+Statue of the Dark Emperor

A decorative block found in the Dark Emperor's castle

+Mysterious Paintings

There are many of them. Some represent Overworld or Nether landscapes, some represent mobs (even from other mods), some are a bit silly and some actually tell the story of the Dark Emperor...

They can be found in the Dark Emperor's castle.

+Fully implemented the Dark Emperor

He has various abilities: he can summon servants, heal, gain good status effects, fly, turn invisible, plant a Corrupted Flytrap, turn the floor into lava (He can turn the Dark Dungeon Bricks into fiery versions that deal damage when walking on them similarly to the Magma Block. They turn into normal Dark Dungeon Bricks after a bit.)...

After an epic death animation (not really) he drops 32 Dark Diamonds, a Dark Crown, the Historia Imperatoris Obscuri and some Seeds of Light.

+Historia Imperatoris Obscuri

The Dark Emperor's autobiography. Contains a huge revelation

+Dark Crown

Just as a trophy

+Dawn Crystal

Will be fully implemented in the next update

+Lavastone Dust

Dropped by the Lavastone block

+Ghostone Dust

Dropped by the Ghostone block

+Royal Mana

Will be fully implemented in the next update

+Sea Star

Dropped by the Beach Zombie. Can be thrown like a shuriken.

+Tetraelemental Wand

Consumes up to 4 Mana (depending on how much you have) to make you fly and place a pool of water surrounded by stone and fire under you. If you have less than 4 Mana, the spell will be incomplete.

+Spider Wand

Consumes Mana to create a Cobweb

+Blessing Wand

Consumes Mana to prevent some damage for a bit (adds the absorbtion effect, the one caused by the Golden Apple)

+Glowstone Ingot, Nightmare Ingot, Lavastone Ingot, Ghostone Ingot

+Gold Dust, Lead Dust, Water Ingot Dust, Lavic Dust, Glacial Metal Dust, Dust of Light

+Copper Nugget, Tin Nugget, Bronze Nugget, Lead Nugget, Steel Nugget, Cast Iron Nugget, Silver Nugget, Zinc Nugget, Brass Nugget, Redstone Nugget, Lavic Nugget, Water Ingot Nugget, Spectral Nugget, Ancient Iron Nugget, Glacial Metal Nugget, Nugget of Light, Mana Infused Iron Nugget, Nightmare Nugget, Ghostone Nugget, Lavastone Nugget, Glowstone Nugget

Like vanilla nuggets, they can be crafted from ingots, used to craft ingots and can be recycled from unused tools and armor


Can turn unused tools and armor into 3 nuggets (rather than 1) and consumes no fuel

+Block of Sprout Amber

+OP Bow (Creative mode only)

A weapon that deals a lot of damage but can't be obtained in survival

+Now vanilla shears and flint and steel can be smelt to get 1 Iron Nugget (or 3 if you recycle them using a Recycler)

+A lot of new Advancements

+Automatic update checker

I don't know if does it work XD
You'll need to wait for the next update to discover it

+Some Easter Eggs

~Now the Pulverizer can also be used to turn any sandstone/red sandstone into 4 sand/red sand

~Now the main bosses do no longer despawn

~Now the Beach Zombie can breath in water and drops more things

~Now the Dark Wizard produces different particles when invisible and also spawns in the Original World

~Now the Water Spirit and the Water Spirit Archer can breath in water

~Balanced Hot Coal and Hot Coal Block (halved their smelting value)

~Now the Gravestone has Connected Texture

~Changed some textures

~Done a lot more tweaks and balancements

!! Freezing Water could still cause crash

! Removed strict Forge version check

! Fixed block model rendering for all RaolCraft custom blocks when in hand, dropped, in item frame...

! Passive animals could despawn

! Dark Dungeon Glass blocked light

! Fixed some bugs with the Pulverizer

! Fixed some bugs with recipes (for example Polished Unearthly Marble could not be crafted)

! The Sky Altar actually had an harvestability of 2 *facepalm*

! Giant glowshrooms generated air

! Fixed Light Wand

! Fixed a lot more bugs

2.0.1 - Cool Update - 06/29/2019

A little but extremely important update because of the crash it fixes

WARNING: Since this update changes dimension IDs, it isn't compatible with the previous versions. Unless you've never been in a Raolcraft dimension, don't open your world with this update! Remember to always backup your world when you update or add mods.

+Freeze status effect

Is used when shooting the Freezing Snowballs (that are currently unobtainable) instead of the previous slowness

Traps mobs into ice cubes. The effect expires when the ice is broken manually or after some time. (When the ice is manually broken it will damage a bit the entity)

!! Changed dimension IDs and fixed most RaolCraft incompatibilities

! Fixed armor and biome names

2.1 - Superior Update - 07/24/2019

This update introduces cross compatibility with Hodge-Podge, Superior Wands, Light stuff and more!

+Corrupted Farmland

You can now hoe Corrupted Dirt (hoes from other mods should work too). Doesn't need water to stay wet.

+Fully implemented the Seeds of the Light

You can now plant them on Corrupted Farmland. When they are fully grown they give you a Gleamflower


Can be used in an Essence Pot to create an Essence of the Light

+Essence of the Light

Can be used to turn corrupted blocks back to their original version (Dark Dungeon Bricks into Original Bricks, Dusk Crystals into Dawn Crystals, etc.)

+Original Grass, Original Dirt

The uncorrupted versions of Corrupted Grass and Corrupted Dirt

+Origin Rock

The uncorrupted version of Dark Cobblestone


The uncorrupted version of the Nightshroom

+Chiseled Original Bricks, Original Glass

The uncorrupted version of the Chiseled Dark Dungeon Bricks and the Chiseled Dark Lantern

+Mana Recreator

Consumes a Mana Infused Root, a Rune and a Superior Amber to create a Superior Wand

+Mana Overload

An effect obtained when using a Superior Wand which prevents the use of Superior Wands for a bit. Means you can't spam these powerful items.

+Many new structures

+Occult Chest

A chest found in some structures. Can only be opened with a Key of the Darkness, hoppers don't work with it and when destroyed it doesn't drop its content

+Runes for each Superior Wand

Can be used in a Wand Recreator to make the respective Superior Wands. They can be found in Occult Chests in structures

+Snowman Wand

A Superior Wand that creates a Snowman

+Thunder Wand

A Superior Wand that strikes a lightning

+Totem of Haste

Can only be obtained if you also play Hodge-Podge III

+Amulet of Haste

The block needed in the Amulet Table to convert a Totem of Haste into an amulet is a Block of Moonstone (it might be changed in the future)

+Amulet of Flora

+Fully implemented the Amulet of Ice Affinity

+Earth Totem, Ice Affinity and Flora Immunity status effects

They are given by the respective Totems/Amulets and some mobs naturally have them. Basically you can see if you are under the effect of the totem or not. These status effects are actually a technical change, but still a feature

+Fully implemented the Dark Wand

It's now called Obscure Wand and it consumes normal Mana to give you a random beneficial effect (but also gives you wither effect)

+Hydrostone Bricks

+Many advancements

+A few WIP things

~Freezing Snowballs can now be crafted

~Now the Pulverizer can also turn Bone into 4 Bone Meal, Soul Sandstone into 4 Soul Sand, Sugar Canes into Sugar, Wool into 4 Strings, Cobweb into 4 Strings and Coral Cobweb into 4 Coral Spider's Silk

~Added some armor points and immunities to some mobs

~Now the Dark Emperor does no longer destroy block under him

This caused more glitches than the ones it prevented

~Now some items have colored names

~Changed some textures

~Done many tweaks

! The Pulverizer turned Sandstone into just 1 sand and not 4

! The Clothes Machine GUI was bugged

! Eating Candies printed a debug text on the chat

! Fixed many more bugs and added a few now ones

2.2 - The Return of RaolCraft - 11/22/2019 - 1974 mod elements

This update has been in development for months, with long pauses... I kinda forgot some of the things it added so this changelog isn't very accurate XD

+Ore Dictionary support for a few materials (not everything)

+Biome Dictionary support

+Many new structures

+Metal Bricks for each vanilla and RaolCraft ingot

+Healing Wand

Consumes Mana to heal 2 hearts (4 hp). Has a cooldown. Can be obtained very early game because it is only crafted using a Basic Wand and 8 Redstone Dust

+Walking Glowshroom

A tiny monster that can be found in the Glowshroom Forest. The second time it is hit it calls two allies, so try to one-hit it. Despawns during the day

+Totem of Night Vision

Can't be obtained yet

+Carnelian Ore, Carnelian

Found in the Magma Forest dimension

+Infernal Grass

Found in the Magma Forest


Found in the Magma Forest, sets on fire on contact


A decorative plant of the Magma Forest that grows downwards

+Magma Blossom

A flower of the Magma Forest

+Morganite Ore, Morganite

Found in the Water Depths dimension

+Hematite Ore, Hematite

Found in the Soul Soil dimension


A mob of the Soul Soil that throws nearby Earthstone blocks at the player using telekinesis

+Terra Warhammer

A melee weapon that deals a lot of damage and knockback but must be charged with rightclick. Technically is a ranged item, but has so little range it is more similar to a melee weapon. Still bugged so not yet available to survival mode yet.

+Aquamarine Ore, Aquamarine

Found in the Eternal Cold dimension

+Ice Slime

A slime of the Eternal Cold that freezes on contact

+New sub-biomes for the Flora dimension

+Heliodor, Heliodor Ore

Found in the Flora dimension, can only be mined with a Dark Diamond Pickaxe or better

+Scarlet Blossom

A poisonous plant in the Flora dimensions whose poison can be prevented with a Flora Totem/Amulet

+Dreary Treant

A variant of the Treant that spawns in a ghostly swamp sub-biome

+Death Berry

Dropped by the Dreary Treant

+Vegetal Skeleton

A mob in the Flora Dimension

+The Mystical Hoe of Treeternity

Hoes an area of 6 blocks in the direction you are looking at, can't be obtained yet

+Garnet Ore, Garnet

Found in the Celestial Ruins dimension

+Wand of Cloud Walk

An Advanced Wand that creates a bridge of cloudstone in the direction you are looking at

+Rune of Cloud Walk

Used to create the above mentioned wand

+Cerulean Lantern

+Blocks and Colored Soul Crystal Blocks for each new gem

+Umbrawood and Primal Wood Bookshelves

+Block of Light, Block of Nightmares

Just more ingot storage blocks for simmetry

+New advancements

+A few WIP things

+More puns (lol)

~Changed MANY textures and names

~Ender Wands can now be shift-clicked on blocks to teleport under them, rather than on them.

~Now Primal Bark can be found in the Flora dimension

~Now you get 8 Royal Mana when crafting it, rather than 4

~You now need 3 totem fragments to craft a full totem rather than 9 (9 was a bit too expensive)

~Now you need 32 Superior Amber to create a Superior Wand (a little change lol)

~Runes are no longer consumed when making an Advanced Wand

They were planned to not be consumed, but when I implemented and tested them I forgot about that XD

~Now Berry Bushes only generate in forest-like biomes (but normal Bushes also generate in the plains)

~Improved some GUIs

~Tweaked MANY other things

! Summoning a Spectral Emperor spawned 2 of them

! Custom ores didn't generate in custom dimensions

! Glowshrooms didn't generate

! Fixed some mobs that had death animation even if they were just changing form

! The Ice Totem was stackable

! The Clothes Machine didn't work in survival

! Undead mobs played burning animation in the day

! Changed the ID of the Summoner to prevent incompatibility crashes

! Fixed MANY more bugs

2.2.1 - December Update - 12/08/2019

+Slightly improved the Glowshroomlands by adding a new type of Glowshroom and by making more mobs spawn there

+Seeds of Pyroclaw

Can be planted under Hot Netherrack to grow a Pyroclaw

~Now the Water Spirit King, the Fire Spirit King and the Spectral Emperor randomly teleport around rather than destroying blocks

~Changed many mob textures (the Frog also got a new model)

~Changed even more textures

~Done some balancements

~Changed some names

~Now the Snow Zombie uses a Bronze Axe rather than a Bronze Shovel (makes more sense and also disables shields)

~Done a few more tweaks

-Werewolf Fox

Still in the code but does no longer spawn nor can be found in the creative inventory

!! Sentient Glowshrooms could cause crash

! Changed the ID of Frog to prevent incompatibility crashes

! The Fire Spirit King could despawn

! Totems gave effect level of 2 which could remove pre-existing effects

! Fixed many more bugs I can't remember right now

2.2.2 - Holidays Update - 12/25/2019 - 1997 mod elements

+Rune of the Gift

Can be found in Mysterious Boxes, used to make the Gifting Wand

+Gifting Wand

An Advanced Wand which creates a gift that explodes after 5 seconds while also leaving a Mysterious Box

+Shirt (long sleeved)

Can be crafted by combining a T-Shirt and a String

+Tree Shirt

Created by putting a Shirt in a Clothes Machine

~The creative inventory no longer is messy now! Yay!!! Finally!

~Now the Snowman Wand summons 3 Snowmen rather than just one

~Now the Mana Overload of the Thunder Wand is reduced during thunderstorms

~Now the Mysterious Box has a bigger pool of gifts to choose from

~Now the Infernal Furnace can be used to smelt Glacial Metal Ore directly into Glacial Metal Ingot

~Changed some textures

2.3 - New Decade Update - 5/2/2020 - 2205 mod elements

+Reintroduced ore dictionary support: now almost every material has at least one ore dictionary tag

+16 new stairs and 16 new slabs

+Amber Bricks, Sprout Amber Bricks


A new flying ranged monster which can be found in the water dimension. Attacks players and coralmites.


The cousin of the Summoner who lives in the water dimension. Summons coralmites, attacks players and jellyghasts and has a frost walker ability

+Rockwood Log, Planks, Slabs and Stairs

+Crystalline Leaves

Come in 3 different colors

+Reintroduced the Terra WarHammer in a new form

Now it no longer is a (kind of) ranged weapon but a tool that can be used to break stone or earthstone blocks or (more importantly) to deal massive damage at a very slow attack speed

+Huge Amber Block

+Frozen Fossil

There's something buried in the ice... Smelt it in an Infernal Furnace to get a random reward! (this block can rarely be found replacing ice in the Eternal Cold dimension)

+Dreary Dirt, Dreary Grass

Found in the swamp sub-biome of the Flora dimension

+Arcane Silence

A negative status effect which prevents the use of Wands and can't be removed by drinking milk - still WIP though

+Guardian T-Shirt

+A few new advancements

+And more!

~The Flora Totem/Amulet can now also make you slowly regenerate hunger under the sunlight or in the Flora dimension

~Crypcuses now apply Arcane Silence and Mana Overload to their targets

~Raolcraft tools and armors can now be repaired in a anvil using the material they are made of

~Gravestones do now automatically randomly summon undeads based on the biome/dimension there're in (there also is a new secret undead which can be only summoned this way); Basic Wands now trigger this ability when right-clicked rather than just summoning a vanilla Zombie

~Water does now evaporate in the Magma Forest

~Changed many many textures

~Done a few other tweaks

! The Dark Emperor couldn't be summoned

! The Dark Emperor didn't create a return portal on death

! Growing Bushes were considered solid

! Fixed many bugs



2.4 - The Ultimate Bugfixing Update - 07/07/2020 - 2216 Mod Elements

Breaking all traditions, this mod gets officially released with a little patch. Well, this is not a normal bugfixing update, but THE bugfixing update! It will completely revisit the mod and remove every (fixable) bug from the face of the Multiverse!

This is also going to be the last 1.12.2 update.

+Darkstone Lamp, Origin Lamp

+Potion of Luck, Potion of Levitation, Potion of Haste

Can be brewed in an Advanced Brewing Stand from Pyroclaw Seeds, Chorus Fruits and Terrartle Claws

+Terrartle Claws

Dropped by Terrartles (formerly known as Terra Turtles)

+A few new advancements (one is actually hidden)

~Improved Light Armor

It doesn't feel that lategame if it's just slightly better than Diamond, you have to travel through 8 dimensions to get it (not including Vanilla) :/

~Now Arcane Silence works on all Wands

~Reduced the amount of enemies summoned by the Sky Magician

~Now Bushes drops themselves rather than Leaves

~Now Bows can no longer be crafted or found in the creative inventory, but they still are in the code

~Spider Wands can now also be used on a Charged Gravestone to summon a few Spiders

~Zombies can now rarely drop Tomato Seeds

~Bone Meal can now be used on Tomato Crops

~Added a secret Easter Egg to summon the old Werewolf Fox (that weird retextured pig which was removed from the mod a few updates ago but actually still is in the code :))

~Updated some textures

~Tweaked a few other things

! Fixed many bugs - Yet Another Patch - 07/09/2020 - 2216 Mod Elements

~Wearing a full set of Mana Infused Armor does now prevent the bad status effects (Arcane Silence and Mana Overload) inflicted by being attacked by a Crypcarus

! Fixed some issues with potion drinking

! Fixed creative tab order of potions

3.0 - Revival Update - (12/21/2020 - ...)

Snapshot 1 - 1.14.4 port - 12/21/2020 - 2300+ mod elements

WARNING: this snapshot is still very incomplete, many important features (like all structures from the Celestial Ruins and the Dark Emperor's Castle) are still missing, and many textures are still to be redone

~Ported the mod to Minecraft 1.14.4
+Umbrawood, Primal Jungle and Rockwood Fences and Fence Gates
+Darkstone and Origin Rock Walls
+Luminous Table
Consumes 16 Spectral Dust and a block of gems (ruby, sapphire...) to bless a Dark Diamond Sword until the dawn; there are 11 unique blessings right now
+Totem of Empower
Upgrades the effects of Wands you use
+Freezing Sword
Freezes enemies hit, crafted using 2 Ice Metal Ingots and a Slowing Stick
+Fireball Wand
Consumes Royal Mana to shoot ghast-like fireballs
+Rune of the Fireball
+Evoker Wand
Consumes Royal Mana to summon fangs around you
+Some new biomes for the RaolCraft dimensions
Main block of a new biome in Eidolon
+Wild Soul Crystal (name to change)
Another source of Soul Crystals, found in the same biome
+Primal Debris
Found in the Soul Soil
+Direction Compass
Tells you the direction you are facing
+6 New Mysterious Paintings
+New structures
+Some new custom particles
+New advancements
+More puns (lol)
+Some WIP things
~Rebuilt some structures (the most important being the Ice Fortress and Giant Glowshrooms) and added loot table support to them
~Updated many textures (and models) to Jappa's style
~Added waterlogging support to many blocks
Also, Coral Spiders can now place their webs underwater too and items like the Ghostly Wand also work underwater
~Moved all RaolCraft spawn eggs to a new creative tab
~Renamed the Water dimension to Atlantis and the Spectral dimension to Eidolon
~The Ice Wand is now crafted by surrounding a Basic Wand with 8 Frozen Stars rather than by using the Freezing Machine
~You can no longer craft the Frozen Altar but you have to find it in the Ice Fortress. You no longer need to place 2 ice bricks underside to summon the boss though
~Eating an Edible Eathfish will unfreeze you
~Nerfed the Armor of Light
~The Water Spirit King and the Fire Spirit King now only drop 16 Royal Souls (rather than 32), while the Spectral Emperor drops 32 of them (was 48)
~The Inferno Furnace can now turn obsidian into lava if there's a bucket
~Water Ingots can now be used to craft vanilla Tridents
~Tomatoes now grow based on random tick rate (like vanilla crops)
~Improved direction detection for the Mystical Wand of Treeternity and the Wand of Celestial Walk
~You can now tame the secret easter egg mob (Werewolf Fox) using Raw Chicken
~Beds do now explode in all dimensions but the Original World, where they will simply be unusable
~Endermen can now hold some RaolCraft blocks
~Reduced Frog hitbox
~Ranged Wands and Superior Wands can no longer be used when affected by Arcane Silence
~Crypcuses no longer give Mana Overload
~The Obscure Wand now has no limit to the level of Wither it can apply (it will always be current level + 1)
~Lavic tools do now set targets on fire for 10 seconds
~Now some blocks can no longer be pushed/pulled by pistons
~Now the Dark Key also unlocks all the Dark Barriers adjacent to the one right-clicked
~The Essence of Light can now purify more blocks and also remembers their rotation
~Improved advancements
~Improved rendering, descriptions and animations of many items
~A few more tweaks
! The recipe for Umbrawood Bookshelf resulted in Primal Wood Bookshelf instead
! Stairs could not be crafted
! Fixed glitches involving explosions
! More bufixes

Yes, it does.
I chose RaolCraft Omega as the name because there already was RaolCraft 4 and I didn't want to call it RaolCraft 5. It is the final version of RaolCraft and is completely different from its predecessors.
If this mod will get discontinued again, I think I won't remake it. I might just be making a thousand of little Modular Expansion modules XD

There's no words in English language to describe how cool is this