RaolCraft Ω


Yes, it's RaolCraft again...

Welcome to RaolCraft Omega, a mod that adds lots of different things to make minecraft funnier!

This time RaolCraft has got better textures, it is 100% bug free (or not?) and it can be played on survival normal worlds! Finally!

Mine new ores, like Lead, Silver, Copper and Tin! Make new metals, like Bronze, Steel and Cast Iron! Travel into loads of new dimensions! Fight Dark Wizards that are invisible until you hit them, Summoner Witches that summon Minions to help them and bosses like the Fire King Spirit! Collect all the wands and the totems to be invincible!

This is RaolCraft Omega!

For more info about the mod, read the in-game wiki!

This mod is in alpha, so it adds only a few features and some of them are useless. When the beta will be released, the mod will be "playable". If you want more blocks, items, weapons (and bugs) try this: https://mcreator.net/modification/31740/raolcraft-3-reborn-fusion

Mob AIs will be changed after Mcreator 1.7.9 (especially boss AIs because they are too easy to be killed)

If you find any bugs or you have an idea for an update, feel free to leave a comment!

Latest supported Minecraft version
Release type

+ = Added    - = Removed     ! = Bugfix    

Is this RaolCraft Alpha or Omega? XD

RaolCraft Omega will be more focused on quality rather than quantity... But this doesn't mean that it won't include 500+ mod elements! There are already 150+ elements!
+RaolCraft Omega Wiki
It is WIP
+Hot Nether Dimension
+Werewolf Fox
I made a fox mob with pig model and wolf sounds and this is the weird animal that came out...
+Summoner Witch
She summons Minions!
+Dark Wizard
He is invisible until you attack him (when he is invisible you can still see the eyes and he spawns fire particles)
+Fire Spirit
+Fire Spirit King
It is a boss and drops the Spectral Ruby. Currently useless.
+Ruby, Ruby Ore, Ruby Block
+Lead Ingot, Lead Ore, Lead Block, Lead Armor
+Amber, Amber Ore, Amber Block
+Silver Ingot, Silver Ore, Silver Block
+Copper Ingot, Copper Ore, Copper Dust, Copper Block
+Tin Ingot, Tin Ore, Tin Dust, Tin Block
+Bronze Ingot, Bronze Dust, Bronze Block
+Cast Iron Ingot, Cast Iron Dust, Cast Iron Block
+Steel Ingot, Steel Dust, Steel Block
You need to break it 3 times!
+Wood Ore, Wood
+Iron Crystal Ore, Iron Crystal
+Hot Bricks
+Basic Wand
+Lavic Wand
+Charging Wand
+Fire Essence
+Path Maker
+Totem of Fire Resistance
A rare item that protects you from fire damage
+Spectral Ruby
+Recyclied Flesh
Cooked from Rotten Flesh
+Redstone Ingot
+Lavic Ore, Lavic Ingot
+Water Essence (currently useless and uncraftable)
+Water Stone, Water Ore (currently useless, except for the waterpath, and uncraftable)
+Water Path
+Pulverizer, Depulverizer and Essence Pot
+Hot Netherrack and Fire Shard
+Inferno Bricks
+Gravestone, Magic Gravestone
+Warrior Sword
+Gun, Bullet
+Spectral Ingot, Spectral Dust, Spectral Sword, Fire Spectral Sword
+OP Sword, Creative Toolkit, Creative Block Remover
All these 3 items are only avaible in creative mode

1.1 - Little Better Update
Only a little update, but it makes raolcraft survival a lot better because of some changes
+Ice Bricks
+Hot Coal, Hot Coal Block
+Fire Bricks
+Soul Sandstone
+Pure Fire Essence
+Carrot Pie
+Lavic Sword
+Some Advancements

1.2 - Lava Fishing Update
+Obsidian Fishing Rod
Used to fish in Lava Fishing Pools
+Lava Fishing Pool
It can be made by charging (with a Charging Wand) a Hot Netherrack with Hot Bricks around and under it
+Lavic Fish
+Rotten Fish
+Sapphire, Sapphire Ore, Sapphire Block
+Water Wand
+Beach Zombie
+Lavic Bow
+Silver Sword
+Sugar Canes Block
+Lots of recipes

1.3 - Water Update

1.4 - Spectral Update - 04/18/2018

Nice! Can you just tell me what Ω means? But nice mod!

Submitted by CAHEKa on Sat, 03/31/2018 - 08:03

There's no words in English language to describe how cool is this

Remember that this mod is still in alpha so some recipes and some features may be changed before the beta

Can i recommend you to send old versions and versions over 15mb in Curseforge? Its safer then Mediafire since it has NO ADS! Also, you can install your mods to Twitch with Curseforge. Curse also holds the official Minecraft Gamepedia.