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Yes, it's RaolCraft again...

Welcome to RaolCraft Omega, a mod that adds lots of different things to make minecraft funnier!

This time RaolCraft has got better textures, it is 100% bug free (or not?) and it can be played on survival normal worlds! Finally!

450+ (maybe 500+) mod elements as of 1.7 (and the latest version is 2.0 snapshot 1)!

A long time ago, the world was all dark. But a day, someone or something made it colorful and the darkness was deleted.

But, after a few time, the Dark Emperor decided to make the world dark again. So started a war between the darkness and the other most powerful element, the light. Nobody won that war, and as result the world was split in 9 dimensions.

The legend says that the gems of the Overworld are connected to these dimensions by an unknown magical force, and that the one who explores the 9 dimensions and defeats the darkness will reach a new level of power and celebrated like a hero.

Will you be that hero?


Mine new ores, like Lead, Silver, Copper and Tin! Make new metals, like Bronze, Brass, Steel and Cast Iron! Make awesome machines! Plant new crops! Explore new dangerous biomes, like the Poisonous Forest! Travel into loads of new dimensions! Fight lots of bosses! Build amazing multiblock structures! Collect all the wands and the totems to be invincible!

This is RaolCraft Omega!

This mod started as a little modpack-like mod that added a lot of features to make minecraft funnier, but now it has a plot and a progression. It still has a random name, though.

Here is a list of the main features:

  • Lots of new ores (Copper, Tin, Zinc, Lead, Silver, Amber, Ruby, Sapphire, Amethyst, Topaz, Turquoise and more!)
  • 5 new dimensions: Lavic Menace, Aquatic City, Spectral Crystals, Soul Soil and Eternal Cold
  • 3 new bosses: Fire Spirit King, Water Spirit King and the Spectral Emperor all with advanced AI.
  • Lots of new smart monsters: Summoner Witches that summon Minions, Dark Wizards that are invisible until you hit them then they do ranged attacks, Poisonmites that turn poisonous grass into other Poisonmites, super-fast brain-eating Chicken Zombies and more!
  • New neutral mobs, like the Werewolf Fox, that attacks Chicken Zombies
  • New passive animals, like the Poisonous Cow and the Frog
  • Dust fusion system for making new alloys
  • Lots of Magical Wands that consume Mana: Lavic Wand makes lava, Water Wand makes water, Spectral Wand makes you fast, invisible and hungry like a ghost, Earth Wand protects you with stone, Poison Wand deals a little bit of damage, poisons you but makes you a lot stronger, Charging Wand activates some special blocks and more!
  • New rare Totems that are activated when held in hand
  • A scary biome: the Poisonous Forest, where Poisonous Cows, Poisonmites and Poisonous Summoners live
  • New Armors and Weapons
  • Multiblock Structures, such as the Lava Fishing Station, the Water Reactor and the Portals
  • Lava Fishing: place a Hot Netherrack and Lavic Bricks under and around it, then rightclick it with a Charging Wand (and Mana in your inventory) and you will get a lava pool where you can fish with an Obsidian Fishing Rod!
  • Advanced Brewing system, that uses Spectral Cream as fuel and can make new potions
  • A lot of machines: Pulverizer makes dusts from ingots (and also does a few other things), Depulverizer ingots from dusts, the Refinery refines things, the Freezing Machine freezes things, the Infernal Furnace is required to smelt Lavic Ore and Lavic Fish and more!
  • New crops that can be grown on farmland (tomatoes)
  • Growing Bushes
  • A system of advancements that guides you through the whole mod
  • Lots of new decorative blocks
  • Pathmakers for making lots of different paths
  • New plants
  • A new type of water, the freezing water: it slows you down if you haven't got a Totem of Ice Immunity in your hand
  • Clothes
  • Custom 3d model blocks and mobs
  • Animated textures
  • New food
  • And more!

For more info about the mod, see the mod guide (you can see it in the useful links) or the changelog.

This mod is in alpha, so it adds only a few features and some of them are useless. When the beta will be released, the mod will be "playable".

Before saying that you need to make another world because you tried to fight a RaolCraft boss... Don't summon the bosses near your house! They are very strong, they destroy a lot of things and you can't trap them. Don't say I didn't warn you! (They aren't OP, they are less destructive than the Wither but still very powerful)

If you want to summon a mob in creative, don't use white eggs because they are there just because I don't know how to remove them. For example, if you want to summon the Dark Wizard, summon Dark Wizard (Invisible)

If you find any bugs or you have an idea for an update, feel free to leave a comment!

Useful Links:

Mod Guide

Wiki: https://pastebin.com/THWjYBE5


How to make a Water Reactor


Minecraft (and so Mojang/Microsoft) for making the game that changed the story of games 

MCreator (and so Pylo) for making this awesome mod-builder

Paint.net, Blockbench and Techne

Everyone that helped and/or supported me


Modpack stuff:

You are free to include this mod in your modpack. Credit is not required but appreciated. If you want, I can link your modpack here.



What will it add?


3 new dimensions: Flora, Sky and the Original World

A boss for Soul Soil, Ice, Flora and Sky dimensions

The Dark Emperor and a ritual for summoning it

A new age after beating the Dark Emperor

New ores, like Peridot

Mana Generator

Lots of new decorative blocks

New weapons and tools

New mobs, like the Glowshroom Cow

New trophy items

And many more!

Stay tuned! :)

Some of these features were already added in the first snapshot of 2.0!


PS: If you want to know what will the next update add, just read the changelog, as it includes wip updates too! :D


More to come! :)

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+ = Added    - = Removed     ! = Bugfix    ~ = Change

Is this RaolCraft Alpha or Omega? XD

RaolCraft Omega will be more focused on quality rather than quantity... But this doesn't mean that it won't include 500+ mod elements! There are already 150+ elements!
+RaolCraft Omega Wiki
It is WIP
+Hot Nether Dimension
+Werewolf Fox
I made a fox mob with pig model and wolf sounds and this is the weird animal that came out...
+Summoner Witch
She summons Minions!
+Dark Wizard
He is invisible until you attack him (when he is invisible you can still see the eyes and he spawns fire particles)
+Fire Spirit
+Fire Spirit King
It is a boss and drops the Spectral Ruby. Currently useless.
+Ruby, Ruby Ore, Ruby Block
+Lead Ingot, Lead Ore, Lead Block, Lead Armor
+Amber, Amber Ore, Amber Block
+Silver Ingot, Silver Ore, Silver Block
+Copper Ingot, Copper Ore, Copper Dust, Copper Block
+Tin Ingot, Tin Ore, Tin Dust, Tin Block
+Bronze Ingot, Bronze Dust, Bronze Block
+Cast Iron Ingot, Cast Iron Dust, Cast Iron Block
+Steel Ingot, Steel Dust, Steel Block
You need to break it 3 times!
+Wood Ore, Wood
+Iron Crystal Ore, Iron Crystal
+Hot Bricks
+Basic Wand
+Lavic Wand
+Charging Wand
+Fire Essence
+Path Maker
+Totem of Fire Resistance
A rare item that protects you from fire damage
+Spectral Ruby
+Recyclied Flesh
Cooked from Rotten Flesh
+Redstone Ingot
+Lavic Ore, Lavic Ingot
+Water Essence (currently useless and uncraftable)
+Water Stone, Water Ore (currently useless, except for the waterpath, and unobtainable)
+Water Path
+Pulverizer, Depulverizer and Essence Pot
+Hot Netherrack and Fire Shard
+Inferno Bricks
+Gravestone, Magic Gravestone
+Warrior Sword
+Gun, Bullet
+Spectral Ingot, Spectral Dust, Spectral Sword, Fire Spectral Sword
+OP Sword, Creative Toolkit, Creative Block Remover
All these 3 items are only avaible in creative mode

1.1 - Little Better Update
Only a little update, but it makes raolcraft survival a lot better because of some changes
+Ice Bricks
+Hot Coal, Hot Coal Block
+Fire Bricks
+Soul Sandstone
+Pure Fire Essence
+Carrot Pie
+Lavic Sword
+Some Advancements

1.2 - Lava Fishing Update
+Obsidian Fishing Rod
Used to fish in Lava Fishing Pools
+Lava Fishing Pool
It can be made by charging (with a Charging Wand) a Hot Netherrack with Hot Bricks around and under it
+Lavic Fish
+Rotten Fish
+Sapphire, Sapphire Ore, Sapphire Block
+Water Wand
+Beach Zombie
+Lavic Bow
+Silver Sword
+Sugar Canes Block
+Lots of recipes

1.3 - Water Update

+Water Dimension

+Water Spirit King

+Water Spectral Sword

+Spectral Sapphire

+Totem of Water Breathing

+Pure Lavic Bow

+Water Ingot

+Fire Spirit Archer

+Chicken Zombie

+Snow Zombie

+Water Totem

A rare item dropped sometimes by the Water Spirit King.

1.4 - Spectral Update - 04/18/2018

+Spectral Dimension

+Amethist, Amethist Ore, Spectral Amethist

+Poisonous Forest

Here spawn Poisonmites. Don't go into this creepy place.


It's a little cute mob. When falls or is killed on poisonous grass, turns that poisonous grass into grass and makes another poisonmite. You don't want to mess with the poisonmite, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

+Poisonous Leaves

+Dark Wood


+Spectral Bricks


+Spider Eye Block

+Crystal Ore

1.5 - Very Useful Update  - 04/25/2018

+Strawberry, Blueberry and Blackberry

Strawberries are red, Blueberries are blue and there are Blackberries too!

+Strawberry, Blueberry and Blackberry Bushes

+Strawberry, Blueberry and Blackberry Candies

+Strawberry, Blueberry and Blackberry Blocks

+Lavic Bricks, Dark Lavic Bricks

+Spectral Wand

It makes you faster at mining and moving, invisible and hungry for a few seconds!

+Magic Crystal

+Poisonous Cow

+Poisonous Milk

+Poison Summoner

She summons Poisonmites and makes Poisonous Grass instead of Grass. Drops a Poison Pearl

+Pure Essence of Water

+Poison Shards

+Poison Pearl

+Fire, Water, Poison Pathmakers

Used to make Fire resistance paths, water breathing paths and regeneration paths

+Fire Resistance and Regeneration Paths

+Totem of Invisibility

Sometimes dropped by the Spirit Emperor

+Silver Armor

Enchantable with Amber

+Clear Glass

I know you were waiting this!

+Pure Spectral Sword

+Amethist Block

+Water Reactor Core (and Water Reactor)

It took me A LOT of time for making this. A lot of stack events.

It checks for a structure of 23 blocks (27 blocks-4 blocks of air) that is similar to the Nether Reactor. If the Water Reactor Core is rightclicked with a Charging Wand (and if you have 1+ mana; it doesn't removes the mana because I forgot to add that event, but they are too many events and so it will be fixed on MCreator 1.7.9), it is removed and you gain 32 sponges. Useful for making a lot of Clear Glass. More will be explained later.

+Soul Glass

Unlike glass, stained glass and clear glass, this drops itself instead of air when broken.

1.6 - Big WIP Update - 05/05/2018

This update adds a lot of things, however some of them are work in progress (the whole mod is work in progress)

+Soul Soil Dimension (Earth Dimension)

+Earth Wand: consumes Mana for making stone around you!

+Zinc Ore, Ingot, Dust

+Brass Ingot, Dust

+Earthstone: spawns in the Earth Dimension (not to be confused with Hearthstone XD)

+MegaDiamond Ore: spawn in the Earth Dimension. Currently drops a MegaDiamond, in 1.7 it will drop a Raw MegaDiamond

+Potato, Baked Potato, Poisonous Potato, Carrot, Golden Carrot, Beetroot, Cookie and Rotten Flesh Blocks


Used to chisel blocks (like in the Chisel mod). Can't be crafted currently.

+Working Machine

Used for a lot of things. Can't be crafted currently.

+4 Types of Chiseled Bricks (3 from RaolCraft 3 + a new one)

+WIP Bronze Gear

It will be used for a lot of recipes (including Chiseler and Working Machine) but it's currently uncraftable

+Crystal Block

+Dark Planks

+WIP Poisonous Wand

Its effect is currently bad and will be balanced in 1.7

+Topaz, Topaz Ore, Topaz Block

+WIP Ancient Iron Ore, Ingot

+WIP Superior Amber Ore, Superior Amber: it will be used in the future for advanced wands

+WIP Clothes (Blank Shirt and Cow Shirt)

+WIP Turquoise, Turquoise Ore

And more!

1.7 - Smart Update - (06/10/2018)

This update will require a lot of time because I need to remake all the events and most recipes

I think I forgot some events/recipes (yes, I know I didn't fix the wiki, that will be done soon, it's a lot of work), so if you find any bugs, please report them :(

From this update on I will start describing changes in the changelog (however, since this mod is in alpha, everything is subject to changes and only important changes are listed, recipe changes aren't); this update makes a lot of nice changes so be sure to read all of them


+Infernal Furnace

Used to smelt Lavic Ore and Lavic Fish, uses Hot Coal as fuel

+Advanced Brewing Stand

For making advanced potions: here is a little description on how to make advanced potions.

The first step is to (open the GUI by right-clicking the Advanced Brewing Stand) put an EMPTY BOTTLE (not a water bottle), some Spectral Cream as fuel and an ingredient: Magical Crystal, Mana or Amber. You get different potions with these 3 ingredients (Uncommon Potion, Unusual Potion and Unknown Potion), however only 1 of them is required for the next step and the other 2 potions are totally useless (and are meant to be useless). I won't tell you what's the right potion, you need to discover it by yourself.

The second step is to put one of the three potions of the first step (remember, only one is the right one), then a Spectral Cream and an ingredient:

Use a Frog Leg for making a Potion of Saturation (In real life frogs can resist a lot of time without eating; I don't want to make Potions of Saturation simply made from Pig/Cow meat, like some mods do)

Use a Resistance Dust for a Potion of Resistance

+Advanced boss AIs

Finally! Now bosses are like vanilla bosses, they don't just attack you with a sword or a bow! (Now the Water Spirit King clones himself, the Fire Spirit King summons an army of Fire Spirits and Fire Spirits Archers and the Spectral Emperor does lots of different things! All of them explode when summoned so you can't trap them)

+Clothes Machine

With this you can make clothes, however you need the Bronze Gear, a currently uncraftable item that will be craftable after that I'll add the 8 dimensions (yes, 8 dimensions are planned)

+Raw MegaDiamond

For some balancing


A new animal with custom model that spawns in the swamp and in the rivers

+Frog Leg

Used for Saturation Potions (in real life frogs survive a lot of time without eating; I didn't want to make a potion made with pig/cow/chicken meat, like some mods do); is edible

+Cooked Frog Leg


A creature summoned by the Summoner

+Potion of Saturation, Potion of Resistance

+Summoner's Amulet

Obtained when killing a summoner. Currently useless, will be used for making some potions in the future

+Royal Soul

Obtained when killing King Spirits. Used for crafting

+Ghostly Wand

It's a new type of wand that acts like a ranged item: consumes mana, does some damage and makes a Soul Trap, a block that slowns down entities that collide it and explodes after a few time

+Magical Milk

+Spectral Cream

Used as a fuel for Advanced Brewing

+Glowshroom, Glowshroom Block, Glowshroom Stem and Glowing Land

I don't know why but giant Glowshrooms don't spawn in Glowing Lands

+Ender Pearl Block, Ender Eye Block, Spectral Eye Block and Poison Pearl Block

You can right-click the Ender Pearl Block with a Basic wand for teleporting there. The Spectral Eye Block has another special power: it looks weird

+MegaDiamond Block, Turquoise Block and Brass Block

+Dark Bark

Like in 1.13

+Ancient Iron Dust

Used for the Resistance Dust

+Resistance Dust

Used for Resistance Potions

+Potion of Resistance, Potion of Saturation

+Unknown Potion, Uncommon Potion and Unusual Potion

Only one of them is used for advanced brewing while the others aren't and are meant to be totally useless (I won't tell you which one is the right potion)


For making shirts

+A new shirt (Pig)

~Now Pulverizer, Depulverizer and the Working Machine are blocks (removed the item form)

~Totems give effects for less time and only when held in hand

~Now smelting Lavic Ore and Lavic Fish requires an Infernal Furnace

~Now Summoners summon more creatures

~Now you need to kill the Water Spirit King before going to the Hot Nether

~Completely changed advancements, now they guide you through the whole adventure

~Now the Water Reactor also summons Guardians

~Now the Earth Wand and the Poison Wand (especially the Poison Wand) are more powerful

~Changed A LOT of recipes

~Now Chicken Zombies attack Werewolf Foxes only after attacked

~Changed some textures

-Gun and Bullet

I only added them for more uses to lead and steel, and now that steel and lead have more uses I removed guns (I don't like them and I don't think they fit in Minecraft).

! Werewolf Foxes didn't attack Zombie Chickens

! Blackberries gave speed

1.8 - Cold Update - (06/16/2018)

+Eternal Cold Dimension


Used to refine things:

At the moment you can only make Refined Diamonds and Refined Poison Pearls. Put a MegaDiamond in the upper slot and a Diamond Block in the lower one for a Refined MegaDiamond or a Poison Pearl in the upper slot and Poisonous Leaves in the lower one for a Refined Poison Wand

+Freezing Machine

Can freeze things like Water Essence and Ice Cobblestone. Requires Ice Essence as fuel

+Icestone, Icecobblestone

+Glacial Metal Ore

Needs to be smelt 2 times

+Glacial Metal Ingot, Block

+Blocks of Magic Crystals for all the gems (ruby, sapphire, amethyst, topach, turquoise and emerald)


For the Ice Dimension

+Frozen Grass

+Totem of Ice Immunity

It prevents some negative ice effects (such as slowness of the Freezing Water) (currently unobtainable in survival)

+Freezing Water

+Ice Essence

Makes you slower, if you don't have a Totem of Ice Immunity in your hand. If you have a Totem of Ice Immunity it makes you faster instead

+Ancient Iron Block

+Block of Flint

+Silver Pickaxe, Silver Axe, Silver Shovel and Silver Hoe

+Bronze Sword and Tools

+Lavic Hoe

The best way to spend Lavic Ingots

+Refined Poison Pearl

You need this now for poison crafting

+New Advancements

~Changed some blocks, items and mobs' textures and added better translucent transparency to some blocks such as soul trap and soul glass

~Now you can't simply craft Refined MegaDiamonds by surrounding a Raw MegaDiamond with 8 Diamonds, you need the Refinery

~Now the Regeneration Path isn't OP anymore, it's completely different: now it's called Path of Impairment, it gives weakness, mining fatigue, nausea, hunger and a totally useless regeneration. So now it has a negative effect but it's still useful because weak mobs can't kill you (but you can't kill them) and it's extremely useful on the poisonous forest because Poisonmites on it can't damage you, but remember that it stills makes you very hungry

~Changed some names to be more original


Might be added again in the future

!Earth Wand didn't work properly

1.9 - Agricolture Update - (07/04/2018)

+16 Stained Wood Planks

Their textures are based on 1.12 color palette (I used the colors of the colored wools)

+Growing Bushes

Now you can plant berry bushes and watch them grow with a 3d model


+Tomato Seeds

Randomly got when breaking tall grass; they can be planted on farmland

+Sprout Amber

Used for filling the Essence Pot and for crafting the Charging Wand


Put some wheat in the Pulverizer for obtaining it

+Pizza! :D

~Now normal Bushes drop themselves

~Now the Essence Pot is a block

~Changed a few names (Water Stone is Hydrostone and Wood Ore is Cave Roots for example)

~Made Tin a bit rarer and Cave Roots a bit more common


I removed the Chiseler, but I added more original recipes for crafting the chiseled blocks (that changed the name)

-Frozen Grass

It was very useful and bugged... I had different plans on the Ice Dimension when I added this, but since I can't get biomes not spawning in the overworld there won't be trees in RaolCraft dimensions :(

! Silver Tools couldn't be enchanted using Amber

2.0 - - (07/09/2018 - [...])

Still alpha :/

Part 1 - Chiseled Stuff - 07/09/2018

I didn't want to release snapshots for 2.0, but there was a very important bug to fix so that's why I released this snapshot

+Peridot Ore, Peridot

+35 Chiseled Wood Planks (5 for every wood type: Oak, Spruce, Birch, Jungle, Acacia, Dark Oak and Umbrawood)

+5 Chiseled types of Hot Bricks (that aren't made with the Chiseler since it was removed) (Hot Monobrick, Hot Multibricks, Big Hot Bricks, Chiseled Hot Monobrick ans Chiseled Hot Bricks)

+A new type of bricks (Chiseled Bricks, like vanilla Chiseled Stone Bricks)

+Lime Crystal Block

+Path Maker of Invisibility, Path of Invisibility

+Now the Pulverizer can do a few more things, like turning stone into cobblestone, cobblestone into gravel and gravel into flint

+New Advancements

~Balanced Ore Generation

~Balanced some recipes

~Renamed Depulverizer to Dust Smelter because I think it's a more original name (also because it can't reverse all the changes of the Pulverizer, it just turns dusts into ingots, not flint into gravel...)

~Renamed Dark Wood to Umbrawood

~Like most updates, changed textures...


I removed it since it's hard to document all the mod with procedures and boring GUI making :/

! Sprout Amber was not working

! A recipe was wrong

! There were too many RaolCraft mobs on the biomes

Part 2 -  - Coming Soon

Actually I planned to add 3 ice bosses in this update... But I'm too lazy to add them so I decided to add the Flora Dimension. The Flora Dimension was planned to be a jungle/flower dimension, but since I can't get biomes to not spawn in the overworld, I changed the plans and made it look like a big tree dimension. After a few days, I changed idea and decided to add the Ice bosses, but only one boss and the others will be minibosses that I will add in future updates. I also decided to add all the missing dimensions, bosses and the Dark Emperor to make this mod finally beta.

+Flora Dimension

The portal is made of Flora Bricks, the igniter is the Flora Scepter (will soon change the name)

+Flora Bricks

+Primal Bark, Eternal Leaves, Eternal Berries and Flora Ore

All of them are generated in the Flora Dimension

+Ice Boss (will soon change its name)

A boss with custom 3d model.

It was planned to be like Grow Castle's Ice Golem, but while making its model I changed idea and I made it like a sky-blue enderman-irongolem

+Mana Crystal

+Block of Peridot

+Block of Poisonous Shards

Mainly added for balancing: it's used for refining Poisonous Pearls

+Dark Diamonds

+Eternal Berry

+Potion of Glowing

+Glowshroom Cow

It sometimes lays Glowshrooms (at the same rate of a Modular Expansion's Dragon Chicken lays eggs)

Right-click it with a bucket in your hand to get a Magical Milk Bucket

~Now Green and Lime Crystal Blocks are a bit more different

~Now Tomato crops grow a lot slower

~Now ungrown Tomato crops drop 1 Tomato Seed when broken

~Now you can break istantly Tomato crops

~Now Water Ore's texture is animated

Nice! Can you just tell me what Ω means? But nice mod!

Submitted by CAHEKa on Sat, 03/31/2018 - 08:03

There's no words in English language to describe how cool is this

Remember that this mod is still in alpha so some recipes and some features may be changed before the beta

Can i recommend you to send old versions and versions over 15mb in Curseforge? Its safer then Mediafire since it has NO ADS! Also, you can install your mods to Twitch with Curseforge. Curse also holds the official Minecraft Gamepedia.