Infinity & Ores

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Due to the massive update of this mod, to download the future "Infinity & Ores" versions, please go to the official Curse Forge page here:

The Infinity & Ores mod is a mod created by Thediamondcrystal in order to enhance the vanilla world by adding tons of new ores, all for the overworld, nether and end, new dimensions, new bosses and more. Kindly created using MCreator, this mod is a revamp of one of Thediamondcrystal's old mod; Magical Infinity. From new blocks like the Opristonium Ore or a Glitched Block to new dimensions, this mod has something for everyone.


You are allowed to make videos using this mod. Using it in your modpacks is allowed as long as you link this mod page. YOU CANNOT MAKE PROFIT USING THIS MOD (Curse modpacks are OK though).



- Tons of brand new ores, including Nether and End version.
- Tons of new advancements.
- New armor and tools.
- Many more things coming in the later snapshots!



Q: Can I include this mod in my mod pack?
A: Of course, as long as you link this mod page. YOU CANNOT MAKE PROFIT USING THIS MOD (Curse modpacks are OK though).
Q: Is this mod a Client side mod or a Server side mod?
A: It's a Server side mod, since it modifies the world generation by adding new ores, new dimensions and more.
Q: I have an issue / bug / report / request, where can I send it?
A: Just contact me at with the object as "Infinity & Ores (Version)*: (Reason)**" so I can easily find it.

*(Version) means the mod version, like Test 1.0.5
**(Reason) can be anything, either:
- A bug report, in that case, put "Infinity & Ores (Version): Bug Report"
- A feature request, in that case, put "Infinity & Ores (Version): Feature Report". Even better, if you have textures for things you want me to add, just send it with the feature request.


Keep in mind that I'm not a mod developper, I'm just someone who makes this mod for fun. If your issue is not dealt in the next version of the mod, don't panic, since I'll take time to find it out and fix it.


To suggest ideas, talk with others and more, please consider joining the official Discord server for Infinity & Ores:

Modification files

vTest 1.0.0

Overworld Ores
- Added Copper Ore (infinity_and_ore:copper_ore)
- Added Corrupted Ore (infinity_and_ore:corrputed_ore)
- Added Ruby Ore (infinity_and_ore:ruby_ore)
- Added Sapphire Ore (infinity_and_ore:sapphire_ore)
- Added Amethyst Ore (infinity_and_ore:amethyst_ore)
- Added Ioquoline Ore (infinity_and_ore:ioquoline_ore)
- Added Slizite Ore (infinity_and_ore:slizite_ore)
- Added Joynurine Ore (infinity_and_ore:joynurine_ore)
- Added Opristonium Ore (infinity_and_ore:opristonium_ore)
- Added Infinity Ore (infinity_and_ore:infinity_ore)
- Added Stable Ore (infinity_and_ore:stable_ore)

Nether Ores
- Added Nether Coal Ore (infinity_and_ore:nether_coal_ore)
- Added Nether Iron Ore (infinity_and_ore:nether_iron_ore)
- Added Nether Gold Ore (infinity_and_ore:nether_goal_ore)
- Added Nether Lapis Lazuli Ore (infinity_and_ore:nether_lapis_lazuli_ore)
- Added Nether Redstone Ore (infinity_and_ore:nether_redstone_ore)
- Added Nether Diamond Ore (infinity_and_ore:nether_diamond_ore)
- Added Nether Coal Ore (infinity_and_ore:nether_coal_ore)
- Added Nether Emerald Ore (infinity_and_ore:nether_emerald_ore)
- Added Corrupted Nether Ore (infinity_and_ore:corrupted_nether_ore)
- Added Nether Ruby Ore (infinity_and_ore:nether_ruby_ore)
- Added Nether Sapphire Ore (infinity_and_ore:nether_sapphire_ore)
- Added Nether Amethyst Ore (infinity_and_ore:nether_amethyst_ore)
- Added Nether Ioquoline Ore (infinity_and_ore:nether_ioquoline_ore)
- Added Nether Slizite Ore (infinity_and_ore:nether_slizite_ore)
- Added Nether Joynurine Ore (infinity_and_ore:nether_joynurine_ore)
- Added Nether Opristonium Ore (infinity_and_ore:nether_opristonium_ore)
- Added Nether Infinity Ore (infinity_and_ore:nether_infinity_ore)

End Ores
- Added Ender Glitched Ore (infinity_and_ore:corrupted_end_ore)
- Added Ender Ruby Ore (infinity_and_ore:ender_ruby_ore)
- Added Ender Sapphire Ore (infinity_and_ore:ender_sapphire_ore)
- Added Ender Sapphire Ore (infinity_and_ore:ender_amethyst_ore)
- Added Ender Ioquoline Ore (infinity_and_ore:ender_ioquoline_ore)
- Added Ender Slizite Ore (infinity_and_ore:ender_slizite_ore)
- Added Ender Joynurine Ore (infinity_and_ore:ender_joynurine_ore)
- Added Ender Opristonium Ore (infinity_and_ore:ender)opristonium_ore)
- Added Ender Infinity Ore (infinity_and_ore:ender_infinity_ore)

Ore Blocks
- Added Copper Block (infinity_and_ore:copper_block)
- Added Corrupted Block (infinity_and_ore:corrputed_block)
- Added Ruby Block (infinity_and_ore:ruby_block)
- Added Sapphire Block (infinity_and_ore:sapphire_block)
- Added Amethyst Block (infinity_and_ore:amethyst_block)
- Added Ioquoline Block (infinity_and_ore:ioquoline_block)
- Added Slizite Block (infinity_and_ore:slizite_block)
- Added Joynurine Block (infinity_and_ore:joynurine_block)
- Added Opristonium Block (infinity_and_ore:opristonium_block)
- Added Infinity Block (infinity_and_ore:infinity_block)
- Added Stable Block (infinity_and_ore:stable_block)

- Added Copper (infinity_and_ore:copper_ingot)
- Added Corrupted Ingot (infinity_and_ore:corrupted_ingot)
- Added Ruby Gem (infinity_and_ore:ruby_gem)
- Added Sapphire Gem (infinity_and_ore:sapphire_gem)
- Added Amethyst Gem (infinity_and_ore:amethyst_gem)
- Added Ioquoline Gem (infinity_and_ore:ioquoline_gem)
- Added Slizite (infinity_and_ore:slizite_ingot)
- Added Slizite (infinity_and_ore:slizite_dust)
- Added Joynurine Gem (infinity_and_ore:joynurine_gem)
- Added Opristonium Gem (infinity_and_ore:opristonium_gem)
- Added Infinity Gem (infinity_and_ore:infinity_gem)
- Added Stable (infinity_and_ore:stable_ingot)

Tools & Armors
- Added Copper Pickaxe (infinity_and_ore:copper_pickaxe)
- Added Copper Axe (infinity_and_ore:copper_axe)
- Added Copper Shovel (infinity_and_ore:copper_shovel)
- Added Copper Hoe (infinity_and_ore:copper_hoe)
- Added Copper Sword (infinity_and_ore:copper_sword)
- Added Copper Helmet (infinity_and_ore:copperhelmet)
- Added Copper Chestplate (infinity_and_ore:copperbody)
- Added Copper Leggings (infinity_and_ore:copperleggings)
- Added Copper Boots (infinity_and_ore:copperboots)
- Added Corrupted Pickaxe (infinity_and_ore:corrupted_pickaxe)
- Added Corrupted Axe (infinity_and_ore:corrupted_axe)
- Added Corrupted Shovel (infinity_and_ore:corrupted_shovel)
- Added Corrupted Hoe (infinity_and_ore:corrupted_hoe)
- Added Corrupted Sword (infinity_and_ore:corrupted_sword)
- Added Emerald Pickaxe (infinity_and_ore:emerald_pickaxe)
- Added Emerald Axe (infinity_and_ore:emerald_axe)
- Added Emerald Shovel (infinity_and_ore:emerald_shovel)
- Added Emerald Hoe (infinity_and_ore:emerald_hoe)
- Added Emerald Sword (infinity_and_ore:emerald_sword)
- Added Emerald Helmet (infinity_and_ore:emeraldhelmet)
- Added Emerald Chestplate (infinity_and_ore:emeraldbody)
- Added Emerald Leggings (infinity_and_ore:emeraldleggings)
- Added Emerald Boots (infinity_and_ore:emeraldboots)
- Added Ruby Pickaxe (infinity_and_ore:ruby_pickaxe)
- Added Ruby Axe (infinity_and_ore:ruby_axe)
- Added Ruby Shovel (infinity_and_ore:ruby_shovel)
- Added Ruby Hoe (infinity_and_ore:ruby_hoe)
- Added Ruby Sword (infinity_and_ore:ruby_sword)
- Added Ruby Helmet (infinity_and_ore:rubyhelmet)
- Added Ruby Chestplate (infinity_and_ore:rubybody)
- Added Ruby Leggings (infinity_and_ore:rubyleggings)
- Added Ruby Boots (infinity_and_ore:rubyboots)
- Added Sapphire Pickaxe (infinity_and_ore:sapphire_pickaxe)
- Added Sapphire Axe (infinity_and_ore:sapphire_axe)
- Added Sapphire Shovel (infinity_and_ore:sapphire_shovel)
- Added Sapphire Hoe (infinity_and_ore:sapphire_hoe)
- Added Sapphire Sword (infinity_and_ore:sapphire_sword)
- Added Sapphire Helmet (infinity_and_ore:sapphirehelmet)
- Added Sapphire Chestplate (infinity_and_ore:sapphirebody)
- Added Sapphire Leggings (infinity_and_ore:sapphireleggings)
- Added Sapphire Boots (infinity_and_ore:sapphireboots)
- Added Amethyst Pickaxe (infinity_and_ore:amethyst_pickaxe)
- Added Amethyst Axe (infinity_and_ore:amethyst_axe)
- Added Amethyst Shovel (infinity_and_ore:amethyst_shovel)
- Added Amethyst Hoe (infinity_and_ore:amethyst_hoe)
- Added Amethyst Sword (infinity_and_ore:amethyst_sword)
- Added Amethyst Helmet (infinity_and_ore:amethysthelmet)
- Added Amethyst Chestplate (infinity_and_ore:amethystbody)
- Added Amethyst Leggings (infinity_and_ore:amethystleggings)
- Added Amethyst Boots (infinity_and_ore:amethystboots)
- Added Ioquoline Pickaxe (infinity_and_ore:ioquoline_pickaxe)
- Added Ioquoline Axe (infinity_and_ore:ioquoline_axe)
- Added Ioquoline Shovel (infinity_and_ore:ioquoline_shovel)
- Added Ioquoline Hoe (infinity_and_ore:ioquoline_hoe)
- Added Ioquoline Sword (infinity_and_ore:ioquoline_sword)
- Added Ioquoline Helmet (infinity_and_ore:ioquolinehelmet)
- Added Ioquoline Chestplate (infinity_and_ore:ioquolinebody)
- Added Ioquoline Leggings (infinity_and_ore:ioquolineleggings)
- Added Ioquoline Boots (infinity_and_ore:ioquolineboots)
- Added Slizite Pickaxe (infinity_and_ore:slizite_pickaxe)
- Added Slizite Axe (infinity_and_ore:slizite_axe)
- Added Slizite Shovel (infinity_and_ore:slizite_shovel)
- Added Slizite Hoe (infinity_and_ore:slizite_hoe)
- Added Slizite Sword (infinity_and_ore:slizite_sword)
- Added Slizite Helmet (infinity_and_ore:slizitehelmet)
- Added Slizite Chestplate (infinity_and_ore:slizitebody)
- Added Slizite Leggings (infinity_and_ore:sliziteleggings)
- Added Slizite Boots (infinity_and_ore:sliziteboots)
- Added Joynurine Pickaxe (infinity_and_ore:joynurine_pickaxe)
- Added Joynurine Axe (infinity_and_ore:joynurine_axe)
- Added Joynurine Shovel (infinity_and_ore:joynurine_shovel)
- Added Joynurine Hoe (infinity_and_ore:joynurine_hoe)
- Added Joynurine Sword (infinity_and_ore:joynurine_sword)
- Added Joynurine Helmet (infinity_and_ore:joynurinehelmet)
- Added Joynurine Chestplate (infinity_and_ore:joynurinebody)
- Added Joynurine Leggings (infinity_and_ore:joynurineleggings)
- Added Joynurine Boots (infinity_and_ore:joynurineboots)
- Added Opristonium Pickaxe (infinity_and_ore:opristonium_pickaxe)
- Added Opristonium Axe (infinity_and_ore:opristonium_axe)
- Added Opristonium Shovel (infinity_and_ore:opristonium_shovel)
- Added Opristonium Hoe (infinity_and_ore:opristonium_hoe)
- Added Opristonium Sword (infinity_and_ore:opristonium_sword)
- Added Opristonium Helmet (infinity_and_ore:opristoniumhelmet)
- Added Opristonium Chestplate (infinity_and_ore:opristoniumbody)
- Added Opristonium Leggings (infinity_and_ore:opristoniumleggings)
- Added Opristonium Boots (infinity_and_ore:opristoniumboots)
- Added Infinity Pickaxe (infinity_and_ore:infinity_pickaxe)
- Added Infinity Axe (infinity_and_ore:infinity_axe)
- Added Infinity Shovel (infinity_and_ore:infinity_shovel)
- Added Infinity Hoe (infinity_and_ore:infinity_hoe)
- Added Infinity Sword (infinity_and_ore:infinity_sword)
- Added Infinity Helmet (infinity_and_ore:infinityhelmet)
- Added Infinity Chestplate (infinity_and_ore:infinitybody)
- Added Infinity Leggings (infinity_and_ore:infinityleggings)
- Added Infinity Boots (infinity_and_ore:infinityboots)
- Added Stable Pickaxe (infinity_and_ore:stable_pickaxe)
- Added Stable Axe (infinity_and_ore:stable_axe)
- Added Stable Shovel (infinity_and_ore:stable_shovel)
- Added Stable Hoe (infinity_and_ore:stable_hoe)
- Added Stable Sword (infinity_and_ore:stable_sword)
- Added Stable Helmet (infinity_and_ore:stablehelmet)
- Added Stable Chestplate (infinity_and_ore:stablebody)
- Added Stable Leggings (infinity_and_ore:stableleggings)
- Added Stable Boots (infinity_and_ore:stableboots)


vTest 1.0.1


vTest 1.0.2

- Fixed a unknown crash when using Test 1.0.1


vTest 1.0.3

Overworld Ores
- Added Azure Ruthe Ore (infinity_and_ore:azure_ruthe_ore)
- Added Cryostite Ore (infinity_and_ore:cryostite_ore)

Nether Ores
- Changed Nether Lapis Lazuli Ore's ID from infinity_and_ore:nether_lapis_lazuli_ore to infinity_and_ore:nether_lapis_ore to match the overworld Lapis Lazuli ore ID

- Added Ender Azure Ruthe Ore (infinity_and_ore:netherazurerutheore)
- Added Ender Cryostite Ore (infinity_and_ore:nethercryostiteore)

End Ores
- Added Ender Coal Ore (infinity_and_ore:ender_coal_ore)
- Added Ender Iron Ore (infinity_and_ore:ender_iron_ore)
- Added Ender Gold Ore (infinity_and_ore:ender_goal_ore)
- Added Ender Lapis Lazuli Ore (infinity_and_ore:ender_lapis_ore)
- Added Ender Redstone Ore (infinity_and_ore:ender_redstone_ore)
- Added Ender Diamond Ore (infinity_and_ore:ender_diamond_ore)
- Added Ender Coal Ore (infinity_and_ore:ender_coal_ore)
- Added Ender Emerald Ore (infinity_and_ore:ender_emerald_ore)
- Added Ender Azure Ruthe Ore (infinity_and_ore:enderazurerutheore)
- Added Ender Cryostite Ore (infinity_and_ore:endercryostiteore)

Ore Blocks
- Added Block of Azure Ruthe (infinity_and_ore:azure_ruthe_block)
- Added Block of Cryostite (infinity_and_ore:cryostite_block)
- Added Block of Gildertite (infinity_and_ore:gildertite_block)
- Added Block of Indisotile (infinity_and_ore:indisotile_block)
- Added Block of Emiotriz (infinity_and_ore:emiotriz_block)
- Added Block of Diadspinel (infinity_and_ore:diadspinel_block)

- Fixed all Gem's name to follow it's ID
- Added Corrupted Goo (infinity_and_ore:corrupted_goo)
- Added Azure Ruthe Ingot (infinity_and_ore:azure_ruthe_ingot)
- Added Cryostite Ingot (infinity_and_ore:cryostite_ingot)
- Added Gildertite Ingot (infinity_and_ore:gildertite_ingot)
- Added Indisotile Ingot (infinity_and_ore:indisotile_ingot)
- Added Emiotriz Gem (infinity_and_ore:emiotriz_gem)
- Added Diadspinel Gem (infinity_and_ore:diadspinel_gem)

Tools & Armors
- Changed some armor names from '(mineral)(part)" to "(minera)_(part)"
- Added Corrupted Helmet (infinity_and_ore:corruptedhelmet)
- Added Corrupted Chestplate (infinity_and_ore:corruptedbody)
- Added Corrupted Leggings (infinity_and_ore:corruptedleggings)
- Added Corrupted Boots (infinity_and_ore:corruptedboots)
- Added Azure Ruthe Pickaxe (infinity_and_ore:azure_ruthe_pickaxe)
- Added Azure Ruthe Axe (infinity_and_ore:azure_ruthe_axe)
- Added Azure Ruthe Shovel (infinity_and_ore:azure_ruthe_shovel)
- Added Azure Ruthe Hoe (infinity_and_ore:azure_ruthe_hoe)
- Added Azure Ruthe Sword (infinity_and_ore:azure_ruthe_sword)
- Added Azure Ruthe Helmet (infinity_and_ore:azure_ruthehelmet)
- Added Azure Ruthe Chestplate (infinity_and_ore:azure_ruthebody)
- Added Azure Ruthe Leggings (infinity_and_ore:azure_rutheleggings)
- Added Azure Ruthe Boots (infinity_and_ore:azure_rutheboots)
- Added Cryostite Pickaxe (infinity_and_ore:cryostite_pickaxe)
- Added Cryostite Axe (infinity_and_ore:cryostite_axe)
- Added Cryostite Shovel (infinity_and_ore:cryostite_shovel)
- Added Cryostite Hoe (infinity_and_ore:cryostite_hoe)
- Added Cryostite Sword (infinity_and_ore:cryostite_sword)
- Added Cryostite Helmet (infinity_and_ore:cryostitehelmet)
- Added Cryostite Chestplate (infinity_and_ore:cryostitebody)
- Added Cryostite Leggings (infinity_and_ore:cryostiteleggings)
- Added Cryostite Boots (infinity_and_ore:cryostiteboots)
- Added Gildertite Pickaxe (infinity_and_ore:gildertite_pickaxe)
- Added Gildertite Axe (infinity_and_ore:gildertite_axe)
- Added Gildertite Shovel (infinity_and_ore:gildertite_shovel)
- Added Gildertite Hoe (infinity_and_ore:gildertite_hoe)
- Added Gildertite Sword (infinity_and_ore:gildertite_sword)
- Added Gildertite Helmet (infinity_and_ore:gildertitehelmet)
- Added Gildertite Chestplate (infinity_and_ore:gildertitebody)
- Added Gildertite Leggings (infinity_and_ore:gildertiteleggings)
- Added Gildertite Boots (infinity_and_ore:gildertiteboots)
- Added Indisotile Pickaxe (infinity_and_ore:indisotile_pickaxe)
- Added Indisotile Axe (infinity_and_ore:indisotile_axe)
- Added Indisotile Shovel (infinity_and_ore:indisotile_shovel)
- Added Indisotile Hoe (infinity_and_ore:indisotile_hoe)
- Added Indisotile Sword (infinity_and_ore:indisotile_sword)
- Added Indisotile Helmet (infinity_and_ore:indisotilearmorhelmet)
- Added Indisotile Chestplate (infinity_and_ore:indisotilearmorbody)
- Added Indisotile Leggings (infinity_and_ore:indisotilearmorleggings)
- Added Indisotile Boots (infinity_and_ore:indisotilearmorboots)
- Added Emiotriz Pickaxe (infinity_and_ore:emiotriz_pickaxe)
- Added Emiotriz Axe (infinity_and_ore:emiotriz_axe)
- Added Emiotriz Shovel (infinity_and_ore:emiotriz_shovel)
- Added Emiotriz Hoe (infinity_and_ore:emiotriz_hoe)
- Added Emiotriz Sword (infinity_and_ore:emiotriz_sword)
- Added Emiotriz Helmet (infinity_and_ore:emiotrizhelmet)
- Added Emiotriz Chestplate (infinity_and_ore:emiotrizbody)
- Added Emiotriz Leggings (infinity_and_ore:emiotrizleggings)
- Added Emiotriz Boots (infinity_and_ore:emiotrizboots)
- Added Diadspinel Pickaxe (infinity_and_ore:diadspinel_pickaxe)
- Added Diadspinel Axe (infinity_and_ore:diadspinel_axe)
- Added Diadspinel Shovel (infinity_and_ore:diadspinel_shovel)
- Added Diadspinel Hoe (infinity_and_ore:diadspinel_hoe)
- Added Diadspinel Sword (infinity_and_ore:diadspinel_sword)
- Added Diadspinel Helmet (infinity_and_ore:diadspinelhelmet)
- Added Diadspinel Chestplate (infinity_and_ore:diadspinelbody)
- Added Diadspinel Leggings (infinity_and_ore:diadspinelleggings)
- Added Diadspinel Boots (infinity_and_ore:diadspinelboots)

- Added 25 advancements, all seperated in 3 tabs: "Let a new Era begin", "Hunter And Hunted" and "Minecraft"


vTest 1.0.4


vTest 1.0.5

Overworld Ores
- Changed Corrupted Ore's ID from infinity_and_ore:corrputed_ore to infinity_and_ore:corrupted_ore to match it's name
- Changed Corrupted Block's ID from infinity_and_ore:corrputed_block to infinity_and_ore:corrupted_block to match it's name

Nether Ores
- Changed Nether Azure Ruthe Ore's name from Ender Azure Ruthe Ore to Nether Azure Ruthe Ore
- Changed Nether Cryostite Ore's name from Ender Cryostite Ore to Nether Cryostite Ore
- Changed Nether Azure Ruthe Ore's ID from infinity_and_ore:netherazurerutheore to infinity_and_ore:nether_azure_ruthe_ore
- Changed Nether Cryostite Ore's ID from infinity_and_ore:nethercryostiteore to infinity_and_ore:nether_cryostite_ore

End Ores
- Changed Ender Azure Ruthe Ore's ID from infinity_and_ore:enderazurerutheore to infinity_and_ore:ender_azure_ruthe_ore
- Changed Ender Cryostite Ore's ID from infinity_and_ore:endercryostiteore to infinity_and_ore:ender_cryostite_ore

Tools & Armors
- Changed all armor names from '(mineral)(part)" to "(minera)_(part)"

Creative Tabs
- Added 5 new creative tabs;
    - Infinity & Ores: Building Blocks
    - Infinity & Ores: Decoration Blocks
    - Infinity & Ores: Miscellaneous
    - Infinity & Ores: Foods
    - Infinity & Ores: Tools & Combat


vTest 1.1.0

- Added Corrupted Stone (infinity_and_ore:corrupted_stone)
- Added Corrupted Cobblestone (infinity_and_ore:corrupted_cobblestone)
- Added Corrupted Cobblestone (infinity_and_ore:corrupted_stonebrick)
- Added Corrupted Obsidian (infinity_and_ore:corrupted_obsidian)
- Added Corrupted Dirt (infinity_and_ore:corrupted_dirt)
- Added Corrupted Grass (infinity_and_ore:corrupted_grass)
- Added Corrupted Gravel (infinity_and_ore:corrupted_gravel)
- Added Corrupted Wood (infinity_and_ore:corrupted_wood)
- Added Corrupted Planks (infinity_and_ore:corrupted_planks)
- Added Corrupted Sapling (infinity_and_ore:corrupted_sapling)
- Added Corrupted Leaves (infinity_and_ore:corrupted_apple_leaves)
- Added Corrupted Leaves (infinity_and_ore:corrupted_leaves)
- Added Corrupted Melon (infinity_and_ore:corrupted_melon_block)
- Added Corrupted Water

- Added Corrupted Flint (infinity_and_ore:corrupted_flint)
- Added Corrupted String (infinity_and_ore:corrupted_string)
- Added Corrupted Stick (infinity_and_ore:corrupted_stick)
- Added Corrupted Arrow (infinity_and_ore:corrupted_arrow)
- Added Corrupted Water Bucket

- Added Corrupted Cooked Steak (infinity_and_ore:corrupted_cooked_beef)
- Added Double Corrupted Apple (infinity_and_ore:double_corrupted_apple)
- Added Corrupted Stew (infinity_and_ore:corrupted_stew)
- Added Corrupted Melon (infinity_and_ore:corrupted_melon)
- Added Enchanted Double Corrupted Apple (infinity_and_ore:enchanted_double_corrupted_apple)
- Added Corrupted Beef (infinity_and_ore:corrupted_beef)
- Added Corrupted Apple (infinity_and_ore:corrupted_apple)

Tools & Armors
- Added Corrupted Flint & Steel (infinity_and_ore:corrupted_flint_and_steel)
- Added Corrupted Bow (infinity_and_ore:corrupted_bow)

- Added Corrupted Cow
- Added Corrupted Creeper
- Added Corrupted Skeleton
- Added Corrupted Spider
- Added Corrupted Zombie
- Added Corrupter

- Added the Corrupted Dimension


vTest 1.1.1

- Removed Corrupted Sapling
- Added Corrupted Copper Ore (infinity_and_ore:corruptedcopperore)
- Added Corrupted Sand (infinity_and_ore:corrupted_sand)
- Added Corrupted Sandstone (infinity_and_ore:corrupted_sandstone)
- Added Corrupted Hay Block (infinity_and_ore:corrupted_hay_block)
- Added Corrupted Lava

- Added Corrupted Wheat (infinity_and_ore:corrupted_wheat)
- Added Corrupted Star (infinity_and_ore:corrupted_star)
- Added Corrupted Lava Bucket

- Added Corrupted Bread (infinity_and_ore:corrupted_bread)

- Removed Corrupted Skeleton

- Added 7 new advancements, all in a new tab; "The Beginning of a new world"
- Moved all "Stable Ingot" advancements from the Hunter and Hunted tab to The Beginning of a new world tab


vTest 1.1.2


vTest 1.1.3

- Added Corrupted Barrel (infinity_and_ores:corrupted_barrel)

- Added the Corrupted Egg
- Changed the Corrupted Star so it only has 32 uses instead of infinite uses and made ot so it stays in the crafting grid

- Changed the Corrupter's name to Corrupted

- Added 3 new advancement to the The Beginning of a new world tab; Wood Chopper, Preparation and The End of an Era
- Changed most of the advancements so they are not hidden until they are collected


vTest 1.2.0 Snapshot 1

Welcome to the brand new version of Infinity & Ores. This complete rewrite and remake brings 1 brand new ore: Ezesolite; An ore found only in the end that grants the user the power of the end (Just a strong armor).

Keep in mind that this version is A COMPLETE REWRITE, so please DO NOT use it in a world with the old version, since 95% of the blocks, items and advancements and not here. You've been warned...

- Removed 95% of the old blocks (Will probably come back in the future)
- Added "Glitched Station"
- Added "Opristonium Nugget"
- Added "Opristonium Ingot"
- Added "Opristonium Scrap"
- Added Nether and End version of "Glitched Ore"
- Added "Glitched Shard"
- Added "Glitched Crystal"
- Added "Ezesolite Ore"
- Added "Ezesolite Gem"
- Added "Ezesolite Shard"
- Added "Ezesolite Block"
- Added "Ezesolite Sword"
- Added "Ezesolite Pickaxe"
- Added "Ezesolite Shovel"
- Added "Ezesolite Axe"
- Added "Ezesolite Hoe"
- Added "Ezesolite Helmet"
- Added "Ezesolite Chestplate"
- Added "Ezesolite Leggings"
- Added "Ezesolite Boots"
- Added "Ezesolite Ore"
- Added 10 new music discs, all most favorite music composed by Thediamoncrystal (These discs are creative mode only items, but in later snapshots, they'll be available to survival players too)
- Added tons of new advancements and recipes