QI (1000 Quest Items) Mod

Published by Ghoulander on Wed, 04/17/2019 - 22:12
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This is QI (pronounced 'Key' and QI stands for Quest Items).

This mod has 1000 quest items in it!

I got tired of searching the mod sites and not finding ANY mods for just generic items that can be used for quest items.

So I made my own!

I ,however, take NO CREDIT for the textures/graphics used in this mod. (I did edit some of them a little by centering or enlarging)

I simply tapped into a great resource at minecraft.novaskin.me!

There are BOATLOADS of skins and textures made by other users that were just asking to be put into a mod like this!

I would HIGHLY recommend downloading the mapmaker gadgets mod to go along with this one. As the gadgets allow you to edit the names and properties quickly on an item in-game. 

I hope you enjoy this collection!

(P.S. I am already working on adding another 500 to this one. lol)

(Tested on Forge 12.2.2-


Latest supported Minecraft version

seems cool, great idea this will go great with the custom npc mod

Interesting concept, I'll have to check this one out PX