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Published by Fred_ on Sun, 03/22/2020 - 22:45
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Newerite Modification adds Newerite (The New Material), Newerite Tools, Newerite Barrel, Press Machine, Wood Railroads And So More. You can Turn 130 Coals to 1 Diamond By Press Machine. You can Make Better Coals With Newerite. This mod was Made in Mcreator. This is My First Mod. There is Might be Bugs. If You find Them Send Feedback to this Gmail Address: You can send ideas too.

CurseForge Site: (You Can Find Older Versions In CurseForge)

Supported Languages: English(US) , Turkish

By Fred_

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Modification type
Minecraft Forge mod
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Modification files
Newerite_Mod_V_1_2_2_Bug_Fix_2.jar - Newerite Mod Version 1.2.2 Bug Fıx 2501.03 KB
Newerite_Mod_V_1_2_1_Boom_Update.jar - Newerite Mod Version 1.2.1 Boom Update494.85 KB
Newerite_Mod_V_1_3_1_Advancement_Update.jar - Newerite Mod Version 1.3.1 Advancement Update541.6 KB
Newerite_Mod_V_1_4_1_Cold_Update.jar - Newerite Mod V 1.4.1 Cold Update563.66 KB

Changelog For Version 1.4.1:


Newomo's Model changed to Player Model.

New Item:

Core Of Freezer - Core Part Of Freezer

New Block:

Freezer - Freezer Helps to Make Ice. Just Right Click to Freezer With Water Bucket.


Changelog For Version 1.3.1:


Bug 5 - RailRoads Now Flammable.

Bug 6 - Dynamite can only be used once.

Bug 7 - All Mod's Crafting Recipes Now Have Own Slots


Rails!! - Craft 16 rails for this advancement.

Craft the Rail Roads (18x) - Craft Rail Roads For This Advancement

Mini Boom And Super Boom - Craft Dynamite and Super TNT.

Find 2nd Newest - Collect Ruby Ore.


Changelog For Version 1.2.2:

Bug 3 - Ruby Ore Now Naturally Generating.

Bug 4 - Mod's Blocks Now Have Colors on the Map,


Changelog For Version 1.2.1:

New Items:

Ruby - Material Found In End

Dynamite - Throwable TNT. Powerful as half of TNT.

New Blocks:

Ruby Block - A block of Ruby

Ruby Ore - Ore Of Ruby

Super Tnt - Powerful than TNT 3 times TNT. Craftable with Ruby.


Changelog For Verison 1.1.2:


Bug 1 - Leggings Texture Fixed

Bug 2 - Block Names Fixed


Turkish - Turkish Language Support has added.


Changelog For Version 1.1.1:

New Items:

Newerite Trident Head: You can make a Trident with this item

Newerite Trident: A Trident Made of Newerite. Doesn't Drop Down When We Hit the Player. There is a 45% percent chance to drop when hits entity. It always drop when hits block.


Changelog For Version 1.0.1:

New Material:

Newerite - You can find this Material in the end

New Items:

Newerite Tools - These tools better than diamond.

Golden Stick - You can make Newerite tools with these golden sticks.

Newerite Cake - You can make cake with newerite

Newerite Coal - This is Better than coal 3.5 times

New Blocks:

Railroads - You can make these with any type of wood. There are 3 type of railroads. A-type Regular. B-Type Crossroad. C-type Turn.

Newerite Ore - This ore does not affected by fortune.

Newerite Block - This Block Can be used as Beacon's part.

Press Machine - Turn Coals into Diamonds.

Newerite Barrel - Better Than Chests.

New Armor:

Newerite Armor - Better than Diamond Armors