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Project status
In development
Modification type
Minecraft Forge mod
MIT License
Latest supported Minecraft version

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- A Minecraft forge mod for everyone. 

 Contact us, send feedback, share idea, report bugs:

- Discord server: https://discord.gg/bXFHsjxHbM

- Also downloadable from: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/ragemod-by-rageteam

About the mod:

The mod is almost an all in one mod, featuring Ores, Biomes, Tools and Armors, Dimensions, Trees and wood types, Forests, Mobs and traders, Relics and Artifacts, Foods, Gamerules and Commands, Structures, Building blocks, Parkour blocks, Advancement, Potions, Enchantments and Game accessories. I worked very hard on this project and I hope you will download and enjoy it.

I will also upload videos to youtube to showcase the mod and help people understand the working of some of the features.


Modification files
RageMod_1.1_release candidate1.jar - RageMod 1.1 Release-candidate15.12 MB
RageMod_21w49a.jar - RageMod 1.1: 21w49a5.54 MB
RageMod_21w48b.jar - RageMod 1.1: 21w48b5.53 MB
RageMod_v.1.0.1_0.zip - RageMod_1.0.1 & RageModExtra_beta.1.17.94 MB

The first release candidate. This means that 1.1 is really close (for real) and there will only bugfixes untill the full release.

Pre-release 1 ---> Release-Candidate 1

- Added 2 Alien structures with the use of "dev blocks"
- Remade almost all textures
- Added Cavebiome Plant Traps and Alien Plant Traps
- New enchantment: BlockLock
- Changed some blocks' luminance, solidness
- Coarse dirt patches now generates in sequoia, glowing oak forest and mountain, Beech forest and hill
- Changed cavebiomes' and foliages' rarity
- Changed some advancements
- Added new foliage interactions
- Changes to structures rarity
- Removed RageBoss
- Generation changes
- Changed ore distribution
- Removed Genus Weigela
- Fixed errors and warning messages in logs
- Alien dimension cave foliage now uses Air block method
- Removed the unused Alien Little Spikes
- Recipe changes
- Loot table changes and balancing
- Bugfixes
- 1.16 backport
- And more...

Wow! Those new biomes and structures look pretty sweet, I am excited to see what else this mod has in store!