Lots of Pebbles

Published by Jakub2002r on Wed, 11/16/2022 - 17:44
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Lots of Pebbles is a mod that adds pebbles to the game.


This mod adds:

Normal Pebbles

Granite Pebbles

Andesite Pebbles

Diorite Pebbles

Tuff Pebbles

Calcite Pebbles

Sandstone Pebbles

Red Sandstone Pebbles


Pebbles spawn in every biome.

Pebbles (Normal, Granite, Andesite, Diorite, Tuff, Calcite) can be placed on: Grass Block, Dirt, Coarse Dirt, Podzol, Sand and Red Sand.

Sandstone Pebbles can only be placed on: Sand

Red Sandstone Pebbles can only be placed on: Red Sand


Pebbles can be used to create cobblestone.

Stacking 4 pebbles in a Crafting, you can create a cobblestone.



4 Normal Pebbles -> Cobblestone

4 Granite Pebbles -> Granite Block

4 Andesite Pebbles -> Andesite Block

4 Diorite Pebbles -> Diorite Block

4 Tuff Pebbles -> Tuff Block

4 Calcite Pebbles -> Calcite Block

4 Sandstone Pebbles -> Sandstone Block

4 Red Sandstone Pebbles -> Red Sandstone Block


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This mod contains textures from Geometrical Pack

Link: https://mcreator.net/plugin/85999/geometrical-templates-pack

Modification files
Lots of Pebbles [1.18.2].jarUploaded on: 11/16/2022 - 17:58   File size: 19.76 KB
LoP v2.0 [1.18.2].jarUploaded on: 11/19/2022 - 20:38   File size: 39.15 KB
LoP v3.0 [1.18.2].jarUploaded on: 11/20/2022 - 14:37   File size: 51.94 KB
LoP v4.0 [1.18.2].jarUploaded on: 11/23/2022 - 17:11   File size: 64.74 KB

v4.0 [1.18.2]

- Added Sandstone Pebbles and Red Sandstone Pebbles


v3.0 [1.18.2]

- Added Tuff Pebbles and Calcite Pebbles

- Added Polish translation


v2.0 [1.18.2]

- Added Granite Pebbles, Andesite Pebbles and Diorite Pebbles


v1.0 [1.18.2]

- First release