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This mod adds in 2 new ore types that can be mined with a wooden pickaxe. Ore Deposits which drop 64 of its vanilla counterpart and Dense Ore Deposits which drop 64 cobblestone. The best way to use these new ores is to either upgrade or drain the ores. The beginner ore drainer is cheap and only works up to the gold ore and deposits. The advanced works up to emerald ore and deposits. There's armor and a sword which are basically up graded diamond versions. There is a gun and apple which are over powered by a ton. They're easily made so you can have lots of fun.  Its best you have JEI installed with this mod. If you plan to troll anyone do not let them see this page and if possible record it and show it to me.Put drained ore next to either deposit to get the lower tier: dense to regular to vanilla, Put DIRTY Cobblestone on top of a DENSE deposit to duplicate it. With a drained ore in your inventory click SANDY cobblestone with the Beginner Drainer to get nether stars.

This Video explains the mod better: https://youtu.be/-BJKBVU0S5Q

Thinking of adding more ores and nether quarts versions of the deposits. Comment any ideas for ores that you have.

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Please update the mod cover picture. I suggest you use a screenshot of blocks and items placed on the ground or something similar to that.

Please can you do version for 1.17.1 forge i am that version player