[JaTM #6] Titanium Mod

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Back to MCreator, aswell bringing Just a Tiny Mod back to life! This mod adds probably much more than all the previous mods from the series. Also added Polish language support! If anyone would like to translate my mods you can DM me on Discord (niski#0961) about that.

The mod introduces a little expansion to The End, a new ore which only generates here, the Titanium Ore. You can smelt it to obtain a Titanium Ingot which can be crafted into tools, armor and 2 other items shown in the first image (Titanium Dust is a very efficient fuel for furnaces, being better than a lava bucket, also used to craft the NTX which is a very dangerous explosive, 2.5x stronger than TNT and explodes instantly). I hope you enjoy, tell me if there any bugs.

JaTM means Just a Tiny Mod, it's a series of mods sometimes suggested on reddit or other media that just add some tiny things to Minecraft instead of super large system of things. The mods won't get updates unless there is a bugfix.

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Nice mod :)
I'm glad your mods are back!

Adding a new mod system to prevent being too spammy (like uploading a mod which only adds 1 block everyday):
If the number in the series (like this one is #6) is odd, the mod will be small and will only add 1-4 items.
If the number in the series is even, the mod will add a bit more, like this mod.