Published by DecryptX on Fri, 04/17/2020 - 11:53
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Inspired by other technical eclipse mods, for example: Gregtech, IC2 and one non-technical eclipse - TerraFirmaCraft.
1.New storages
2.New ores
3.New machines
4.New biomes
5.New decorative blocks
6.New tools

New Storages
These storages are not much better than several double chests, but they are much more compact.

New ores
Ores for storages:

Extra ore:

(Useless ore. Ah. No. It used in gunpowder craft)

New machines
Oops If you were waiting for 10 or more machines, I can disappoint you (Although what could you expect if this is my first mod). In short. There are only 3 machines, but they are made well (In my opinion).

Primal Smelter
(Can make only 2 alloys)
Smelting Furnace
(Can make other alloys)

(Can make templates for Smelting Furnace and Primal Smelter)

New Biomes
You could see them at the very beginning. They do not make sense. Just for beauty.

New Decorative blocks
Pillars, bricks, chiseled bricks and smooth blocks from new stone - Gabbro

New Tools

Craft tools and flint tools.

Little help
Alloys in Smelting Furnace:
Bronze- 1 tin ingot and 1 copper ingot
Dense iron- 1 iron ingot and 1 iron ingot
Steel- 1 iron ingot and 1 carbon dust
Red Alloy- 1 iron ingot and 1 redstone dust

Proportions in a primitive smelter:
1 Gear- 2 ingots in first slot and 2 ingots in second.
1 Ingot- 1 ingot in first slot and 1 ingot in second.
1 plate- 1 ingot in first slot and 1 ingot in second.

If you want know the crafts you can install JEI and you can download hwyla for help in ore recognition.

Its my first mod in Mcreator.

.[]{}[]{}[]. ~THAT'S ALL FOLKS!~ .[]{}[]{}[].

Modification files
Decrytech FIXED.jar - Fixed version.2.37 MB