Geometrical Templates Pack

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About the plugin

This pack contains 1523 awesome templates free to use for making textures for your mod.

Current Version: 2.14.1


=== How to install ===

  • Video Tutorial Here
  • Download the "Download" file and put the texures into the C:\Users\<your username>\.mcreator\templates\textures\texturemaker. then restart the mcreator and it should work.
  • Optionally You can download the "Armor" zip file and copy the .png files to the Armor Templates or "armormaker" folder.
  • The "Editor" file is for modifying the texture outside the MCreator.

     File types for the "Editor":

  • .png (textures/templates)
  • .kra (for editing textures) [editor only]
  • .txt (some usefull information) [editor only]

=== How to use ===

=== Provided Templates ===

  • Blocks
    • noise texture
    • bricks patterns (flat, shiny, noise, shadow, metal, wooden)
    • flowers (dandelion, rose)
    • glass
    • pattern blocks
    • ore
    • resource blocks
    • etc.
  • GUI: 
  • Items
    • food (fruits, vegetables, bread, fish, cake, pie etc.)
    • tools (sword, axe, fishing rod, pickaxe, doubleaxe, hammer, rapier, hoe, shovel, bow, shears, mattock, arrows etc.)
    • armor (helmet, chestplate, leggings, boots)
    • gems 
    • metal (plates, raw metal, ingots etc.)
    • etc.
  • Symbols
  • Patterns

=== Support ===

If you want to support me you can credit me in text. i made 3 photos you can use to credit me and to add a good look to the page:

You can also support me with ideas for textures. You can't support me with money.

=== Connected plugins ===

Geometrical GUI Pack by SparkleArts

Provides the MCreator Community various and unique Textures for the GUI.

=== About Copyright ===

This textures are free to use without any limitation of using. All textures are draw manually by me and doesn't intend to steal textures. In case the textures made by me violate the rights to someone elses, the texture will be taken down and a different one may appear in its place. Also you can't change the copyright of these textures in case you using them, everyone has equal rights over these textures.

MIT License
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i installed the plugin, but no textures were loaded in the resources tab, I really don't feel like manually place 500+ textures.

Submitted by Faruk Arda on Mon, 08/08/2022 - 20:55 Permalink

What do you do with the 3D models?

3d models are used for making custom shapes for blocks items or mobs. people uses a program like blockbench to make their 3d model. i don't recommend to use my models from my pack because are kinda bad and useless right now.
if you want to learn how to use models i recommend to search on YouTube how to create 3d models with blockbench. here is a tutorial i found on YouTube:

for me I like the textures are well done and I hope you continue to improve them in the future.

@elisei121 can you add textures from Chisel Mod?

Chisel Mod:

i like the textures, they're very nice, but are you sure you needed 9 types of helmet + 9 types of helmet bright?

Can I make an Addon Plugin for you Templates Pack? I wanna add some additional Images for GUI and edit some Images you provide.

Hey @cristalpower2
Could you change GamesofFreak to SparkleArts? I requested my Username to SparkleArts :)