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Minecraft Expansion Mod 0.1.0 Alpha (English/Italian


-Crimite Asteroids: You can find them in any biome with a probability of 1 in 20 chunks.

-Crimite: You can break it with a stone pickaxe, they drop some Crimite Dust.

-Crimite Dust: With this you can craft crimite, for building.

-Crimite Stone: You can find it inside the astteroids, they drop a crimite rock.

-Crimite Rock: You can break it with a stone pickaxe and with this you can craft Crimite Bricks with the stairs and slab variations.

-Forked Iron Stick: With this you can right-click on the crimite stone and it will become Charged Crimite Stone

-Charged Crimite Stone: It drop charged crimite rock

-Charged Crimite Rock: With this you can craft the Crimite Jewel and the Murderers Axe.

-Crimite Jewel: if you have it in your inventory you will receive a strenght effect.

-Murderers Axe: When you hold it in your main hand you will receive a strenght effect.



-Tin ore: You can find it underground in any biome in an height of 6 to 64y. Can be smelted.

-Tin Ingot: You have it smelting the tin ore, you can craft the tin block, the bricks. many tipes of cans and also an anvil.

-Tin Block: just for decorations, but very expensive.

-Tin bricks and variants: just for decorations.

-Tin Can: you can craft a can and then put in some food, like potatoes, carrots, apples and wheat, they can be eaten quickly.

-Tin Anvil: With this you can craft ,right-clicking with iron ingot in the main hands, two iron plates, but after like 56 plates the anvil will probably break...

-Iron plate: With this you can craft a Pump, it will be essential for the collection of Oximelm.



-Oximelm Ore: You can find it underground in an height of 1 to 32 (pretty low), and it glow like enderman eyes, you can achieve this by putting a pump on it.

-Oximelm Pump: You can craft it with iron ingots and iron plates.

-Oximelm Rock: You can achieve this using an oximelm pump. With this you can craft the bricks that glow!, a greatsword and a pickaxe.

-Oximelm bricks: just for building, they glow!!!

-Oximelm GreatSword: It's big but a bit slow, when it hurt a player/entity it will be levitate for 1.5 seconds.

-Oximelm Pickaxe: It can break like a stone pickaxe but is faster than the diamond one...but if you want the best pickaxe you can craft an Oximelm Diamond Pickaxe!

-Oximelm Diamond Pickaxe: is the faster pickaxe in the world of minecraft, and it can mine obsidian! It can be crafted just by putting a Diamond Pickaxe and an Oximelm Pickaxe on a crafting table.



In the game now there are two languages: English/American and Italian, if someone want to help me with other languages just comment!

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minecraftexpansionmod_0.zip - MinecraftExpansionMod 0.1.0 AlphaUploaded on: 10/07/2020 - 12:49   File size: 185.03 KB

Public Alpha Released.