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This mod adds 160+ blocks to the game, alongside with quite some tools and a new way to make materials

you might need jei for this because it has some recipes



Chrome is the hardest metal. You can easily spot it while mining in caves due to its bright blue color. You can craft tools from it, and use it to make alloys.


Generates from 50 to 0 y, with 4 average ores per group and 5 groups per chunk

Chrome tools have 7 efficiency and 300 uses


Tungsten is a brittle, but very heat resistant metal, which can be used to make the mold (more on that later). You can't craft tools from it. It's also the metal that takes the longest to smelt, taking whole 25 seconds


Generates from 45 to 0 y, with 6 average ores per group and 10 groups per chunk


Steel does not generate naturally, which means you have to make it yourself instead. You can cast it from an iron ingot and a chrome ingot, using the mold

You can also anodize steel by setting the block on fire (although its purely for decorative purposes)


Steel tools have 7 efficiency and 450 uses


Niobium is a metal with a unique purple color, that's used to upgrade steel tools


Generates from 64 to 0 y, with 3 average ores per group and 10 groups per chunk

Niobium tools have 8 efficiency and 500 uses


there are other ores too (one) but thats up to you to find them

Functional blocks


Mold is the block that you use to make alloys in. It requires a lava bucket and 2 ingots, and if the ingots you put in happen to match a recipe, in 30 seconds or so your brand new ingot will be done

You can craft the mold using 5 tungsten ingots in a boat shape.

Wood types

its not a mod without custom wood types!

(custom woods have stairs, slabs, fences, gates, logs, woods, buttons, pressure plates, bookshelves, leaves, saplings, doors and trapdoors)


Apple is a dark wood type, which planks have an interesting alternating color pattern. Can be obtained from apple treen that spawn in Apple Tree Forest biome

Apple Leaves have a ~50% chance of dropping an apple

Golden Apple

Golden apple trees spawn rarely so good luck getting any of this lol

Golden Apple wood is a metallic wood type. With its bright yellow color, you can spot it from anywhere! unless something is in the way obviously

Golden apple leaves can drop: nothing (common), blaze rods (uncommon), golden apple (rare) and enchanted golden apple (2%)

Note: You need blaze rods to craft fences and gates

Note 2: You need 5 gold blocks, 1 enchanted golden apple and 1 blaze rod to craft a gapple sapling


Maple has a bright color that goes well with birch, which will be great for building

um um they spawn in maple forests


Mulberry logs have a very dark bark color, but the wood color looks like posterized orange

they spawn in mulberry forest you get the point


Nature and decorative


Tumbleweeds are blocks that generate in mesa, desert, beach and tumbleweed wasteland biomes

Tumbleweeds drop 1 to 3 sticks, and can be crafted back by placing 4 sticks in a square shape


Cotton is a plant that spawns the most in plains, but can spawn in other biomes too

It grows like sugar cane, except it doesn't need water

You can make cotton blocks, carpets and other things from it


Silica is a transparent powder that's used to craft unnatural things like aerogel and turf (it also works as a replacement for plastic in this mod)

To craft silica you need 1 quartz and 2 sand placed on sides


Turf is "fake grass", which you can make with 2 silica (on sides), 2 grass (on top and bottom) and 1 cotton, which can later be recolored and turned into carpets too


Calcite Stone Set

Calcite gets an expanded stone set with sharp textures. We have: Calcite Bricks, Chiseled Calcite and Polished Calcite. They all have a stairs, slab and wall variant, along with regular Calcite.


Different Wood Type Bookshelves

To expand your build, we added different bookshelves of all wood types. This is to help extend your creativity further when making builds such as libraries, ancient crypts and more.


Iron and Gold Grates

Like Copper Grates from 1.21, but iron and gold.


A Bunch of Buttons and Pressure Plates

All these blocks now have a button and pressure plate variant: Tuff, Obsidian, Quartz, Deepslate, Amethyst, Gold, Iron, Diorite, Andesite, Granite. Also, Gold has a door and trapdoor!

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